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Profitable Niche Marketing

Many people in the business world have heard that they should focus on their most profitable niche to get ahead of the competition. They are told that it is better to be a big fish in a small pond than a small fish in a big pond. The problem I have found is that many business owners are not quite sure if they are servicing a niche or a market. Many are not sure if they are identifying the best niche markets in their field. Here’s how to identify niche markets that are profitable for your business.

What is a niche?

A niche is a segment of a market that is focused on a key area of that market. If the market is comic books and you found that 35% of the comic book market like science fiction, you have identified a niche within the market. Niches are a focused segment of a market with its own sub group of buyers who are passionately interested in that easily identifiable slice of the market.

How do they differ from markets?

Some business owners do confuse the niche with the market. For example, a business owner might be selling shoes and consider women’s shoes to be a niche. The truth is that women’s shoes would still be considered a market while stiletto heeled shoes might be considered a niche within the women’s shoe market. Another niche might be women’s orthopedic shoes or women’s stiletto heeled orthopedic shoes.

It is important to do the research into your market’s niches to identify the “hungry buyers”. It does not make sense (or dollars for that matter) to dream up a niche for your market and pursue it without checking the tastes and desires of the market first. Many business owners still believe in the fallacy of building a better mouse trap. It is better and less costly to find out if your market has a mouse problem in the first place.

What is a market?

Why is so difficult to differentiate between a market and its niches? It really comes down to knowing the consumers and their tastes. If you sell chicken dinners and you have identified a large enough segment of chicken lovers in your area who love giblets, service that segment. Look at the subsets in your consumers buying habits for profitable niche ideas. Remember that the market is any structure that allows buyers and sellers to exchange any type of goods, services and information. You want to drill down into the market to find the subset of that market in order to service its buyers more efficiently.

How to know if there are buyers for a niche?

There are many ways to identify buyers for a particular niche; one of the simplest ways is to find other sellers for that niche product of service. If there are businesses advertising products and services for the niche market, you have identified a viable market. Now let’s take it to the next step and look for the buyers:

Does the product or service have Television commercials?

Are they being advertised on the radio?

Are there books and or magazines dedicated to that particular niche?

How many ads can you identify online for that niche segment?

If you went back to the online ads and clicked the links in a month, will they still be there?

How old are the companies who are selling the niche products or services?

Researching you niche markets

The best way to research your niche market segments is to go online and check the search engines. If you can find viable search results with monthly numbers that run into the millions, you have a market for your product or service. If you can narrow your focus to keywords that garner around 10,000 to 25,000 monthly searches, you have a good shot at keeping your ad budget low. Look for competitive pricing in Pay-Per-Click rates and watch your competition. If you see that others are actually selling goods, but the competition is not making the prospect of jumping in a financial suicide mission, then it’s time to test the market.

Remember that it costs less and is more profitable to find and sell to buyers who want your goods and or services than to chase those who don’t want what you’re selling.

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Systems Engineer with Security Clearance

Systems Engineer with Security Clearance

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Profitable Niche Marketing

What is Niche Marketing….A niche market is a simple term used to describe a small section of a larger market, for example a niche marketing website will target a smaller, more focused subset of a market sector, take internet marketing for example, if you were to put the term ‘Internet marketing’ or ‘web marketing’ into Google you’ll probably end up with around seventy million results, which lets face it is quite a hard market to crack, however if you were to enter the search term ‘Article submission software’ you’ll see that the results total around the 1.6 million figure, this serves as an example of a niche market, a segment of a larger market.

The premise to profitable niche marketing, is relatively simple: find a market your either interested in or a market which you think will be profitable and start dissecting it up into smaller segments. So lets assume you already know how to research, find and build a niche market website, by the way if your unsure of how to do any of this please feel free to take a look at my other free articles on how to set up a niche marketing business.

So you’ve established a niche market based on sound and initially exhaustive research, you’ve optimized your niche site to target your new niche market. So what now…how do you get your new niche website in front of all of those eager buyers?. Well, as I’m sure you know your first port of call should be to get your site indexed by the leading search engines, don’t worry about the hundreds of smaller ones as they will pick up on the tails of the larger ones.

For this article we’re going to concentrate on ‘Google’ because its the biggest and best known, and once your niche marketing website ranks in Google your half way there.So how do you get indexed quickly?

