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Image by Eva Rinaldi Celebrity and Live Music Photographer
Christian Dior couture opens Sydney CBD store…

Australia is now home to yet another exclusive luxury brand.

Christian Dior couture chief executive Sidney Toledano is delighted to have cracked the competitive Sydney market.

Today marks the opening its first flagship boutique in Australia in Sydney. The multi-level store is designed to replicate Dior’s renowned boutique on Paris’s Avenue Montaigne.

The boutique is located in the former Louis Vuitton store on the corner of King and Castlereagh streets.

In recent months, Chanel, Canali, Louis Vuitton, Prada, Miu Miu, Salvatore Ferragamo, Gucci and Bottega Veneta have either set up for the first time in Australia, opened in more locations, or revamped existing stores.

The brand’s CEO Mr Toledano appeared unfazed by recent reports of China’s economic slowdown.

“The world has changed over the last three or four years and the centre of gravity of the global economy is moving towards Asia?.?.?.?We are developing our business in this part of the world,” he said.

In December, Dior reported that sales for the half year to October 31 were up 18 per cent at £632 million (4 million) and said margins had improved.

The luxury French label’s history in Australia goes back to 1947, when David Jones reproduced four garments designed by Christian Dior as part of its “Paris fashion for all” line.

Since 1999, Dior has opened small boutiques in DFS Galleria in The Rocks as well as David Jones in Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne.

The bottom level of the store stocks Dior’s complete range of bags and accessories while the first floor houses ready-to-wear clothing by creative director Raf Simons, as well as an array of shoes, jewellery and watches.

There is a salon on the third floor, accessible only by lift, for VIPS looking for a more exclusive shopping experience.

Men have access to a dedicated Dior Homme boutique, which has a dedicated entry off King Street. Suits, sportswear, denim, leather goods, accessories and footwear are spread across two levels.

“There is a big demand in the world for very high quality, innovative product and brands with real history. The new generation, and in this part of the world I notice even more, they want to know what the history of the company is,” Mr Toledano said.

“They go to the store and want to see it, feel it, understand it … We want every member of our staff to know all the information so the customer understands what we do. This is our global, long-term strategy.”

Advertised celebrity list included:



Christian Dior

Eva Rinaldi Photography

J0 – the master definition of ‘A Job’ and the acid test for ‘Full Employment’
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Image by Julian Partridge
* I *FEEL* fully employed therefore I *AM* fully employed

EVERYBODY *wants* to create more jobs.

But it appears to me that our system for driving our supply for jobs, to satisfy all our needs, and quite reliably, is now completely broken.

For instance:

How can the Cameron govt claim to be creating loads of lovely new jobs for us, when the economy is plunging down the tubes, yet again? [apparently]

How come the national statistics office say that the unemployment percentage is falling, when every popular poll suggests that more and more people can no longer afford their daily bread?

How come the biggest economic brains that money can buy, when all assembled there in their lofty masses to assess the latest cure for all our woes, when they look at their giant spreadsheets and say: "hmmm… Treble dip recession here we come, and look: jobs are still going up!? That’s strange!" and then just go back to their wine and canapes, and then that ridiculous photo-shoot of themselves all shaking hands in that same old display of fake unity and fake economic management confidence!?

And how come, if we’re "all doing so very well!" that only 1 out of the 7 well-educated and striving males in my little family network is fully employed?

Well, I think it’s because we’ve no idea what One Job is.

And because we’re so stuck in this conventional old thinking, and so emotionally wedded to our own version of political ideology, we just keep ploughing on, madly ignoring this humongous elephant in our collective economic room.

Despite epoch-changing advances in every other walk of life [actually, I think: because of them], we still don’t have a capable system to join up the dots properly on how we run the economy. Our ‘Jobs’ factory is still way back in the dark ages!

Well, if you want to make the right amount of ANYTHING, you first need to know how to count it.

Back in the day when unemployment was thankfully turned from a crass, upper-class wild guess [often swiftly followed by a surprise and unruly demonstration by a mass mob of near-death-starved wannabe workers arriving awkwardly outside Number 10, fresh from their long walk all the way from… Ohh.. Where?… Jarrow, say!]… Way back then, counting jobs was easy!

You take one keen, young boy fresh from compulsory school. You walk him over to his dad’s shipyard. Pay him the going daily rate for each hard day’s labour. Fine him for any slacking so you don’t break the company coffers. And you keep doing that day in day out; till he drops dead – some 50 years later if he’s lucky.

Oh, and you deduct a token payment off his wages to pay into a friendly society fund so he can claim it back when he can’t work anymore, to keep him and his in bread and lard… Oh, and another few shekels a week for his union to keep heads of his kind floating just above water. And another small fine as his contribution to aid for the King.

