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Question by myportraitdrawing: How is affiliate marketing? Is it another smoke screen to sell useless guides to desperate people?
I am desperate to find a way to start my own home based business, and affiliate marketing seems good because there is virtually no startup cost (I’m broke). Is this something likely to bring in a real income?

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Answer by Daniel K
If you have a good teacher, affiliate marketing is an excellent way to make money online. Selling eBooks is only one small aspect of affiliate marketing, and I agree that most of them are junk. You can sell almost anything with affiliate marketing, there is an affiliate program for almost any product imaginable. I’m making most of my money right now selling cell phones. But you name a product and there is probably a way to make commissions from it.

I learned everything I know about affiliate marketing from a great website called “Wealthy Affiliate.” It takes you step by step through the marketing process and includes everything you need to get started. It even includes an easy to use website builder and web hosting.

My favorite part of Wealthy Affiliate is the members forum where you can ask any question, and will usually receive a good answer from an experienced marketer in minutes. The people there really want to help each other succeed. See the link below for more info.

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What should I sell online?

Question by : What should I sell online?
Okay so I really would like to start an online business that can make me six or more figures a year. One of my online business ideas is to make a webstore and sell stuff. I would get the stuff from wholesale company and dropship. The only problem is, I dont know what stuff to sell that could be profitable and make me six or more figures a year. I want to sell office chairs cause new home businesses are starting daily, and office furniture is a billion dollar industry. Do you think office chairs are profitable? I would price in my competitors range and I would also be making a nice profit without having to handle any shipping or inventory!! Do you think this is a good online business idea that could make me six or more figures a year? Any other ideas on what to sell that could be profitable (no ebooks or information products PLEASE!!!)

Also, some other ideas that I could do as well as selling are….

A niche content website with lots of articles, how tos, reviews, etc. on the topic of songwriting. I know a lot about songwriting so I think this site could add to my income. I would make money by placing ads, adsense, and relevant affiliate products on the site. Do you think this is another good online business idea that could help make me six or more figures a year?

Another idea could be a website where people buy, sell, and trade giftcards. They have a few of these sites already though. I make money from ads on the site and by charging a small fee to the seller if he makes a sale on the site. Do you think this could be a profitable online business?

The last idea is to make a site where users can submit original songs (which they have legal rights to) and other users can listen, rate, comment, and share songs with other friends. It would be a great way for new songwriters to get their music heard and get feedback, and users could also listen and find new music. This site would cost me 5-15k to make though and I am really thinking if I should go forth with this online business idea. I would make all money through ads. Do you think this online business idea could make me six or more figures a year?

So out of all the ideas, I think the selling office chairs (or something else) could make me six or more figures a year. I would also do the niche content site to add to my income. What do you guys think?

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Answer by RJ
You need to think outside of the norm, outside of the box.
Here are some suggestions

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Latest Niche Marketing News

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Question by Mike: If I get an MBA with a concentration in marketing, can I still get a managerial job?
Like would I still be qualified to say pick up a district managers job even if i concentrated in marketing? Of course I want to go into the marketing field, but i was just wondering how diverse an MBA degree is. Thanks.

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Answer by OrangeKitten
Managerial positions go to people with experience in the field, or a closely related field at least. Having an advanced degree will help drive the individual to get the promotion. The degree itself will not give you a managerial position when you have zero experience.

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Archipelagos Hotel becomes a member of Great Hotels of the World – Premium
Headquartered in the UK, Great Hotels of the World provides global hotel reservation, sales and marketing services for an exclusive portfolio of primarily independent hotels and resorts worldwide in specific niche market sectors. …
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Rio Vista merchants look for niche in market
"We will follow up with merchants through counseling and tactics for implementation of these techniques," center director Charles Eason said. "Business is starting to pick up here lately and Rio Vista has a unique niche."
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Cool Concentrated Marketing images

A few nice concentrated marketing images I found:

Bedale Post Office
concentrated marketing
Image by Post Box
Bedale Post Office, Bedale Market Place, North Yorkshire DL8 1EH.

There were so many things to capture on this one that I’ve uploaded three separate pictures.
This one concentrates on the post office and its features. The other two look at the post boxes and the K6 kiosk.

Goldfish Market
concentrated marketing
Image by Chika
Hong Kong has many "markets" that are just a congregation of many stores of the same kind. Flower market, bird market, second-hand electric parts market, and so forth. This street is dubbed as goldfish market, filled with small store fronts that sell goldfish in tiny tanks or diminutive plastic bags.

From urban-planning point of view, it is interesting how and why the same type of stores concentrate. It’s a bit counter-intuitive – if there is a goldfish store that is doing well, wouldn’t you rather open your goldfish store far from it to avoid competition?

If I remember correctly, the attractiveness of a retail place increases proportionally to the square of the number of items offered, while it only decreases proportionally to the distance (not the square of it) from the place. So it makes sense for many similar stores to gather in a neighborhood.

Chicago Florists’ Center (1928)
concentrated marketing
Image by ChicagoGeek
1313 W. Randolph
Chicago, IL

A Fox & Fox Art Deco building with decorations of posies on its concrete exterior. It helped to concentrate the wholesale floral trade in the Randolph St. Market area. It’s now used for lofts.

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