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First, Best, or Different: What Every Entrepreneur Needs to Know About Niche Marketing“First, Best, or Different is one of those exceptional books that changes the way you think about marketing and entrepreneurs. I highly recommend this book.” Manny Fernandez, Chairman Emeritus, Gartner Inc. Innovative Marketing and Sales Strategies for Niche Markets Are you an entrepreneur, small business owner, or corporate marketing executive with questions like these? . What viral marketing methods are most successful? . What direct mail marketing tactics create the most new leads? . How can I optimize my website and increase traffic? . How can I motivate and retain my top sales reps? . How do I choose the right Public Relations firm? . What is podcasting and how do I get started? . What outdoor advertising techniques work best? Get answers to these questions along with practical advice on over 100 topics. Written in plain English with short easy-to-read chapters, this book demystifies niche marketing by delivering easy-to-understand definitions and practical suggestions. About the Author John Bradley Jackson brings street-savvy sales and marketing experience from Silicon Valley and Wall Street. His resume also includes entrepreneur, angel investor, corporate trainer, philanthropist, and consultant.

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The Ultimate Internet Entrepreneur: The Secret To Dramatically Increasing Your Internet Income - With Offline Direct Marketing Strategies!This in-depth manual contains 12 brand-new lessons crafted by marketing guru Dan Kennedy so you can truly maximize your income using strategies and techniques including:

* How ‘multi-media integration’ multiplies the profits you make online
* The important difference between being a ‘true entrepreneur’ vs. an ordinary business person
* How to avoid the ‘extinction trap’ – learn why new media rarely kills old media… and how successful entrepreneurs think in terms of ‘integration’ rather than ‘sequence’
* The secret to business STRENGTH (vs. weakness): Why and how to build a business to last, not just to make a quick buck
* The most important wealth secret behind Dan’s information business
* The best way to structure your relationship with your customers
* Why ‘permission-based’ marketing will give you a HUGE advantage over your competition — and easy steps you can take to apply it to YOUR business
* How to create a hierarchy of incomes – including transactional income, repeat income, renewable income, and continuity income!
* Plus much more!

You’ll get Dan Kennedy’s often humorous, always candid opinions on the BEST ways to drive your Internet sales using proven, time-tested direct marketing strategies.

For a free 2-month trial of Dan Kennedy’s No B.S. Marketing Letter, visit

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How to Get Booked on Oprah, in O Magazine, and on Oprah's Favorite ThingsWant to get booked as a guest on the Oprah Winfrey Show or appear in O Magazine? Want to get your product chosen as one of Oprah’s Favorite Things? Now you can! My name is Jordan McAuley, the Founder of Contact Any Celebrity ( As part of my Celebrity Leverage Secrets ( program, I recently interviewed top media trainer and publicity coach Susan Harrow about how to get booked on Oprah, appear in O Magazine, and have your product selected as one of Oprah’s favorite things. The tips Susan reveals in this interview will work for any talk show. So even if you don’t think you can get booked on Oprah, they’ll also work for Ellen, The View, Tyra, Martha, and more! Susan reveals everything you need to know about how to successfully get booked on Oprah in this revealing, unedited, no-holds-barred interview including: * The one thing you MUST DO if you want to get on Oprah * Exactly what steps you need to take to get on Oprah * Why the Oprah Winfrey Show is very different than other media * What makes an effective Oprah show guest * The #1 thing Oprah producers look for when booking guests * What Oprah likes – and does NOT like – to cover on her show * How to understand what Oprah’s producers are looking for * The one thing you should NEVER do when speaking to an Oprah producer * Oprah’s 4 hot buttons that peak her interest * How to find out exactly what show topics producers are working on * How to create a compelling angle for your product or story * How to get an Oprah producer to replace a previously booked guest with you * How to get in O Magazine and why it’s different than the show * How to media train yourself at home * How to create interesting sound bites and talking points producers look for * What you MUST do when an Oprah producer calls * The best way to pitch yourself to Oprah producers * How to tailor your pitch to get the attention of an Oprah producer * How to be more visible and stand out over other Oprah guests * How to get valuable feedback from an Oprah producer * What happens behind the scenes when you get on Oprah * How to make the best of your appearance on Oprah * How to get your product selected for Oprah’s Favorite Things * How to get invited back again and again About the Authors: Jordan McAuley is the Founder and President of Contact Any Celebrity ( located in W. Hollywood, California, a service that helps businesses, nonprofits, authors, and the media get in touch with over 54,000 celebrities worldwide. Jordan and his services have been featured on CNN and by such national media as USA Today, Us Weekly, Entrepreneur, The Village Voice, and Sirius Satellite Radio. He is also recommended in several bestselling books including Timothy Ferris’ instant New York Times best-seller “The 4-Hour Workweek,” Dan Kennedy’s “The Ultimate Marketing Plan,” Dan Poynter’s “Self-Publishing Manual” and John Kremer’s “1001 Ways to Market Your Books” (which includes a chapter by Jordan on how to get celebrity book endorsements). Susan Harrow ( is a top marketing strategist and media coach who works extensively with Fortune 500 CEOs, executives, successful entrepreneurs, and best-selling authors. She’s the author of, “Sell Yourself Without Selling Your Soul: A Woman’s Guide to Promoting Herself, Her Business, or Her Cause with Integrity & Spirit” (HarperCollins). She’s also author of “The Ultimate Guide to Getting Booked on Oprah,” and the upcoming “How You Can Get a 6-Figure Book Advance.”

