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Sarla Analytics LLC~~Description?Real time Business Dashboards on your mobile device. Smart decisions, Anytime, Anywhere.?SmartGlance™ provides access to real-time corporate reports and data instantly on your mobile devices. The powerful SmartGlance custom reporting and analytical tools help users see their own data in rich graphically format, allows them to interact with their data and take action – all from their mobile phone. Data can be accessed from virtually any enterprise database, including sales, marketing, finance, operations, manufacturing, inventory and distribution applications. ??Highlights:??1. Supports multiple mobile platforms. ?2. Analytical tools to compare two elements instantly?3. Advance tools with Album view to compare the entire range of data against target. ?4. All reports uploaded at once giving you a very smooth operation without Internet access in-between reports?5. Flip XY axis feature to see data and charts in both directions?6. Share reports, charts and snapshots via e-mail?7. “i” button for additional information with dynamic changes based on data. Hotlinks to phone numbers, urls and emails. Allows you to take instant action based on your data.?8. Ability to send reports real time or on demand?9. Send On –demand reports using an Excel utility?10. Use ready API to connect to various data sources for Real time instant data transmission?11. View data in landscape mode for greater detail and analysis?12. Connect with Excel, SAP, SQL, Oracle, CRM, ERP systems13. Localization in four languages – Spanish, German, Italian and French14. Push notification to announce new reports and Data updates15. Colors in Real time tag reports to show alarm conditions instantly.16. Help Icon on Login Page17. Large reports now 18. Added new messagesAdditional Information: ??Downloading the App is free. ?Registration is free. ?View Sample Reports with Free Registration?To view your own data, a SmartGlance Subscription is required. Visit to sign up???

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Affiliate marketing involves four different players to keep the process moving. In broad terms, affiliate marketing is an internet based marketing practice. These core players include website holder, network, publisher and customer. Affiliate marketing is used regularly to be active in the market.

The affiliates use regular advertising methods which are often used on the internet marketing agencies. This online marketing technique is used by the SEO Companies to establish links with the other websites and direct traffic from that of other.

Affiliate marketing is a secondary type of marketing, but continue to be strong as e-retailer’ marketing strategy. It is more like revenue sharing where one profit from another in the long-run. The link-building Companies are important as they establish links between different websites and generate income from such results.

Good quality links are more rewarding and those which are dead are removed from the website to give flawless system to work. The visitor can click through the website to purchase different products or services through affiliate marketing.

When a customer purchases a product from the affiliate then the other website gets bonus points or some extra business as per the deal established between the two. Affiliate program was patented with Amazon in Feb2000. Now days almost all the marketing tactics are received by the SEO Company. This marketing technique is done by the SEO in the field of retail, finance, personal finance, travel, education, etc.

Blogging and interactive online communities have great impacts on the affiliate marketing world. They help to improve the marketing network by introducing more useful information in networking sites and generate better business opportunities.

Some unscrupulous affiliates try to bring down the networking facility and affect the marketing techniques. These black sheep re detected within no time and even made known to other communities for complete removal of negative aspects in internet marketing.

Affiliate marketing is successful with the help of SEO Company which acts as link building Company to get as many links and create good business opportunities.

Media Marketing Online is well known Link Building Company which helps companies to get high rank in Search Engine through search engine optimization work. For more details on seo packages visit on our website.

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Sterling and Jay | Internet Marketing Strategists – Internet Business Mastery: Business Development and Internet Marketing for the Web 2.0 Age » Podcast
from Internet Business Mastery: Business Development and Internet Marketing for the Web 2.0 Age » Podcast
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Relationship Marketing

In the early 1990s the concept of relationship marketing was formally introduced into the field of service marketing. And further the concept was also found applicable in the case of industrial as well as consumer products. As the concept of relationship marketing has emerged the focus has been shifted from transaction marketing to relationship marketing as under:

Transaction marketing – Relationship Marketing

* Focus on single sale – * Focus on customer retention

* Orientation on product features – * Orientation on product benefits

* Little emphasis on customer – * High customer service emphasis


* Limited customer commitment – * High customer commitment

* Moderate customer contact – * High customer contact

* Quality is primarily a concern – * Quality is concern for all.

