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Tea Niche

Tea Niche

Pam Ingalls Tea Niche – Giclee Print
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In the world of online marketing, a “niche” means a product or service that meets a specific demand. In the general marketplace a niche product meets the needs of only certain customers and is deep within the broader market. So what are the advantages of niche marketing?

If you have ever had a problem finding something specific online, whether it was a product, service, or just information, the chances are you were probably looking for what would be termed a niche product.

For example, let’s look at skin products. This is a very large market. If you search for “skin products” online the results returned in Google are in the millions. Now just suppose you were looking for anti-aging skin products and you are a woman. This is called “drilling down” into the larger market. The results returned are considerably less. Maybe you are only interested in under eye treatments. Again, the number of results decreases. Perhaps you live in Los Angeles and are looking for local treatments. The search results decrease again. This is now much more specific and is considered a niche inside the skin care market.

Obviously, if you are an online marketer, the advantages of niche marketing are that there is much less competition plus, ideally, a considerably high and unmet demand. To use an example given by a wise marketer, it is like being the owner of the only drinking water stand in the middle of the desert – people will buy what you have because you are the only one supplying it!

This is probably the goal of most internet marketers since their job becomes much easier without having to compete with others who are more experienced or have a larger advertising budget.

Two things are necessary in order for your niche to be profitable and worthwhile pursuing.

  1. There must be a high enough demand
  2. There must also be reasonably low competition.

The challenge now becomes, how to find these starving niche markets? To do so, you need to find out the exact phrases people are using to search for their need. You then use these phrases to guide them to your website where they will find exactly what they are looking for.
Three Ways To Find A Niche Market

  1. The no-cost method is to research manually using Google and other online search engines. Google has a number of free tools you can incorporate into your niche research, such as Google Trends, Google Suggest and their keyword tool. Search Tip: By placing your search term in quotes you can find out how much competition there is for your particular keyword(s). Below 1,000 is regarded as a good low competition number.
  2. Another method is to join monthly keyword research services like Wordtracker and Nichebot. These differ in price, according to your specific needs. Currently Wordtracker’s full version is $59 per month. Tip: You will need to spend some time learning how to use these services before you can use them.
  3. Probably the fastest way is to use special niche finding software. These also range in price and some have a considerable learning curve before you can put them to use efficiently. My own personal favorite is James Jones’ Micro Niche Finder simply because it is fast, easy to use immediately, reliable and affordable.

Whichever way you choose to search for a niche, once you are successful you will soon realize the true advantages of niche marketing.

Watch videos of Micro Niche Finder in action and find out more about niche marketing

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Relationship marketing is a powerful tool that you must use to grow your computer consulting business. Relationship marketing is how I turned a simple website demo into $ 175,000 in service revenue over a period of a few years. When you use relationship marketing you don’t waste your money on risky display advertisements, you don’t have to cold call, you don’t have to do any door to door selling, and best of all you don’t even feel like you are selling.

Relationship marketing centers on conveying the right kind of professional image all of the time. It is crucial that in every situation you find yourself in, you remember that you are marketing your business. You are your business so what people think of you they will also think of your business.

Another important key to remember with relationship marketing is that every person you meet presents an opportunity to forge a relationship. Obviously networking opportunities are important to remember. But the area of relationship marketing that many people forget about is developing relationships within the businesses you serve.

You may have gotten a lead from one person at a company. Or you may have one key contact at a business you currently service. Those who are savvy at relationship marketing know that one contact is never enough. People change jobs and companies all the time. You don’t want to lose a potential client or service contract because your key contact is no longer around.

When you use relationship marketing correctly you will develop relationships with more than one person at any business you enter. Think of every person as a potential source of business. Make sure you expand the scope of your accounts to at least a couple of people with whom you have a solid relationship.

The Bottom Line on Relationship Marketing

Relationship marketing is a critical element in your overall marketing strategy. You must always be aware of how you are presenting yourself. You never know when or where you will meet the next person with whom your relationship flourishes into a whole lot of business. The beauty of relationship marketing is that it seems like effortless selling but it is really the most powerful and effective marketing tool you can use.