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Wordpress Plugins Guide - Discover how to power up your Blog with WordPress Plugins from stats, marketing and business to video, audio and beyond!Discover how to power up your Blog with WordPress Plugins from stats, marketing and business to video, audio and beyond. Over 150 WordPress Plugins listed in categories.

WordPress is the most popular blogging software on the planet with an ever increasing amount of WordPress plugins available it makes sense to have a resource to refer to when it comes to finding them.

I have been using WordPress blogs for about 3 years now and totally love it! It has evolved into a powerful Content Management Solution as well as a blogging platform which is enhanced by the number of plugins that make it such a powerful web publishing platform. I’ve used WordPress in many different niches and markets and different purposes, it doesn’t matter what you use WordPress for, the plugins listed in this guide will transform your blog into a powerhouse.

Dear Readers:

We are dedicated to providing our customers with cutting edge information with the latest and most popular ebooks & hot topics at very affordable prices. Our mission is to create positive change in your life. We carry hundreds of unique titles including “Literary Classics” under many categories for your convenience. Please click on the name “Manuel Ortiz Braschi” at the top of the page, next to the title, or write “Manuel Ortiz Braschi” at the search box and you will be taken to our main page in Amazon, where you will be able to check all the interesting, unique and informative titles that we carry at Amazon Kindle.

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Discover How You Can succeed with more of your own profitable products you can sell (or even if you need to create your FIRST product)… if you want to sell unique “niche” content that gets people to spend money…

Or even if you just want to create an extra income stream, then this is the most important dvd you’ll watch all year…

(By the way, this is NOT how to get rich quick with no effort.)


Because I grilled my very good friend and Private Label Resell Rights (PLR) expert, Paul Evans, (co-owner of “”) on uses for PLR content I’m willing to bet you NEVER considered or even dreamed possible…

Plus the profit potential, ability to create unique content, and opportunity to sell content to hungry niche markets is truly amazing… especially when you consider that YOU don’t have to create any of the content yourself!

It will be up to you to put this into action.

We show you step-by-step and click-by-click how to do it exactly as we do… including:

– 15 Ways To Use Private Label Resell Rights (PLR) to profit… (and NO, it’s NOT just buying and throwing them out there)…

– The 4 BIGGEST Mistakes people make, and how you can avoid ALL four… (miss these and it could cost you thousands in lost profits…)

– What exactly Private Label Resell Rights are…
and the right things to look for in PLR…

– The best sources of “legitimate” Private Label Resell Rights products…

– How PLR differs from the run-of-the-mill “Resale Rights”…

– 6 Specific Profit Strategies you can use with PLR…

– Why PLR can give you an ultimate edge…

– The secrets for using PLR content to build a profitable list on complete auto-pilot…

… and much, MUCH more!

This is a *must have* DVD if you want to succeed with your own products in information marketing with unique products and do it FAST!

100% Guaranteed!

This product is manufactured on demand using DVD-R recordable media.’s standard return policy will apply.

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Twitter Traffic Swarm

Twitter Traffic Swarm“How I Get More Traffic From This Newly-Tapped (And FREE) Source Than Most Big Spenders Blow-Through In Their Paid Accounts!”

Best of all, this is targeted traffic, the kind that turns into S-A-L-E-S! Better get a piece of yours before this Wild West rail moves on for good

A lot of folks will try to sell you on getting more followers with Twitter.