Of production – (TQM ).


The aim of relationship marketing is to create strong, lasting relationship with core group of customers. It is to a firm’s advantage to develop long term relationship with existing customers because it is easier and less expensive to make an additional sale to an exiting customer than to make a new sale to a new customer.


The relationship marketing helps the customer on one hand and the service provider on the other hand.

The benefits which are associated with the customers are:

o Customers remain loyal and receive more value compared to the competitors.

o Customers have the sense of well being and quality of life as they have long term relationship with the service provider.

o Customer think that the service provider knows their preferences and have tailored services to suit their needs over a period of time and they do not want to change this arrangement they have remain loyal.

The benefits for the service producers are:

o Due to good relationship management the service provider gets committed and loyal customers, thus increasing the purchases, which in turn increase the profits of the company.

o Lower cost retaining the current customers cost much lower than making new customers as new customers attract advertising cost and other promotional costs, operating costs of setting up accounts and systems and cost of getting to know the customers.

o Free advertising through word of mouth.

o It is easier for the firm to retain the employees when the company has stable base of satisfied customers.

CRM is not panacea for all marketing maladies. It has its own constraints.

o CRM is not for everyone. When the market consists of a myriad of customers and the unit profit margins are not much, for instance selling washing powders, basic marketing is enough. CRM is an apt strategy when customers are of long-time horizons and profit margins are much.

o CRM assumes that customers play a passive role in relationships. But in the networked world, they have the ability to play an active role in managing relationships. Now a-days the marketing is towards collaborative marketing, in which the company collaborates with customers and makes them an integral part of the company’s marketing activities.

o CRM is mainly based on customer databases. The collection of data and storage of data for CRM comes in handy only. When the data collected is accurate and appropriate, is collected at a reasonable cost, analysed diligently, reported promptly in a lucid manner and kept secret from competitors. Simon London opines, “Data have little value on their own: They are useful only when they have context and relevance.”



In the past, customers were simple persons and were happy at whatever banks dished out to them. Over a period of time with the competition and technological improvements customers have become fully aware of their rights. They now demand nothing short of excellent and prompt services. And further expect improvements there on. In fact over a period of time customer service has become customer satisfaction and customer delight and it can be said what they look forward to now is customer ecstasy. Umpteen alternatives are available to enlightened customers and they choose only those banks that they consider best suites them.

Why customer Service?

A customer is the most important person who visits the premises of a bank. He is not dependent on the bank – rather the bank is dependent on him. He should not be considered as a rude interruption in work. Rather he is the purpose of the work. Further it must be realised that:

(a) It takes months to find and get a good customer but only seconds to loose one.

(b) It is easier to rectify a mistake than to go on arguing on a mistake with a customer.

(c) A satisfied customer brings in more customers and he is the best advertisement for the back.

Initiatives by Banks

Of late, banks have been taking a plethora of initiatives to reorient their basic customer service ethos. These include

o Emphasis on process reengineering for improving customers’ terms of transaction.

o Shift from ‘cost plus’ pricing to competitive pricing of services.

o Progressive IT application for swift delivery channels

o Universal service obligation by creating ‘bank within a branch’ concept.

o Improving value chain for customers.

o Pursuit of TQM at operational and administrative units.

o Three pronged strategy of product innovation, product delivery and product servicing

o Focus on product augmentation as well as hybridization.

o Shift from a “selling” to “marketing” mode.

o Multiple platforms for swift redressal of grievances.

o Periodical rating of service quality in house as well as by external agencies.
o Enrichment of training calendar, with sharp focus on behavioral aspects of customer service.