And that’s One Job.

No probs!

Fast fwd 80 years, and things seem a bit more complicated.

For a start, the missus is working for pay now. So we need to cover her for jobs too. So one family needs more than one job, now…. [Or does it!?…]

And your typical work hours have gone mad. It was 8 or maybe 12 working hours per day, 5 or 6 days per week. Sunday: illegal. Rest and church only.

And now?

Forget church. Europhiles say any more than 35 hrs is cruelty. Doctors work 60, 70 hours. Most vacancies I see on shop windows round mine say 7.5 hrs, 10 hrs, 20 hrs tops, and "must be totally flexible".

Self-employment – to succeed that is – needs 80 hours hard labour. 7 days per week. [often without pay; sometimes without sleep!]

And we’re told the whole country must now compete with all those sweat shops in India, China and Brazil… On equal terms!… Where workers there never go home!?

But David, your stats say that just *one hour’s work per week* is equal to ‘One Job’…. Hmm!? Surely not!

Back in the day, unemployment meant "a somewhat perplexing little bother where lots of those pesky Northern working types are lazing about instead of grinding out our lovely Empire’s stock in world trade".

Unemployment wasn’t really a matter for the non-working classes then.

Landowners were not looking for jobs; they were looking for keeping their rents and square footage yields up. And the banking and political classes were just making sure that all their accounting books double-entered nice and neatly.

So job counting was treated as a bean-counter’s side issue.

But now!? Unemployment affects just about everybody!

And then there’s that other issue about how long we want to work, and when you’d be content to pass away:

We used to go to school for 14 years, work a further 50 years [with luck], and then retire [humbly] for a final 5 years, say [and with even more luck].

But now we go to school for 21 years, work for 44 years [or zero years if you’re one of the unlucky 3 million hopeless cases (on average)], then retire [sumptuously – by comparison] for a further 15-58 years [depending on your access to premium NHS care]…

So does that mean we need more jobs, fewer jobs, or just the same number of jobs per average UK subject now???

*** What the bleedin hell is: A Job!?

And some work you do *is* a job, and some *isn’t* a job.

If I’m going to school, I’m not in a job [but I still might get paid]. But if I’m an intern trainee in work, I AM in a job [tho probably unpaid].

If I’m maxed out, caring for family, I’m not in a job. But if I pop my clogs and a professional carer has to take over, she IS in a job!

If I’m sick I don’t count for a job, because I’m ‘economically inactive’ [or "scrounging scum", depending on your particular point of view] – irrelevant to the economic master plan [apparently]… But when I dutifully come back to look for work again, I’d find that there’s no job waiting ready for me! And that now I’m forced on the dole instead… Only now [you couldn’t make this up!] – ‘brilliantly’ – I’m now ‘economically active’! A ‘thrusting returnee’ to the UK success story!

[keep taking the pills, David]

This all is because the system is designed for only historical, money-based bean counting, not as a proactive tool for forward thinking mass entrepreneurialism. Who cares how many jobs we need tomorrow!

Well I care.

And then there’s that sordid question about pay:

Apparently, if I were sampled in the next govt labour stats survey, I could well show up as a nicely 100% employed community of population size 1. [unpaid work for family business – profitable or not – counts as fully employed.]

And your tireless but well-passed-pensionable-age mother, who might still be working part-time in her church for pocket money, say?… Well, she’d be counted by the Tories [and Labour, and the Lib Dems, and George, and the Germans, and the US and the IMF – but perhaps not the Chinese and the Indians!] as contributing a shining example of One Whole, Fully-Economically-Active, Growth-Driving, Blue-Rinsed Private Sector Job?


And when your electricity bill goes through the roof, and you can’t afford to travel to work, and bread sky rockets, and meat become a luxury, and you can’t pay your rent [because your pay has been ‘restrained’; or because landowners are recouping their losses and hiking it up] and your savings in the bank have become as rewarding as so much toiletpaper….

Does it still mean you are holding the same number of jobs as you were last year?

And when a graduate leaves university with £30,000 debt, and gets a graduate job earning £16,000, on a 1 year contract. Is that the same as a 16 year old leaving school and joining Tesco’s permanently, with no debt, earning £12,000?

And if the average living wage for a singleton is £25,000, how many jobs does the country need to create to cover for that? 1 job? 2? No idea?

And if the UK average working wage is about £20k, and a council CEO of a region blighted by youth unemployed is on £120k, is he holding down just One Job?… Or 6?

And if the Olympics had truly created 10,000 new jobs over an average of the last 2 years, is it now also true that Boris’ jobs gap in London has just vaulted up by 10,000?… Or by only 400?