More followers, they say, equals a bigger list.

But does it really?

See, I have a different approach. I don’t care about the number of followers I have. I care about the targeted traffic I receive from Twitter.

Targeted traffic = sales, and I have the stats to prove it.

Sure, I could get Britney Spears’ followers, but will they convert to customers?

Put another way: A few hundred followers who are passionate about my niche are light years better than hundreds of thousands who could care less.

I could probably get thousands of Britney Spears’ followers to follow me, but what will that get me? Do you think they’re going to want to network with me or visit my blog or buy my products and services?

Probably not.

This is a case where quality definitely trumps quantity.

And where you choose to focus your efforts makes all the difference.

Why Twitter? Well, it just happens to be a very effective way of generated pre-qualified free website traffic. If you do it correctly.

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The Business and Practice of Coaching: Finding Your Niche, Making Money, and Attracting Ideal ClientsFocusing on basic business principles and strategies.

The initial hype about coaching has deflated, and the profession is coming down to earth. This book explains the current state of the coaching profession and offers basic advice and strategies so that you can plan your practice to operate well on the contemporary business terrain. Whether you are an established coach or just starting out, this book is for you.

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Niche Envy: Marketing Discrimination in the Digital AgeWe have all been to Web sites that welcome us by name, offering us discounts, deals, or special access to content. For the most part, it feels good to be wantedâ??to be valued as a customer. But if we thought about it, we might realize that we’ve paid for this special status by turning over personal information to a company’s database. And we might wonder whether other customers get the same deals we get, or something even better. We might even feel stirrings of resentment toward customers more valued than we are. In Niche Envy, Joseph Turow examines the emergence of databases as marketing tools and the implications this may have for media, advertising, and society. If the new goal of marketing is to customize commercial announcements according to a buyer’s preferences and spending historyâ??or even by race, gender, and political opinionsâ??what does this mean for the twentieth-century tradition of equal access to product information, and how does it affect civic life?

Turow shows that these marketing techniques are not wholly new; they have roots in direct marketing and product placement, widely used decades ago and recently revived and reimagined by advertisers as part of “customer relationship management” (known popularly as CRM). He traces the transformation of marketing techniques online, on television, and in retail stores. And he describes public reaction against database marketingâ??pop-up blockers, spam filters, commercial-skipping video recorders, and other ad-evasion methods. Polls show that the public is nervous about giving up personal data. Meanwhile, companies try to persuade the most desirable customers to trust them with their information in return for benefits. Niche Envy tracks the marketing logic that got us to this uneasy impasse.

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Triad Manifesto: A Tale of Three Cash Cows (Triad Niche Marketing)Blogs, niche marketing, and self publishing all collide in Triad Manifesto: A Tale of Three Cash Cows. This is the author’s first-hand account of how he defined and dominated a niche online and put over $1-million in his pocket in the process. Fun, humorous and enlightening, the manifesto walks you through the process to understand how you can apply what you know and what you love doing to create your own KILLER CASH COWS and begin living a reward Internet home business lifestyle. This is not a how-to guide. The goal of Triad Manifesto: A Tale of Three Cash Cows is to take you by the hand and show you the opportunity as it applies to you. If you are interested in building a significant, sustainable income, author David Bynon shows you exactly how it’s done… It magically unfolds before your eyes and motivates you to take action.’

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Newbies Guide To Setting Up A Sales Funnel - The Secrets To Automated Income! The Sales Funnel Techniques The Gurus DO NOT Want You To Know!REVEALED –  The Secrets To Automated Income! The Sales Funnel Techniques The Gurus DO NOT Want You To Know!

Without Understanding How to Effectively Use a Sales Funnel, Your Marketing Plan Just Won’t ‘Flow’ – It will open the door on so many assets you may be currently missing out on!

Things like:

* 2 mistakes most new marketers make – even before they’ve had time to make them!

* 2 basic aspects to cover that will ensure maximum sales funnel success

* 12 tactics you’ll need to know how to effectively use, in order to make the most of every opportunity

* 5 vital functions you’ll need to know how to simply perform – master these and you’re well on your way to confidence and success

* 3 vital actions you must take – and 3 common sins you must avoid – if you want to create a successful squeeze page

* 7 basic but necessary elements every squeeze page must contain

* 5 entry points to start with (and they’ll help you think of even more)

* The single most important new entry point tactic it’s vital to know – miss this one, and you’re turning your back on most of your new subscribers

Price: $4.35

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