Niche marketing is the process of marketing to a specific and targeted audience. These small audiences can be highly profitable because there often isn’t much competition to fight against. A lot of beginning marketers make the mistake of going after the big dogs and trying to competing in ultra-competitive markets like weight loss, dating, or making money online. The trick is to find a niche within that industry that has low competition and a hungry audience. I’ll be talking you through a few niche marketing examples to would lead to a very profitable campaign.

Let’s first discuss the advantage of targeting a specific audience. Take “weight loss” for example. This industry is absolutely massive and I could probably name over 50 niche marketing examples. Someone typing “weight loss” into Google may be looking for exercises, a specific diet, a workout machine, a healthy nutrition book, information on diabetes…you get the idea. These sub-markets are all great niche marketing examples! When you make a website, you want to make sure that the information that you’re presenting is exactly what they’re looking for. So if you were to target the niche “weight loss before my wedding”, you’re sure to be getting “targeted” traffic, an audience that is looking for exactly what you are offering. This will greatly increase your sales conversions in the end.

Next, let’s look at another massive market: making money online. There are a lot of different people looking to start making money online. There are retirees, college students, at-home moms, people who want to quit their 9-5 jobs, and people who love to travel. These niche marketing examples will attract a targeted audience, but there is also the most obvious advantage to niche marketing: less competition! Some niches are virtually untapped, and you could be in some cases the only one who is offering a solution to that small audience! I have read about people who have made lots of money with these niche marketing examples: hair bows, tutu making, biker baby t-shirts, funny math gifts, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for lazy people. There are over 300 million people in the US alone. Even though most people wouldn’t be interested in these products, all you need is a few thousand people (that’s 1 in 10,000 Americans!) that are interested, and you’ve got yourself a profitable niche marketing campaign!

Instead of going after the huge markets where you wouldn’t be able to get ranked in the search engines anyway, find little sub-markets within the large one so that you can drive targeted traffic to your site, and score good rankings in Google. Here are some more niche marketing examples within the dating market: online dating, how to get your ex back, how to find your husband, how to find a wife, first date tips, how to make a relationship last, meeting the parents, romantic dates. The possibilities are endless, and so can be your income!

Researching niches is just the beginning when building a marketing campaign. When I first started niche marketing, I found that the absolute best way is with article marketing. It’s easy, and has a huge money-making potential! To learn everything you need to know about researching profitable niches and article marketing, check out my website at

My name is Julia Trudeau and I never liked to follow the crowd. I’ve always loved to dream, and hated it when people would tell me to “get back to reality”. I never wanted the 9-5 job and its restrictions, so I went on a search for alternatives.

I grew up in Toronto, having gone through all my schooling without breaks, just like a good girl should. But when I went on student exchange in Australia, I discovered that my real passion was travel. Then I graduated with a Bachelor in Mechanical Engineering two years ago. The problem was that I hated the subject, and was still obsessed with travel.


Then I moved to Banff, Alberta, with the plan of staying there for a year before I got a “real job”. This was the best decision I’ve ever made, because the people I met there showed me that you don’t HAVE to have the 9-5 job to be successful and happy in life. And I found that internet marketing was something I was destined to do.


Now I make a consistent income online and have no need for another traditional job. I can take vacations whenever I feel like it, I decide which days of the week I work and for how long, and I have time to ski, bike, go to the gym, and do yoga. And have have dinner parties. And walk my dog. And pretty much anything else I want to do.

Internet marketing has made me the happiest person in the world because it has bought me my freedom. Most importantly, it allows me to indulge in my greatest passion, travel.



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