[10,000 living wages / 50 yrs desirable working life span * 2 yrs actual job longevity = 400 healthy family lives]

And those hoards of volunteers? Let’s not be coy here: were they good citizens forgoing their rightful [and worthy] salary for the good of the nation, as advertised?

Or were they [unwittingly] labour-dumping; ‘selfishly’ destroying the chance of a real paid job for everyone else?

[Or were we all just blindly manipulated into a complete muddle about the meaning of real work – just to keep David’s numbers looking passable?]

But if volunteering really was the answer then, then why didn’t Lord Coe volunteer as well? Why was he paid some 2 or 3 times the salary of our Prime Minister!?

[I think we can all be excused for getting really, really confused now!]

And if a banker – one who was knighted for his services to the banking world by the last losing PM, say – is then fired for cocking up our entire economy. Has he just lost One Job for his incompetence? Or does his modest pension of 340 grand a year until he finally pops his clogs at the ripe old age of 122 still count as One continuing Jobsworth in the bank [if he can find one] to keep *his* household nice in cosy mittens?

And how many jobs did his financial incompetence actually destroy for the rest of us?

Any guesses?

And if Sainsbury’s or the Co-op, say, were to retire early one full-time, senior high-salaried member of staff and were then to take on three minimum wage temporary part-time unskilled workers to take over his workload, would David then say he had just created 2 more net private sector jobs?

Or would he fess up and say that he’d actually done nothing at all!?

Or would he go further, and be even more honest and admit that the majestic UK economy had just shrunk by a little bit more?

And if your job is sharpening pencils when no one uses pencils anymore, or if you’re drilling for oil just weeks before all the oil is due to run out… Are you still ‘fully employed’?

Or do we need to create one more job for you: URGENTLY! [so you might sleep nights, confident that you’re not silently doomed to suffer a long period of systematic unemployed man abuse, viciously doled-out by the Jobcentre, ‘respectfully’ [their #1 customer service promise] mistreating you as "yet another longterm benefits-scrounging good for nothing lazy piece of workshy scum!"]

[Yes! I was given the white feather of female mistrust and scorn yesterday again. And yes: it did upset me badly.]

And if I really didn’t like my job… Or it just doesn’t fit my family’s needs? Is that one person well matched to one job!? Or not? Does David have to do anything different for me? Or am I just being fussy and selfish?

And if a million impoverished EU migrant workers were to come rushing towards our shores, to frantically Dyson-up this plague of microjoblets that David’s strategically scourging our promised land with, that said striving migrants might actually be able to feed all *their* families [because when it’s all said and done, David, we’re all humans in the same lifeboat on this], would David be right when he says he’s just created another million green-private-sector-job-shoots for ourselves?

Or has he just lit the fuse to his own political time bomb?

When the unit of measure you are using is this woolly, you can say just about anything you like without a shred of fear you’d be found out actually telling the unholiest of unholy lies.

You can bluff and plough on; but I don’t think you can claim to be competent.

And you certainly can’t claim to be in control. Not when it’s this important!

The fundamental problem is this: what do you want David [or whoever is in charge] to aim for? What do you want him to make you more of?

One minute he’s claiming: Britain is Booming; look! I’ve made GDP go up! The next he’s crowing: Britain is Booming; look! GDP is down but I kept jobs up! Then it’s wages are down but he made sure inflation hasn’t gone thu the roof; or it’s exports are up [only we can all see that our town streets are turning to ghosts!]

And if all that’s not enough! He’s even got a new ‘happiness’ survey coming for you, to show us all just how professionally well he’s really doing… I guess he’s just afraid he might be about to lose *his* job.

It’s just not worth listening anymore!

Why can’t we just have one thing to focus on? Just one measure that means the same thing to everyone.

[No need for embarrassment that that’s your only primary goal, George! – no need to big it up with all that banker-friendly economic buffoonery, mate!]

Just one thing.

One thing that, when there’s a shortage, it means that it’s time the tough got going: fast. And that, when there’s more, it simply means that all is unquestionably better, for everyone.

Well I think this is it.

It’s a redefinition of the meaning and quantity of ‘One Job’.

Any job definition needs to work easily for different players in different ways, but, crucially, it must all still add-up to a unified, coherent, successful, human whole.

In the old days, One Job for a working family meant you had the reasonable expectation of earning a full standard of living for the whole family, for one full generation.

This was the same for the employer, but he only needed to account for it as ‘one full weekly wage for a business term of 50 years’ [at which point a fulltime schoolleaver would need to be brought in to replace the fulltime retiree].

[In oldest times this was given an easy job-based money unit: the Romans had the denarius. One coin given for one day’s labour sufficient for one journeyman’s daily bread.]