You could pay someone to do this for you, you could start building relevant links to your site, or you could just click over to Google and fill out your details and wait for them to crawl your new niche site, now all of these approaches are fine in there own way, and yes there are lots more options you could pursue, but I like to hit the ground running. If I’ve done my niche marketing research properly I’ll know that I have a very good chance of getting my niche marketing web-site to rank high, I know this because my research has indicated the niche to be relativity small with perhaps little relevant competition.

My next step is to take my niche keyword list and start writing keyword rich content articles, now I’m sure your sick of hearing about articles, but stick with me, when you do this right you’ll be laughing. OK, so you write your articles, I normally try to write around 20 to start with, I try to get the most relevant keywords into each article (while leaving it looking natural), now take all of your articles and add them to your website, even if its just a sales page at present, why do this?.

Providing good, relevant and original content is the best way to climb Google ranks, and Google loves it. Believe me if all you’ve got at the moment is just a fancy sales page, think again, you’ll struggle to rank well, and your share of organic traffic will be non-existent. Don’t forget to optimize each new page, I.e. meta tags, Description tag, Keyword tag’s etc., use the ‘h1’ tag for all of your headings. At this point it’s a good idea to add a site map to your site, I know this all sounds like a lot of work, and it is, but let’s face it, even your little niche marketing business is in fact a real business and should be treated as such.

If you do the work at this point it will pay for itself very quickly. Now that your niche marketing site is Google friendly you need quick exposure and indexing. Now you need to submit your articles to as many article sites as you can, now for this step I use an automatic submitter software..NOTE OF WARNING, using an automatic submitter is only acceptable for this first step, you must discontinue using it after you have launched or Google will take a dim view and ultimately penalise you

By submitting your URL embedded article to so many article sites within a few days you’ll spread your links virally, in fact if your article content is good it will be picked up by many other niche site owners looking for unique content which will not only get you indexed by Google fast, it will also bring you targeted traffic. Remember don’t try this method again for the same niche market site, when you add further articles to your site all you really need to do is submit to a handful of the best article sites (with a high PR rating).

For example ‘EzineArticles’ has a PR6 rating at the time of writing, and from experience if your articles are good you’ll get great traffic. For a series of 12 articles I recently wrote over a couple of weeks regarding a health niche, I received 1368 views, resulting in 987 unique visits to my niche site, this was in the space of just six weeks and for only submitting to one good article site.

So there you have it, this is in my opinion the quickest and best way to get indexed by Google, plus you’ll get instant traffic, and hopefully sales. Need an article submitter or any other free information on niche or web marketing just come along and have a look at my free tutorials section.

Hi, my name is Mark Bishop, (, Speaking for myself I love the world of internet marketing mainly for the ease in which ordinary people like me can make a very good income, having said that finding your feet in any online venture is never easy, & often costly. So I’ve put together a collection of articles and tutorials which you are free to use whenever you like at no cost. You can find everything you need at, see you there.

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Annapolis, Md. (PRWEB) February 23, 2012

Wind turbines, electro-cars and Earth-friendly detergents. News stories have tackled Green basics ad nauseam. Readers want to know more, but they dont want more of the same. Editors need a fresh take on the social juggernaut of sustainability.

A just-released free report by Adam Stone, “Green Behind the Scenes: 5 Sustainability Trends the Others are Missing,” presents five atypical trends meant to give editors fresh insights into the multifaceted story of sustainability: New angles for new stories.

Theres plenty of Green going on behind the scenes. Whether readers are C-suite chiefs or consumers on the street, they still have a lot to learn beyond the already-familiar headlines.

U.S. newspapers and magazines have covered Green with gusto, sharing news with intelligence and insight. Elements of sustainability have come to the fore that had never been on the radar before. On the flip side, many editors have come to feel that they may have tapped out sustainability angles for their audiences. Wheres the fresh hook?

The hook is everywhere, for editors who know where to look. Green Behind the Scenes offers five unexplored angles ripe for news coverage. These underreported Green trends affect every sector and can be reflected in every publication, from general interest to niche trade. These are stories of food, technology, manufacturing, employee management they touch every aspect of our personal lives and our commercial activities.

Green Behind the Scenes gives editors an edge, pointing them toward these hidden angles and helping them report on Green in a whole new light.

About the author

An award-winning freelance journalist with more than 20 years experience, Adam Stone covers health care, technology, finance, government and other aspects of the business landscape for a range of regional and national publications. He is co-author, with Fran Claps, of Lehigh Valley: Crossroads of Commerce (Cherbo Publishing, Feb. 2008).

For a free copy of Green Behind the Scenes, click on the attached PDF.


Adam Stone


(410) 268-3427


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