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Finding Profitable Niches

find a profitable niche
by taisau

Finding profitable niches can make the difference between a successful campaign and one that never takes off or does average business. Every time you decide to start a new campaign, you need to spend some time researching niches that will bring targeted buyers to your campaign.

Finding profitable niches is the first step in setting up successful campaigns. Then comes keyword research and other aspects. So what is a profitable niche? Is it the one that pays higher commissions or the one that gets more targeted traffic thus giving you more sales but lower commissions.  The answer is, it is a specialized market. For example, if you perform a search for the term ‘Travel Agency’, companies like expedia, Travelocity and  AAA rule the first page of Google. Now considering the age and authority of these websites, you will be writing your campaign’s death sentence by choosing to compete against them.

So what do you do? You focus your energy on finding profiatble niches or sub niches under that umbrella niche, in other words, you find a more specific market within this market that you can target. Like ‘Carnival Cruise Travel Agent in Springdale’. This way, there will be much less competition.

So how do you tell if a niche is profitable? The easiest way to finding profiatble inches is to perform a search and see if there are any PPC ads on the results page. You can open an Adwords account and find out what is the cost per click for that niche. The more people are willing to pay per click, the more profitable the niche.

There are many places to get niche ideas. Here are just a few.

Google Trends. This gives you a list of Hot topics and Hot Searches at the time. You can access this tool by searching for it in Google.

A really cool idea for finding profitable niches is to browse through the ‘Dummies’ books. You can go to their website and see what books have been published. It takes a lot of money and effort to publish a physical book and if they have a book on the topic, then there is a niche for it.

One more very easy to follow method to finding profiatble niches is to search article directories such as this one or Ezinearticles. Select a category that interests you, click on one of the articles and then scroll down to click on the ‘most Viewed Articles in this category the last 60 days’. Now click on an article out of that and then scroll down and see how many views that article has got. If it is a good number, then find out what they are promoting by clicking on their link. Now go to Clickbank and find that product and take a look at its gravity which tells you how many unique affiliates have made at least one sale in the last 8 weeks. Keep in mind I said ‘unique affiliates’ which means it counts one affiliate as one sale. That affiliate could have made more than one sale. A gravity greater than 10 is good and over 100 is too competitive.

Now that you know a little about finding profitable niches, you can build a successful campaign by following a simple 5 step campaign set up plan for newbies. You can access it at

Did you know that finding profitable niches is just the beginning of a money making campaign. Click here to follow my blog which is focused on helping internet marketing newbies with the basics of this business.

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