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Marcus Troy

Marcus Troy

Great Big Apps~~Welcome to the app.Marcus Troy is a curator of culture and a blogger of his lifestyle, who influences the influencers. In his most basic form, he is a passionate, articulate storyteller with a commitment to making his next, his best. Unsatisfied with resting on his laurels, Marcus’ continues to agitate culture by participating, documenting and projecting inclusion in an often-exclusive world. A hub for cool and cutting edge, Marcus Troy’s worked his way into notoriety while accumulating experience in merchandising, trend forecasting, buying, brand development and marketing. With a resume many would admire, he is relentless in his pursuit to be undeniable. In doing so, the world enjoys tasteful, insightful commentary unique to his perspective and ideas through MarcusTroy.comRipe with engaging content, also boasts a unique layout, which garners critical praise (using social network links as visual cues, changing the face of categorization and re-defining the relationship between news and relevancy). Here, Marcus could filter his daily lifestyle choices into blog posts on his own schedule, in his own unique ways. Covering fashion from every angle and discussing brands he loves and things that he is passionate about.Featuring:- All of the latest Marcus Troy news- Customizable push notifications- Share to Twitter and Facebook- Upload your Maverick story and photo via your iPhone- Share your own pictures of Coolhunts and Retail spots- Much more!

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What are heritage chickens and turkeys?

Question by angelic beauty: What are heritage chickens and turkeys?
How are they different than conventional chickens and turkeys. Are they found in only specialty stores? Are they free range and raised organic?

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Answer by tardebigge
Essentially, they are breeds that flourished during the 19th century, that are in danger of extinction today. Here’s a link to a website that explains this.

There are also heritage pigs, cattle, sheep, etc.

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