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Video Marketing Experts, Steve and Pam Brossman, Hit Amazon Best-Seller List With New Book, The Relationship Age
Orlando, Fla. November 29, 2010 Steve Brossman, video marketing expert, along with his wife, Pam Brossman, founder of, recently released a book with noted relationship marketing and social media expert, Mari Smith, and others titled, The Relationship Age: The world’s leading experts teach you PROVEN strategies for creating profitable relationships in the world of Social…
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EKR Therapeutics First in Life Sciences Industry to Implement Cegedim Relationship Management’s Innovative iPad™ …
Cegedim Relationship Management and EKR Therapeutics Inc. today announced that EKR has contracted for Mobile Intelligence™ on the iPad™, and will be the first customer to implement this innovative Customer Relationship Management solution, the first of its kind in the Life Sciences industry.
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6 Essential Steps for Executing Your Social Media Strategy
The Social Media Marketing Series is supported by Webtrends Facebook Analytics, which provides comprehensive tracking and measurement solutions to help you maximize your ROI. To keep up with Webtrends Social products, follow its blog.
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American Express and Zynga Announce Strategic Relationship to Make Virtual Goods and Game Cards Available for Purchase …
In an industry first, American Express and Zynga announced today that they have entered into a strategic relationship that allows customers to use Membership Rewards points from American Express to pay for limited edition virtual goods, as well as physical and virtual game cards for Zynga’s games.
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Apex Tigers Martial Arts

Apex Tigers Martial Arts Reviews

Florham Park
182 Ridgedale Ave
Average Rating: 4 out of 5 (1 Reviews)

Review by Salena M.
I found this place through their Open Houses on Friday nights for tae kwondo (to possibly sign up my 4 year old daughter), not knowing they have cardio…
Rating: 4

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Mark Merenda – SmartBlog Marketing Podcast

Mark Merenda – SmartBlog Marketing Podcast
from SmartBlog Marketing Podcast
Price: USD 0
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The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Target Marketing

  • ISBN13: 9781592579037
  • Condition: New
  • Notes: BRAND NEW FROM PUBLISHER! BUY WITH CONFIDENCE, Over one million books sold! 98% Positive feedback. Compare our books, prices and service to the competition. 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

Twenty-first century tools and tactics to get the word out.

You want to get the word out to buyers about all the great things your business has to offer. Too bad a big-bucks marketing campaign just isn’t in your budget right now. The Complete Idiot’s Guide(r) to Target Marketing is full of clever, practical, and easy-to-use strategies to help you get your message out to the right people, at the right time, and in the right place. You’ll learn:

*Five easy steps to identify the m

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Target Marketing Systems The Avenue Collection Wooden Dining Swivel Stool Cream

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The London Link-up II | Social Networking for Marketers
Event on 2010-11-30 18:00:00
Location- The Fence, 67-69 Crosscrow Street, Farringdon, London, EC1M 6BP

To register for your free tickets, visit

Introducing the London Link-up II – a social networking event for Marketing, PR and Advertising professionals.

What’s it all about?
Social networking via LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter et al, has changed the way we communicate forever. Forming new, relevant, contacts has never been more important. Or easier.

But making connections online is just one component to building successful, sustainable, relationships. Only by meeting people face-to-face can we truly understand them and be prepared to share ideas and industry thoughts.

This networking event affords you the opportunity to meet an enormous number of relevant, like-minded, local marketing-related professionals, where new contacts are guaranteed.

Your host:
This networking event is organised and hosted by Only Marketing Jobs, the UK’s No.1 niche job advertising website and community for marketing, communications and media professionals.

Don’t wait for the event to make connections, either. Only Marketing Jobs also runs the UK Marketing Lounge – the largest UK marketing group on LinkedIn, with 18,000 members. It would be great to see you in there, visit

So who will be attending?
•Marketing, media & advertising professionals
•Other local networkers hoping to meet people like you, to share ideas and business topics
•Marketing jobseekers looking to enhance their career opportunities
•Employers looking to add networking to their recruitment strategy
•Service providers to the marketing & media industry
*Invitations are extended to recruitment agencies (maximum 2 per agency) but please note that in order to retain parity only agencies working with Only Marketing Jobs may attend. To work with us please contact Simon Lewis on 07957 637 079

And what can I expect from this event?
•Introductions to leading figures within the marketing, media & advertising sector
•The opportunity to network with like-minded peers, sharing thoughts and experiences
•The chance to meet direct employers who may be looking at local hires
•Mix business with pleasure whilst exchanging business notes over a drink or two

The structure
18:00: event starts, open networking begins (and continues throughout)

18:15: complimentary food is served

18:30: opening announcements

19.15: speaker networking presentation and demonstration (Lloyd Dalton Brown)

19:30: 45 mins of structured networking (6 new contacts guaranteed)

20:15: champagne prize draw

21:00: continued networking, relationship development

21:30: event ends

Tickets are free but they are limited so don’t delay, register now!

Want your company brand exposed to hundreds of London-based business professionals?

Contact Mark Lennox now on 07960 937 695 or now!

at The Fence
67-69 Cowcross Street
Islington, United Kingdom

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What is Affiliate Marketing? Just what is affiliate marketing? In this episode of Ask Joel Comm, I provide the answer to a question that is asked time and again.