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Joshua Feinberg can help you get more steady, high-paying computer consulting clients. You can learn how too. Sign-up now for Joshua’s free audio training program on the Computer Consulting Blog.

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Mari Smith - Personal Journey To The New Relationship Marketing - Book Trailer — official video trailer for Mari Smith’s brand new book due out October 25th, 2011. “The New Relationship Marketing.” Like the video? I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below here on YouTube and/or on the website via Facebook comments at:

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MobileMonday Barcelona – Mobile Gaming and Beyond
Event on 2012-08-06 19:00:00
In our next MobileMonday Barcelona event on Monday, April 2, we will discuss the current state of the mobile gaming industry and present the new opportunties and challenges that lay ahead.

Currently, the mobile game market is highly dominated by games that have an easy gameplay, few simple rules and do not require special skills to enjoy. These games are mostly clones of successful casual games such as Minesweeper or Tetris.

However, the future of mobile gaming seems to rely on new types of gameplays that embed the new capabilities of mobile phones to sense their context. Like the newly released and successful Wiimote, mobile devices become sensitive to movements (e.g. Nokia N5500), engaging players to physically move as part of the gameplay. In addition, the emergence near-field communication (RFID, Bluetooth, QR codes) and location-aware technologies enable new types of scenarios that link virtual worlds with the players’ physical surroundings. For example, multi-player location-based games played out on city streets and built up urban environments.

The increasing contextual and proximity awareness of mobile devices provide new opportunities for players to engage in collaborative or competitive game settings. In contrast to this pretty picture, many issues such as the operators walled gardens, the size of the screens, network quality and coverage as well as the processing power of the mobile phone challenge the development and deployment of these new types of games. Finally, the Economic future: who is going to pick up the fragmentation and the distribution challenge? Where is the 8 bn mobile gaming market?

DATE: Monday, April 2 2007


Nicolas Nova (Switzerland) – researcher at EPFL (Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Lausanne)

His current research is directed towards the user experience of mobile and ubiquitous computing. He recently completed a PhD in computer sciences, which investigated the usage of location-awareness in a collaborative pervasive game (CatchBob!). He also works as a consultant for video-game companies, focusing on ‘user experience’ analysis, usability testing and foresight research. Read his blog here.

Maarten Noyons (France) – Managing Director, International Mobile Gaming Awards

Maarten Noyons has been a media entrepreneur since 1986 and works in mobile entertainment since 1998. Maarten runs the media consultancy company NCC & Partners and works for clients in the public and private sector. In 2004 he launched the International Mobile Gaming Awards, now the leading award for innovation in mobile entertainment in the world with US$ 40,000 of prizes to win and, in 2006, 400 innovative companies from 42 countries participating. Maarten will bring us an overview of the winning game companies of the International Mobile Gaming Awards and will give us his vision on the creative and economic future of mobile ‘connected’ games.

Ignacio Cavero (Spain) – President and CEO, LemonQuest

LemonQuest is a global publisher of mobile games and personalization products for network operator portals, delivering a vast ray of content in 48 countries worldwide. LemonQuest develops and publishes some of the world most innovative and exciting mobile games and entertainment applications and gives leading mobile operators everything they need — premium and niche brands, a comprehensive catalogue of content, and delivery technology to successfully provide these products to their subscribers. LemonQuest recently announced the acquisition of the Chinese company i4Game, an innovative developer of mobile games. The acquisition gives LemonQuest new territories of operations and a true 3D games portfolio ready to be sold to their mobile carrier customers.

Marta Vieira (Portugal) – Head of Entertaiment Division, YDreams

Marta has been with YDreams since 2005. She currently runs the Entertainment Division where she oversees the development and distribution of mobile games, business strategy, and marketing and product management.

YDreams Entertainment is an innovative developer and publisher of entertainment solutions & games, working with partners worldwide to develop original and licensed titles and interactive experiences for the future. A recognized world leader in location-based gaming, YDreams has brought exciting new experiences to gamers worldwide with titles ranging from location-based Massively Multiplayer On-Line Games (Undercover, Undercover 2: Merc Wars) to online cross-media (MS4 Spooks: Mobile). Their latest location-based game, Wall Street Fighter, was recently a finalist at Mobile Game Innovation Hunt at GDC2007 and is a finalist at the 2007 LBS Challenge.