Effective CRM: The Task Ahead

Any bank aspiring to grow in size, diversity, profitability and clientele base must adopt a four fold strategy. These relate to

1. Acquiring new customers more cost effectively.

2. Increasing revenues from existing clientèle.

3. Increasing retention rates, especially among high value clients.

4. Reducing the cost of sales and servicing.


For a better customer service, banks should emphasis on :

o Increasing the volume of business by extending working hours with the use of technology

o Widening the clientèle base by providing anywhere, anytime and any channel banking service to the customers.

o Increasing the number of delivery channels like ATM banking, phone banking etc.

o Improving service quality and operational efficiency.

o Improving management information system to use data as a business intelligence fool.

o Enhancing cross selling of products to existing customer.

o Service culture is to be developed among the staff. Human Resource Development standards should be maintained in the recruitments at all levels.


Banks, in the days to come, have to provide their broad based service package in the midst of stiff competition. To ensure their competitive edge in future they have to fight with rivals in terms of quality of their service. The challenges that lie before the bankers are four fold. First, they need to satisfy customer needs that are complex and difficult to manage. Second, they need to face up to increased competition from within the sector and from new entrants coming in to the financial sector market. Third, they need to address the demands based in supply chain. Finally they must continually invent new products and services to attract and retain the customer.

Dr.Gomathi Viswanathan

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When a customer goes to a shop to buy things, it is retail shop. And the retailers get their shop stuff from the distributer and the distributer from the manufacturer. As expected and known, the retail outlet of a product is where the maximum advertisement and promotional activities are concentrated. It is the retail shop where the consumers are made to know about the product, which is sold on display and in an attractive manner.

With the retail industry poised for another takeoff, this time in a bigger leap; it is obvious that the retail industry is going to create a lot of high paying jobs in the same sector.

What is a Retail Job?

A retail job is one job which uses the person’s experience a lot more than anything else. Yes, it is true that to get a retail job at the managerial level, it is important that you first get certified by an institution, that is – a degree. After that, based on your experience and communication skills, you shall be absorbed into the job. A person who wants a retail job should make one thing very clear and that is, since it is the retail outlet which is in direct contact with the customer, in no circumstances should a retailer bring down the image of a brand in front of their customer.

Because the customer is equated to a king, it is imperative that the customer stands fully satisfied when he buys a product and that information can only be had from a retailer. Therefore the job of a retailer is full of responsibilities and taking sensible decisions.

Top Tips to find a Retail Job

• Sales Mentality: One may not agree with this, but a retail job is more similar to a sales job that anything else. Similar to a professional in a sales job, you’ve to put your best foot forward always and be at your convincing best. A particular brand when investing with you would want to extract the maximum benefit from your retail setup and therefore you can neither upset the company nor the customer!

• Understand your Niche: Retail is an area where you need to have a deep understanding of your niche. If you’re dynamic and have a pleasant face in the public, chances are that you’ll succeed in a retail job. A retail job can at times get pretty demanding considering the balancing you have to do. A retail job wants a candidate who looks pleasant, talks pleasant and above all understands the customer mentality better than perhaps even the employer!

• Hunting on the Internet: The internet is a great place to start searching for retail jobs. With the retail sector witnessing the effect of globalization, things are only supposed to get bigger and more grandiose. Currently there are insufficient people in the retail sector with even lesser number of people at the managerial level. Therefore keeping all the statistics in mind, you can only be sure of one thing – more jobs in retailing!

To learn more about retail jobs and to search through thousands of career listings, please visit and sign up for a FREE trial today. Silas Reed, Writer for EmploymentCrossing, writes articles that inform and teach about different job tips and career advice.

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Online Marketing Institute – Benefits of Affiliate Marketing
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L2 Clinic: Mobile

L2 Clinic: Mobile
Event on 2011-06-24 09:00:00


Every year has been touted the year of mobile.

While the opportunity to leverage mobile as a marketing channel seems boundless, several big strategic and tactical questions remain.

Format & Audience

L2 is assembling thought leaders, academics, and innovators from all parts of the mobile brand ecosystem.

SpeakersFull list of speakers to be announced

ANNE FRISBIE VP & Managing Director, North America, inMobi

Anne joined InMobi in 2008 as Head of North America.Mobile Entertainment Magazine‘s Top 10 Women in Mobile.