My favorite affiliate program is… How to Build a Great Content Affiliate Site My main website My blog

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Mini MBA in Health Care Management

Mini MBA in Health Care Management
Event on 2011-01-13 18:00:00
The Mini MBA in Health Care Management gives you a well-rounded perspective on the rapidly-changing health care environment, its challenges, and how business strategies can improve patient care, operational efficiency, and the overall success of your team.

With epidemics like Diabetes, HIV, and H1N1 in clear view, it is critical that health care professionals apply smart business solutions and effective process management to treat patients quickly, while maintaining quality care and attentiveness.Common industry challenges that are addressed include:
• Financial and productivity pressures
• New organizational structures and professional relationships
• Public reporting of quality and pay for performance
• The need for leadership and rapid responses in an industry that typically resists change

This program offers practical knowledge that you will be able to immediately apply to your work and will position you for future advancement in the health care market.

Upcoming Offerings:
January 13 – April 14, 2011
Thursdays, 6:00 p.m. – 9:00 p.m.

June 6 – 10, 2011
Weeklong, Full Day

There are no prerequisites or pre-readings to enroll in this non-degree program.
Please visit the University of St. Thomas Mini MBA in Health Care Management website for more information or copy and paste the following URL:

at University of St.Thomas
1000 La Salle Avenue
Minneapolis, United States

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Radio’s Niche Marketing Revolution by Godfrey W. Herweg (Paperback – Focal Pr) Price Comparison

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Yikes – Targeted Marketing at the Gas Pump

A few nice target marketing images I found:

Yikes – Targeted Marketing at the Gas Pump
target marketing
Image by Evan Hamilton
Great example of targeted marketing. Blog post expanding on this at….

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New Target Market
target marketing
Image by Intersection Consulting
New Marketing should prompt small business to re-think the way they reach their target markets.

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Defining your target markets as a Realtor is critical to your success.  The myth among Realtors is that you’re selling your services to anyone who wants to buy or sell a home.  The truth is that you need to narrow down the criteria for your ideal prospect you want to work with.  If you do, you can triple your closings and earn thousands more in commissions.  Let me explainâ?¦â?¦


First off, I’m not saying that if a prospect, who you wouldn’t normally want to work with, comes to you and wants to buy a home, that you turn them away.  Take the business, if you want it. I would.


What I am saying is that when it comes to your brand and your image as a Realtor, you need to target that specifically to the prospects that are most likely to respond to it. Work on defining your target markets and focus your marketing dollars on those prospects, rather than every person out there who’s breathing.


For example, let’s say you were a war veteran.  In your real estate business, instead of having all your marketing pieces and efforts say you’re the “Best Realtor” to work with; describe how you are the “VA Realtor Ready to Help”.  Become known as that and make sure that “brand” is in all your marketing.  That’s the essence of what defining your target markets is all about.

Next, you target your “VA Realtor” marketing brand to, whom else?  Veterans, of course!  You can buy a list of the veterans in your area (there are a number of ways to do this) and market directly to them.


They’ll be far more likely to identify with you than any regular, “Joe Shmo” Realtor out there. You appear as a specialist and end up grabbing a bigger piece of the real estate pie.


Are you starting to see how this can revolutionize your real estate business?  Are you realizing how important defining your target markets is to your success as a Realtor?


Your marketing dollars will go light years further if you spend them this way.  Naturally, your conversion rates will rise too; that’s the point.


So if you were getting, let’s say, 1 client for every 1000 postcards you mailed out, you could easily triple that and get 3 clients due to simply defining your target markets like this.  See how much more your marketing dollars can stretch?


The hardest part of defining your target markets as a Realtor, which isn’t really that hard, is deciding who you want to go after. And you don’t need to only have 1 target market; you can have multiple target markets.


Let’s continue our earlier example; you could target veterans but you could also target first-time home buyers in a certain neighborhood as well.  You could be “Mr. Friendly: The First-Time Home Buying Specialist” (only don’t be that corny).  Of course, you can’t use the same marketing message for both target markets but you can design your message and marketing pieces specifically to each.


Think about this whole marketing concept like this��


Citicorp is a gigantic corporation with many, many offerings to the public.  They have a credit card product, an insurance product, a mortgage division, a banking division, etc.


Just as you will be defining your target markets as a Realtor, Citicorp defines their target markets for each of their services and products.  They may cross-sell products to each market but when they’re marketing a particular product, they’re intentionally going after a certain type of prospect.


I know, I know, you’re not a huge corporation so this doesn’t even apply, right? Wrong!  You can do the exact same thing; just on a smaller scale.


Once you start defining your target markets as a Realtor, there are tons of ways to market specifically to those prospects.  I can’t go through all of them here but a few good options to start with areâ?¦..


– buy lists of your target markets to email or direct mail to

– design all your marketing pieces specifically for your target markets

– place any marketing ads in publications and websites that are tailored to your target markets

– join associations that are specific to your target markets and begin networking with them

– tell everyone you know what type of prospect you’re a perfect fit for

– brand your clothing to reflect your image out in public

Starting today, don’t continue to sell to every person out there with a pulse.  Begin defining your target markets you want to work with as a Realtor and start tailoring your marketing like a laser beam on those prospects.  It’s going to make you a pant load of cash, believe me!


Josh Sanders is a Real Estate Broker and the Founder of Shiloh Street University in Seattle, WA.

Shiloh Street University is an online marketing school for Real Estate Agents, dedicated to Creating Wealthy Agents through World-Class Marketing by providing step-by-step video lead-generation tutorials.

Get your “FREE 5 Day Sneak Peek” at

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