Location has been described as the next killer app. The interesting question is: what can it do for your gaming experience? Find out why this is an innovative way of using your mobile, and why you can forget location’s boring connotation of navigation. Examples of LBG’s will be provided as quick cases, incorporating YDreams’ experience and, most importantly, what was learned every step of the way.

Thanks to Fabien Girardin from the Interactive Technologies Group, UPF University for his inspiration and energy on this topic.

As usual, a networking party will follow the conference where participants will enjoy a glass of cava while sharing experiences about life and work. Attendance is free; all you need to do is register and/or confirm your presence for this event at to reserve one of the 150 seats available. Book now to avoid being left out!

* 19h00 Registration and Pre-Networking
* 19h30 Mobile Gaming and Beyond speaker sessions & discussion
* 21h30 Cocktail and Networking Party
* 22h30 End

Venue: Auditorium University of Pompeu Fabra – França Building (Edifici França), Passeig de Circumval·lació, 8 – Barcelona 08003

Location and Directions here at Google Maps.

MobileMonday is a community of mobile professionals organised around local networking events in almost 40 cities around the world. This open community promotes the mobile industry and fosters cooperation and networking among industry people and their companies by providing opportunities for personal and virtual contacts.

MobileMonday Barcelona is organised by Rudy De Waele, Carles Ferreiro and Barcelona Media.

Our Partners
Our thanks to our partners Telefónica Movistar, 22@Barcelona, Alcatel-Lucent, Ajuntament de Barcelona, CIDEM (Centre d’Innovació i Desenvolupament Empresarial of the Generalitat de Catalunya) and Agora 22@ for their invaluable support.



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Owner Dentist

Owner Dentist

plus unlimited income potential from net profits, plus a solid benefits package. The corporation would



78411 Corpus Christi, USA

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Before anyone enters in the niche marketing business, there are a couple of questions that need to be asked. Let’s take a closer look at some of the most frequently questions people ask or should ask before they enter the niche marketing business.

How can I find a profitable niche?

The best way to find a profitable niche is through proper research. Go on discussion boards to see what people are looking for. Use keyword research software to see what the most popular searches are on any given subject. Keep you ears open for new trends and movements.

I think I found a niche, how do I know it is profitable?

Well, there are plenty of ways you can to tell if a niche is profitable. First of all, if the terms related to the niche seem to be searched often and that there aren’t too many people competing for them on search engines like Google, then maybe you’ve found a good niche. But it’s still possible that the niche is not heavily marketed to simply because it is not marketable. Then there are niches where you have heavy search volumes and a lot of competition. These are clearly profitable, but because of the high level of competition, you product or any niche marketing effort might fail if it’s not top notch and efficiently promoted.

And finally, there are these obscure niches with no one competing in them. But then again, it can be because there is really no market or the information can be found for free on the web. The only full proof way to see if you’ve found a good niche is through testing.

What’s the proper way to test my niche?

Well, you can go on discussion boards and ask questions about a hypothetic product you might pitch or create. Some internet marketing discussion boards will even allow you to poll people that will read your thread; so you can use them to gauge exactly how people are responding to your idea. If you were thinking about launching a product, do a pre-launch to see how people are responding. If you were thinking about promoting products through niche affiliate marketing programs, then test the waters with low cost or even free marketing solutions.

What is the best way to make money with niche marketing?

This is a difficult question. There really isn’t a “best” way to promote to a niche; it all depends on the niche and your budget and/or capabilities. For some people, a blog will be more profitable for their niche. For others, they might consider setting up a newsletter. And for some niches, you might consider launching a small report or a full on e-book or video series. There are so much ways you can use niche marketing to make money that it’s really impossible to tell which one is the best.

Niche marketing is very easy when done right. If you do your research, test your products properly and use a variety of methods to promote them, you should be halfway through conquering the niche marketing field in no time.

Sagar Mehta is the author of the highly regarded ‘Niche Website In A Day’ ebook in which he shares a step by step process using which you can setup a niche website in just 24 hours without writing any content! Download Your FREE Copy Of His Ebook At: []

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Without question we have been and continue to be in changing times when it comes to the sales and marketing process within our businesses. More and more items and services can be and are being purchased online and not through the historic process of shopping through a physical plant or location. This movement then effects how every business establishes a footprint and markets itself.

