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eTargetMedia’s Powerful Postal Lists Help Clients Improve Impact, Reach and Efficiency with Demographic, Lifestyle and Purchase History you Won’t Find Anywhere Else

Coconut Creek, FL (PRWEB) May 10, 2011

eTargetMedia, a leading provider of Email Marketing, Postal List Marketing, Mobile Marketing and Data Append solutions, has announced that their powerful postal lists have helped clients improve impact, reach, efficiency and results on their marketing campaigns. eTargetMedia’s postal list database offers unmatched demographic, lifestyle and purchase history selections that have helped clients reach the right markets therefore improving their marketing communications with customers and prospects.

eTargetMedia offers one of the largest postal list databases on the market and has the most comprehensive targeting abilities. All of eTargetMedia’s lists are updated frequently, ensuring that marketers have access to a steady stream of fresh and current data. All of the data in eTargetMedia’s marketing databases can also be appended to a company’s house file to help businesses learn more about their customers in order to retain and grow client relationships.

eTargetMedia’s list marketing experts can provide detailed segmentation of lists, including all aspects of how individuals live, work, spend their money and what their interests are. Developed from a variety of different data sources, eTargetMedia’s comprehensive database contains demographic, lifestyle and purchase history information on over 100 million consumers and 10 million business professionals.

“Our high performance postal list database has been an integral part of many successful direct marketing campaigns,” said Harris Kreichman, president of eTargetMedia. “Our leading database has been developed to help direct marketers reach targeted prospects who are interested in a variety of products and services.”

eTargetMedia provides Email Lists, Postal Lists, Data Append and Mobile Marketing solutions to a wide variety of direct marketing customers. eTargetMedia is a member of the Direct Marketing and Mobile Marketing Associations. Visit eTargetMedia online at


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Nice Hidden Niches photos

A few nice hidden niches images I found:

hidden niches
Image by habeebee
Making photos in the few blocks in Erzsebetvaros for which the National Office for Cultural Heritage hastily issued a temporary protection order in 2005, which halted the issuing of permits for new demolition and building works for one year – see description here.

hidden niches
Image by suzienewshoes

Hidden Light Box
hidden niches
Image by Velo Steve
This niche (mistakenly insulated in this shot) will be open to hold some flat decorative item. The initial lighting will be a "puck" mounted inside the upper edge. When we later realize that this was a mistake 😉 the box is already there for a fixture which can project more light into the area.

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