Prior to her work in digital media, Anne was an investment analyst at Golman Sachs.

JAKE FURST Business Development Manager, Foursquare

Jake is a Business Development Manager at foursquare, where he helps merchants reach their customers and brands engage with their audiences in innovative ways through the foursquare platform. Prior to joining foursquare, he worked in the advertising industry at Wieden + Kennedy as an Account Manager on the ESPN account. Jake has an MBA from Columbia Business School with a concentration in Media and Entrepreneurship and a BA from Northwestern University in Political Science. In his spare time, you can find Jake skiing or rooting for Boston sports teams.

BRIAN JURUTKA Senior Vice President, Mobile & Telecommunications,comScore, Inc.

As Senior Vice President of Telecommunications Solutions at comScore, Inc.



Maureen leads L2s research and advisory group and has benchmarked and/or developed digital and social media initiatives for over 300 prestige brands. She began her career at Triage Consulting Group in San Francisco. At Triage, she led several managed care payment review and payment bench- marking projects for hospitals including UCLA Medical Center, UCSF, and HCA. She has gone on to lead research and consulting efforts focused on digital media, private banking, M&A, insurance industry risk management, and renewable energy economics for professional firms and academics. Maureen has a B.A. in Human Biology from Stanford University and an M.

RACHEL PASQUA VP of Mobile, iCrossing

Rachel Pasqua currently cultivates emerging media for iCrossing, a global digital marketing agency owned by the Hearst Corporation.Marie Claire and Good Housekeeping to name but a few, spanning a wide range of services from mobile app development to near field communications.

Rachel is a frequent speaker on mobile, social and ambient trends at industry events and analysts and the press often quote her insights.Great Finds (http://greatfinds.Mobile Social Ambient.


Scott is the founder of L2, a think tank for digital innovation, and professor at the NYU Stern School of Business where he teaches brand strategy and luxury marketing.

In 1997, he founded Red Envelope, the premier Internet-based consumer gift retailer.

at Postal code 10012, United States

New York, United States

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Question by myNickname: Niche Marketing Internet – What Would Be The Niche Marketing Internet Is Really Profitable?
Niche Marketing Internet – Anyone have any idea how to find the profitable niche marketing internet and what would be the criterion I should look into in order to get profitable Niche Keyword?

Niche Marketing Internet seems too saturated especially on making money and internet marketing niche.

I already spent almost a month to find Niche Marketing Internet but so far no luck.

Can anyone helo me on this Niche Marketing Internet criteria I should focus on?

Best answer:

Answer by Jay
A niche market is the subset of the market on which a specific product is focusing on; Therefore the market niche defines the specific product features aimed at satisfying specific market needs, as well as the price range, production quality and the demographics that is intended to impact.

Every single product that is on sale can be defined by its niche market. As of special note, the products aimed at a wide demographics audience, with the resulting low price (due to Price elasticity of demand), are said to belong to the Mainstream niche, in practice referred only as Mainstream or of high demand. Narrowed demographics though lead to elevated price because of the same principles.

In practice, product vendors and trade businesses are commonly referred as mainstream providers or narrow demographics niche market providers (colloquially shortened to just niche market providers). Small capital providers usually opt for a niche market with narrow demographics as a measure of increasing their gain margins.1

Now, there are what, a couple of billion of internet users out there so you should be able to find some sort of niche need to fill. While it is frustrating (I know this as I do it for a living) to find a niche, it can be done.

Just because you have an idea and you research it only to find that someone else is already acting upon it, should you quit? No, take a hard look at what they are doing and see where you can improve on it.

Another way to move ahead of the pack is to take your niche (once identified) and use the Google AdWords Keyword Tool (type in “google adwords” into a Google search and it will show you where to go) and identify longer key words with some traffic, but less competition.

Long tail key words (example: “dog walking tips” or “walking your dog” as opposed to “dog” or “dog care”). Maybe you can come up with some designer dog leash that sells like hot cakes and makes you millions!

If you do, let me know and I will feature your success story on my blog.

Best of luck in all of your endeavors.


Give your answer to this question below!

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