Are we becoming a highly commoditized and transactional consumer versus one who has brand loyalty and, most importantly, places value on a personal relationship during the transaction and subsequent service?

Recently, I read two separate articles that paint this picture and apply to this article. The retailing giants of Target and Best Buy, to name a few, are experiencing difficulty with showrooming. This is a relatively new term that has to do with the consumer visiting their establishment to view a product category of interest, only to then head home to search the internet, only to make a purchase online where they find the best price. Granted these two behemoths have a major web presence but the cost of providing competition with a showroom obviously did not enter into the plans as stores were added in key markets. Target appears to be taking issue with the consumer, per the media, which historically does not work out too well.

Have we entered a world where relationship marketing is no longer valued? Have we excelled into a purely transactional process? I personally think not, but I don’t have the billions on the line these two firms mentioned above have either. So let’s take a look at where relationship marketing seems to currently apply and where it does not.

Relationship marketing may be more appropriate with the following services or products:

· Where the cost of switching brands, manufacturers, vendors or services is too high, thus giving value to a tight relationship or need for a source of knowledge and expertise.

· Large ticket heavy industrial & technical equipment products that have a long life and contribute uniquely to the creation of the purchaser’s process.

· High value products or services that are rare, unique, patented, trademarked and are not comparable to another source.

· Situations where the end user is involved in the creation, design or production phase.

· In the case where the consumer prefers and places value on a service relationship.

· Any other area where value is delivered first and there are not readily available generic commodities.

· Most importantly perhaps, an understanding that people consider your visible genuine passion as an organization. Remember, as Simon Sinek so eloquently educates us, people will add value to those who promote the why before they add value to the what, of your business model.

Areas where relationship marketing may have limitations and disadvantages:

· Consumer goods and products, primarily those available in mass, where brand is perceived quality is the main factor.

· Products and services of low value to the point they may even be considered a commodity.

· Items which have had a patent or copyright expire and now face generic replacement alternatives.

· Where the end user is not involved, nor do they desire to be involved, in the manufacturing or creation process.

· Situations where the customer prefers a single transaction to a relationship.

· Scenarios where the practicable switching costs are considered relatively low.

· Markets where the cost of supplying a valued relationship does not produce the needed gain or add significantly to the customer experience because of economic or competitive conditions that are market unique.

Relationship marketing has its benefits and appropriate strengths if we agree with the summary set forth above. Without question the consumer as a whole prefers to do business with people rather than in a cold faceless transaction. But only if the consumer feels the focus is on them and that value is being added first, and not as a smoke screen to the purchase. Customer satisfaction is no longer the pinnacle, and because of the above issues is often short lived. Customer loyalty and the consumer who becomes a product or service advocate are golden. Long-term customers may freely promote and give testimonial reference and are less likely to switch to competitors. Happier customers also lead to happier employees and engaged employees who are proud of what they represent are invaluable as they too become the quiet giant of the marketing movement. The overall competitive advantage then naturally has a much better basis for a completely integrated marketing, sales, service and quality approach.

Back in 2004, Sanjay Anand described an acronym for a move towards relationship marketing as AEIOU. Granted the year 2004, in terms of a marketing timeline, seems like an eternity and could be ripe with out of date concepts. But here they are still relevant if your product or service can sustain itself by adding perceived value through relationship marketing.

Attention: Attract attention of potential customer. Differentiate your message with something that catches the prospects attention.
Excitement: Get prospect excited about your messages. The message must be exciting for a prospect to want to read, watch or listen.
Interest: Get prospect interested in your products/services. Appeal to your prospects needs and wants to get them interested in the wares.
Order: Get qualified prospects to order at least something. This could be free and/or paid.
Use: Teach or remind prospect to use the products/services. Both before as well as after the sale, provide details on how best to use your wares. This last step reduces unwanted surprises and also helps build an ongoing client relationship.

