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Contract Specialist

and niche sites, our principals had a transformative idea … to enhance Consultnetworx by building a vast



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Latest Relationship Marketing News

Shilin Night Market
relationship marketing
Image by Miguel Vicente Martínez Juan
The Shilin Night Market is a night market in the Shilin District of Taipei, Taiwan, and is often considered to be the largest and most famous night market in the city.

The night market encompasses two distinct sections sharing a symbiotic relationship: a section formerly housed in the old Shilin Market building, containing mostly food vendors and small eateries; and the surrounding businesses and shops selling other nonfood items. The food court holds 539 stalls, and the second floor serves as a parking lot for 400 cars.

In addition to the food court, side streets and alleys are lined with storefronts and roadside stands. Movie theaters, video arcades, and karaoke stores are also prevalent in the area. Like most night markets in Taiwan, the local businesses and vendors begin opening around 4 PM. As students begin returning home from school, crowds reach their peak between 8 and 11 PM. Businesses continue operating well past midnight and close around 1 or 2 AM.

Tourist traffic has increased in recent years due to the opening of the metro system. The night market is closest to Jiantan Station on the Danshui Line or "Red line" as it’s known by locals. From the platform of Jiantan Station, riders can see the enclosed food court located across the street from the MRT station.

Energy Deregulation a Shining Light of Opportunity as the Economy Continues to
A public energy company has committed itself to relationship marketing to expand its customer base. The strategy is that individuals saving money on these essential services are very likely to share this good fortune with others, especially if they are …
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In Marketing, It's All About Building Relationships
The relationship doesn't start when money changes hands, but as early as the marketing phase. Why is it important for marketers to really know their customers and market to the individual rather than the segment? You want to focus on building a …
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Profitable Niche Marketing

Are you an affiliate? Are you not making money? It may very well be because you are not in a niche market. It is a story you hear time and time again from affiliates. They learn internet marketing and apply all of it’s techniques. This usually includes: finding a niche, buying an exact match keyword, setting up a WordPress blog, adding some unique content in the form of about five to ten articles containing affiliate links, backlinking to their blog using five to ten more unique articles submitted to multiple article directories as well as link spamming blogs and forums. Additionally, they would purchase an expensive subscription to an autoresponder service because they were taught that the money is in the list, provided your emails even get opened because open rates are dismal and getting worse.

Without a doubt, all of these items do indeed work. An exact match keyword as a domain name is something that I have found to be effective in terms of Search Engine Results Page (SERP) ranking. Setting up a WordPress blog is something that is extremely easy to do and the WordPress format is extremely SEO friendly. Additionally, article marketing, provided you submit useful, non-self-serving articles to article directories can drive plenty of traffic and bring many backlinks to your website if widely syndicated. Finally, the money is in the list if and only if you have the copywriting skills to extract the money from it. Additionally, email will only be opened if and only if you have something to offer inside that the subscriber cannot get anywhere else for free and they know it.

It is true that internet marketing techniques do work, but not in the niches that are readily known. If you find your niches in article directories or affiliate programs like ClickBank, you are not in a niche. These are no loner niches and they are no longer profitable for most. The niches found in these places are where the herd goes and if you find your niches there, you are following the herd. You have to think outside the box and this means finding your own niche market and creating your own niche product.

If you are in a niche market that includes any of the following, you are not in a niche market: Arts & Entertainment, Betting, Business, Investing, Computers, Internet, Cooking, Food & Wine, E-business & E-marketing, Education, Employment & Jobs, Fiction, Games, Green Products, Health & Fitness, Home & Garden, Languages, Mobile, Parenting & Families, Politics, Current Events, Reference, Self-Help, Software & Services, Spirituality, New Age & Alternative Beliefs, Sports, Travel. All of these markets and all variations of them are literally over-run with affiliates and making money in any of these markets is a rat race.

Niche selection is about finding a niche that is untapped and not over-run with affiliates. Sometimes, this means creating your own unique product that is not available anywhere else. What’s that you say, you cannot create your own product? It is not that difficult. You just have to draw on your own experience and work through it in a step by step process. It can be in the form of a report or guide or even a piece of software. It does not, however, have to be limited to a virtual product. It can be a physical one also.

Niche market selection is what will determine if you make money or not. You can apply all of the same internet marketing techniques as everyone else, but i you are in the wrong niche, you will not make a dime. Check out our free niche marketing course below which includes finding an actual niche as part of the training.

Check out our FREE Search Engine Marketing Course here:

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How To Get Clients

How To Get Clients

CEOs, department heads, freelance consultants, lawyers–almost everyone in business–has to fight for clients just like manufacturers or retailers. Now, in this guide, two daring young marketing “marauders” tell how to target profitable clients; how to discover your unique market niche; how to get free publicity; how and when to advertise; and more.

Price: $
Sold by Barnes & Noble

ProspectsPLUS! 6.0 Personal Real Estate Marketing Software
Take advantage of our deep discount clearance sale on the 6.0 version of our software! ProspectsPLUS! allows you to take complete…

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Most popular find a profitable niche eBay auctions:

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Niche Marketing eBook.

