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Question by Big Mike: What is the author’s purpose in this passage?
This is the passage followed by a multiple choice:

Merging the TV and the Computer

Major media companies are not sure how to
invest their time and money in upcoming
ventures. But many are taking the leap into
digital TV interactive devices and systems.
Right now, at the very beginning of the 21th
century, Europe is ahead of the U.S. in
developing these services. But soon, the U.S.
will catch up; interactive TV will start to become
common in U.S. households in a few years.

What is digital interactive TV?
This innovation is a blend of television and
computer components that lets you run searches
on the Internet and use e-mail and e-commerce
from a TV set. News services, delivered by
satellite or cable, could be available in a form
tailored to the individual viewer. Digital video
recording features would be widely available. So
you could pause live programming, tape it, and
view the entire show when you come back to it.

What are the problems?
Because the market will be fragmented while
companies try out different services, no one
knows what platform will prevail to deliver these
services. Some programs may be delivered
differently in various regions of the country. Also,
TVs and computers are different animals, as are
their users. Some critics of interactive TV see it
as a passive medium that one sits back and
absorbs. The Internet, in contrast, is active. This
suggests people won’t use both at the same
time, although some people do say they use the
Internet while watching TV. That group, about 25
percent of Internet users, could form a good
market niche for the services.
Other differences between TVs and
computers also need to be resolved to happily
merge the two. A low-resolution TV screen
displays Web pages poorly – so poorly that
they are often unreadable. Also, Internet users
who scorn aspects of TV don’t want it to define
the Internet. For instance, TV marketing has a
mass appeal that could lower the quality of
Internet interactions. Similarly, by making the
services accessible to all, a “dumbed down”
look could become typical.
Therefore, media companies are looking
into high-definition TV screens that will look like
computer screens. Also, high-speed cable
systems could help retain the sophistication of
computers while allowing the easy access of a TV.

a. In the middle
b. Mostly explanatory
c. Mostly persuasive

Best answer:

Answer by old lady
This is mostly explanatory – he suggests a possibility i.e. that media companies might look into high-definition TV screens etc. but he isn’t touting it. And he is explaining the pros and cons.

What do you think? Answer below!

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Major College Park development wins approval
Liz Farmer Examiner Staff Writer Prince George’s County has approved plans for a high-end residential and retail development adjacent to the University of Maryland that many hope will spur economic activity on the relatively barren east side of campus. Called Domain College Park, the massive development planned for the intersection of Mowatt Lane and Campus Drive would include 256 luxury …
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Coverage Launch: Trefis Price Estimate for Target
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Latest Profitable Niche News

A hint at a future?
profitable niche
Image by manarh
The Economist ran an Italy special a year or two back entitled "Enjoy it whilst it lasts". It can be hard to see how Italy can retain it’s standing with it’s poor showing in competitiveness.

But you wonder if there is creative genius to uncover enough highly profitable niches to pull them out of the pits of ever growing low margin mass markets in this globalised era.

(Founder Stories) Tumblr’s David Karp: My Heroes Are Steve Jobs And Willy Wonka
Some Internet wunderkinds don’t bother to finish college. Tumblr founder David Karp dropped out of high school, and now runs one of the fastest growing publishing platforms on the Web. In our final segment from this week’s Founder Stories (also watch parts I , II , and III ), Karp answers some of Chris Dixon’s rapid-fire questions in the video above. He talks about his best business decision …
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Spyker to sell sportscar business, focus on Saab
AMSTERDAM – SPYKER Cars, the loss-making Dutch sports carmaker which acquired the much larger Saab business last year, said it is to sell its original luxury car business to a Russian investor. It said the sale, which could fetch 32 million euros (S$ 56 million) in total, will enable Spyker to pay down debt.
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Spyker to sell sportscar business, focus on Saab
Spyker Cars, the loss-making Dutch sports carmaker which acquired the much larger Saab business last year, said it is to sell its original luxury car business to a Russian investor.
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Start & Run a Retail Business

Start & Run a Retail Business

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Where can I find niche marketing examples?

Question by Weldon Bonner: Where can I find niche marketing examples?
I am interested in the niche market as it relates to small websites. Not garbage sites with no real information, but small sites I could create and maintain in my spare time with honest content. How would I find the right niche? Is it mostly trial and error?

Best answer:

Answer by Allen

Try this site, it is free and has a bunch of different videos and tutorials.

Essentially this is a niche site regarding niche sites.

Know better? Leave your own answer in the comments!

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