While this seems to be common sense, implementing a relationship marketing process, requires an objective analysis of where your product or service fits in the above broad categories. This reflection and number crunching process must result in a decision of payoff and not just an added expense. However, sometimes that payoff is not so easily quantified, as in the gain in employee engagement and customer loyalty.

Consider these steps in the process of relationship marketing:

· Map your process and delivery system, by setting standards for each segment, while paying particular attention to the points where a personal encounter with your customer and employee encounter each other.

· Document and identify areas where service and understanding of the customer are critical.

· Create or modify the process of measuring standards and communicating those minimum expectations throughout your organization.

· Enhance and value how the company communicates with the consumer and put yourself in their shoes. Most of us aren’t objective enough and yet have sources who we know tell you how they see it.

· Teach, train, lead and mentor employees on what good relationships are and how they add to your product or service to the point you have an engaged staff who understands their role completely.

· Monitor, reward and correct staff based upon your established service standards.

· Become active in the process beyond your desk so that the employees understand and visually appreciate the importance of this marketing philosophy.

Relationship marketing, unlike direct marketing, is about nurturing and gaining a customer. The ultimate goals, which will be different even within the departments of one organization, are noticeable when customers’ attitudes change in a positive direction. At least, that’s the idea. The problem with relationship marketing is that you can’t try too hard. The dangers of spamming, coming across false or fake, engaging in only one-way communication, or being too pushy have sunk many well intentioned relationship marketers.

And in today’s marketplace the ever more educated consumer may know that before your company does. Let us not forget that your company is ever present and accessible before your customer ever has to approach you in your facility.

Teach, train, lead and mentor in the open view of those who your company relies to do the relating and your pulse will throttle with the matching passion of your staff and love of your customer.

“Tom is a great asset to any Team. His management and customer relationship skills are superior to any manager I have worked with/for in 20 years. Tom is a “diesel engine” when it comes to doing what is right for the business and level headed when it come to tough negotiations and difficult customer satisfaction challenges. He is reliable and faithful to his client / employer and projects only a positive image that inspires those around him. Tom has a keen sense for optimizing a business model for long term growth and profitability. Tom has a great history of hiring great talent and keeping them. – Dan Koch, Sr Supplier Quality Engineer, GE Healthcare

“Tom is one of the most creative people I’ve ever seen. He is like a mountain of energy and his solutions are incredibly dynamic. His team building skills are fantastic and his dedication to his client is second to none. It is a pleasure to work with Tom.” – Michael J Brankin, Jupiter Communities LLC

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Fort Myers, FL (PRWEB) July 25, 2012

Autism on the Seas (AotS), a niche travel company catering to vacationing families with special needs, and Skyeward Bound Ranch (SBR), a non-profit charity dedicated to providing social and recreational interaction for specially challenged youth, jointly announced today that Candy Rhodes of Fort Myers penned the winning essay in the groups Florida-region I Need a Special Vacation essay contest. The 16-region, 50-state contest campaign kicked-off last April to help promote SBRs national vacation grant program in partnership with AotS.

Based on consensus from the contest judges, Ms. Rhodes essay was exceptional featuring a fun yet touching Gilligans Island theme. Ms. Rhodes essay was creative and refreshing, says contest judge, Todd Tyler, Vice President of Marketing, DynaVox Technologies. We applaud Candy and the daily work she does Caregivers DO have the toughest job. According to contest judge, Kim Stagliano, editor-in-chief, Age of Autism, the entries were all in some way special. It was extremely difficult to narrow it down to one winner, but Candys essay stood apart well done!

Florida region grand prize essay winner, Candy Rhodes, and her family, will enjoy a special needs cruise vacation with Autism on Seas. Additionally, Peace By Piece Learning Center, a Fort Myers, Florida, non-profit, dedicated to providing research-based behavior, analytic and educational services to children with autism and other developmental disabilities, will also be awarded a cruise based on Rhodes entry, identifying Peace By Piece as her autism advocacy group of choice. Candys winning essay can be read on the Autism on the Seas website.

SBR and AotS will kick off the third regional contest open to special needs families in the states of Alabama, Georgia and Mississippi on Thursday, July 26th.