Profitable Niche Marketing

If you are one of those people who want to make money online then for sure you would have heard about niche marketing. Marketing gives excellent results in internet marketing campaigns. Before moving further its important to know exact meaning of niche marketing, the way it work and details about which market you should follow.

Niche marketing is a narrowly defined special segment of the market. It is that area where you offer those certain services and products which main suppliers usually don’t provide. Instead of focussing on large markets, niche marketing focuses on unique small and specific markets. Even though niche markets are smaller but they give very good results if you know the nerve of marketing.

It is considered as one of the best way of marketing. So niche markets are just a part of diverse markets but their outputs are quite good. One good thing is niche marketing saves you from tough competition among thousands of companies in big markets.

Finding a niche means finding a good product and service for your high quality clients. Following are the guidelines about following a niche market:

* For a niche market to be successful, it must meet the needs of your niche customers. So always follow those niche markets which you think are meeting their client requirements.

* Follow a niche product you are passionate about. This would increase the probability for you to get more benefit because if you are passionate about some niche you will be willing to give more of your time and effort to it

* Follow a niche product you are having knowledge about. Having knowledge about the niche you are selling is very important. you have to see how much your niche is in demand. Highly targeted niche product would be more profitable then rest.

* Research to see if there is a niche market for your niche product

* You have to check how much competition your niche is facing in the market. I prefer to follow niche in demand but having less competition

* Take a survey; you will get to know about the niche satisfying their customers. It’s advisable to follow them

* Follow niche which are having their own unique position. It would be very beneficial if the niche product you are selling is unique. You will face less competition. All you will get is profit.

* Its always advisable to build and promote your own website. To develop your own website you need to make a number of pages having information about your product and company. Make sure the information is interesting so that it will attract prospects from your brands advertisement at search engine pages

Niche marketing is a serious topic. Before following any niche you should gather all the information about it and should make sure that the niche you are going to follow is profitable.

The Six Figure Code a reference course created by Craig Beckta is having a vast and comprehensive information about internet and affiliate marketing. You will get to know so much about internet marketing from this course. The Six Figure Code Review, launching, 15 November 2010.

David Jackson has been an affiliate marketer for 6 years. Essential information and powerful tools that will grow your Online Business Empire.

Copyrights@ Six Figure Code Review. This article may be Freely printed in any form, on the guarantee that this article stay the same without any omittances, deletions, alterations or changes throughout this article. This copyright is to stay with this article

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Latest Niche Marketing News

Pop Star's Video Production Highlights Social Media To Market New Film Release
Director, David Jenyns, has, over several years, built a team of experts who are niche experts to support the business, and who share his ethos for ethical, professional internet marketing and web video. More about David Jenyns at …
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Does console have a future?
So while console games might remain a large long-term niche market, the next hardware cycle might not herald a return to mass-market growth. But perhaps the greatest advantage they possess are players trained for decades to pay for fun.
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Telenovelas Are The New Coveted Marketing Niche
But the marketing formula does something more than advertising cars and electronic gadgets. It confirms the rise of Spanish-language telenovelas in the US as an important marketing niche. "Much of the total TV output in the world is telenovelas," said …
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Medical Travel Morphing Into Niche Markets, Study Finds
by Nick Verrastro A new study predicts that much of the growth in medical travel will be focused in three niches – dental, cosmetic and fertility services. The 2012 Medical Tourism Facts and Figures study, released recently by the International Medical …
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Is the thought of selling your own product intriguing, but also overwhelming at the same time? It was for me when I first started. That is why I put together a series of articles to help you create and sell your very own ebooks.

In this article we’ll talk about researching your market to get ideas for your product. I’m going to keep this short and to the point, because I know that your time is valuable and so is mine.

The following three criteria must be met in order to find a good target market:

Choose a topic where….

– People are actively looking for information
– They are willing to spend money for that information
– You, personally, are at least moderately interested and knowledgeable about the topic.

I must admit that the third point is optional. It is recommended that you have some interest in the topic or you are willing to become knowledgeable about it. This will keep you interested and motivated to promote your ebooks in the years and months to come. You can create ebooks related to something you love, or something that is popular it’s up to you. Most important is to work on something that you will enjoy doing.

Here are some ideas for markets you may want to target:

– Weight Loss and Dieting
– Body Building
– Health, or health related issues
– Fitness and Exercise
– Beauty ( Age Reversal, Hair Removal, Hair Restoration, cellulite, etc… )
– Relationships
– Making Money
– Saving Money
– Debt
– Parenting
– Gaming
– Automobiles
– Internet Marketing
– Gambling

Once you find a market that you’re interested in you will want to do a little research to find out what customers in that market need.

Once you identify the need then you can create a product to fill that need.

Kit writes about a variety of topics including Spring Air Mattress []. Visit the blog at [].

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