Grant Program – Open for ALL Special Needs Families

The SBR Grant Program is a program designed to financially assist families wishing to vacation with Autism on the Seas Cruises and Resort Stays who meet criteria set forth by Skyeward Bound Ranch. The grants may be awarded in any amount up to the full vacation cost for a family, minus the deposit*.

A Request Form for SBR Grant applications can be found on the AotS website. Completed grant applications are screened and submitted for review to a five-person panel to determine each candidate’s eligibility by Skyeward Bound Ranch.

Qualifying applicants will be notified of their Grant status within 30 business days of the date the completed application is received by Skyeward Bound Ranch.

Check out the AotS or the SBR website for other financial assistance programs, such as the Gift Card Program, to assist families currently booked on an Autism on the Seas Cruise or Resort Stay with Staff.

About Autism on the Seas

Founded in 2006, Autism on the Seas (AotS) is the flagship division of Special Needs on Vacation, LLC. AotS is a niche travel company that organizes and staffs cruise and land resort vacations for families with special needs. Our specially trained compassionate staffers provide care, attention and fun, as appropriate, to our special needs vacationers condition, comfort-level and ability. Our staff is accustomed to working with special needs passengers with a broad range of conditions, including autism spectrum disorders, Down syndrome, cerebral palsy and other cognitive and intellectual developmental impairments.

AotS has a close-knit fan-base on Facebook and they love to hear success stories from families who have traveled with them or are planning to! Catch us on Facebook at and on Twitter @AutismontheSeas.

Skyeward Bound Ranch is a Non-Profit, Tax Exempt 501(c)3 Charitable Organization dedicated to providing social and recreational interaction of specially challenged youth. Your support contributes significantly to our efforts to continue building an educational and entertaining program of the highest quality and national distinction with established and successful youth camps around the state of Texas. You are also serving as a standard of committed civic responsibility inspiring others to support important causes as well. Website:

*All families applying for financial assistance under the Skyeward Bound Ranch Grant Program are required to place their own deposit to secure their cruise/resort stay, upon being notified by Skyeward Bound Ranch that they have been awarded a grant. Vacation deposits usually range from $ 200.00 to $ 500.00 per cabin/room based the length of the cruise or resort stay.

# # #

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Are you aware that Google is now giving 3 listings on its incredibly valuable front page? This means that you need a niche marketing strategies and niche marketing software to get your blogs ranked in the organic results and blog search.

There are still some Internet Marketers that have not yet caught on to the news that Google is currently doing a test to display the blog search results in their search engine when you conduct an organic search. This is apparently the way of the future for Google.

It is most likely that not everyone can be on the front page of Google without paying for AdWords, learning the secrets to getting listed or using the niche marketing software that helps you to be on the first page of Google in a matter of minutes by choosing the right niche market. A lot of people think that the search engine is difficult to manipulate and all it takes is common sense and the right fundamental niche.

Google loves fresh content and highly ranked sites. Putting the two together along with some other minor details is the key to being successfully listed on Google. If you can get on a few highly ranked PR websites, this will create back links that Google will pick up. If you can get fresh and originally unique articles on the article directories as well as to spend some time with article marketing, you are guaranteed being notice with a less competitive niche market.

The power of niche marketing software can get you indexed in Google in no time. RSS feeds are also another trick to Google’s front page. The niche marketing software has enabled many Internet Marketers to improve their search engine ranking using RSS feeds.

You can use RSS feeds one at a time to submit your feed page, but that is too exasperating and time consuming, when it can be done with niche marketing software or a website that allows you to ping to many different RSS feeds.

Internet Marketing is not for everyone. You have to be willing to sacrifice your time. You have to consistently open yourself to learn about the advantages of niche marketing, develop certain niche marketing strategies, and research a niche market that suits your business.

No matter what kind of business you are in, it is possible to succeed by using niche marketing strategies to get wind of what people are searching for on the search engine and how you can monetize on these searches. The answer is getting on the front page of Google. Be sure to equip yourself with the right tools including niche marketing software that helps to do the work automatically and give you the results that you are looking for.

To learn more about niche marketing software and niche marketing strategies VISIT HERE

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Administrative Operations& Facilities Manager

physicians, eighteen affiliated clinicians, and approx 300 UCSF staff employees.



San Francisco, USA

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