And this still worked well for home carers too – typically the wife and grandmother – who would work in parallel behind the scenes to enable the whole family unit to enjoy the man’s wage. However this didn’t need any outside measurement as it was easily handled within the home, just as a matter of common sense. So the real work done in the home by them wasn’t counted as a ‘job’ at all.

[That’s where our system was not future-proofed right from the get-go: we confused ‘job’ with ‘pay’ and called everything unpaid as ‘economically inactive’ … Now ‘economically inactive’ is financially crippling! We fixed the bean-counting (temporarily) but we destroyed the value of community and enterprise…]

And, economically speaking, if your employer was employing you – in a shipyard say – then it meant that ships were being built, and that ship orders were being filled, and trade was happening, and taxes were flowing, and good ol Blightie’s books were brimming. All good.

Still easy! [ish]

This worked because the ‘Job’ was the atomic unit of the Good Enterprise, the Good Economy and the Good Life. [no pun intended]

But when money value changes wildly and when family isn’t family any more and when all family adults want to work and when caring becomes an enterprise and when job life spans shrink down to weeks or days or hours and when human life spans stretch and when school doesn’t flow into work and when retirement isn’t retirement any more and when benefits mean worklessness isn’t incomelessness and when enterprise comes and goes in the blink of an eye and when leisure becomes a profit source and when most profit doesn’t need any workers at all!!…

All that beauty of simplicity and control… It just falls into mush!

So I think the answer is to start again.

To start again from the top, at the very mother of what we all really want. And to define a Job unit which works at that level. Only when we’ve got that clear should we then proceed back down into the detailed economic systems and bean-counting.

My graphic depicts what I think should be understood as ‘One Job’ at this top level.

The essence of it is time [not money, roles, wages, locations, or headcounts].

One Job is shown here to be the time equivalent of the total available living time in one typical family unit.

A portion of this is deployed in work. This is the duty necessary to raise and transform a sufficient quantity of the family’s stock of profit into produce essential for the quantity and quality of enjoyment time they expect. [by the way, enjoyment time includes time sleeping in a warm bed].

For this work time to happen, there needs to be an enterprise to host the work activity. So there’s a space called a factory. But at this level there is no real distinction between work and home. So the house space and the factory space are joined at the hip. It’s all enterprise.

You can’t work without a house. And you can’t have a house without work. [it’s only recent modern life that’s found us specialising time and space to such a degree that we now see these things as totally separate, and get really frustrated when the numbers don’t add up nicely any more…]

Happiness is the end product: using its hard-earned produce, the family converts its own joy time into it’s own tacit stock of joy [like recalling that fond memory of last summer’s family holiday in Majorca].

So Mrs Jones is happy, and stops being mean to Mr Jones. And Mr Jones is happy [relieved] and feels good about his self-worth, and so he values his work time as a thing of dignity and honour among his peers. And little Tommy Jones sees his dad out and about and respected, and likes him buying him toys and having time to play football with him, and sees his mum canoodling him on the sofa… And so he wants to be just like his dad when *he* leaves school [school is tacit in this model – part enjoyment time, part work time].

And little Alice Jones sees her mum enjoying her shopping outings, and sees her mum canoodling her dad, and is jealous. And so Alice wants to grow up quick and get married, just like her mum did.

[by the way, cooking and cleaning is really work time in this model: just more refined production and enterprise improvement]

And so socially, One Job is the same as one wonderful, healthy little micro-community. An atom of a good society.

All seems good to me! Yes?

And look:

We don’t even need the concept of money yet!

We don’t need an economic policy. We don’t need a government growth stimulus. We don’t even need a government. [Oh no!! David is out of a job!]

It all just kind of happens!

[Actually, I think the roles of government are tacit in this model, occurring within the ongoing dialogue of the family.., and in the subtle man-woman-family values that drive their collective positive behaviour for the good of the continued survival of the whole.]

And enterprise here is just the other side of the same life coin. It is a whole thing.

There’s no Production and Services split. There’s no need for a distinction between Public Sector and Private Sector. No Third Sector, no NGOs. No Charity. No Capitalism. No Socialism. No Social Enterprise. No lefts or rights. No meaningless Small Government / Big Society mantra…

All that guff is just modern mush and muddle that only serves to mess up this true, unified meaning of Enterprise. [messing it up so completely that no one knows what they should be doing any more.]

There’s no ‘economically active’ and ‘inactive’; there isn’t even an ‘economy’ yet! There’s definitely no Free Market. There’s no market! [But I suppose there is *freedom*!]

And there’s no paid vs. unpaid jobs; no profit vs. not-for profit businesses; no volunteering, no slavery. That too is redundant thinking.

There’s just ability, time, and positive behaviour. All together in this space: a fleeting, living bubble in the infinitity of the human cosmos. Life.

And I think the sum of all this – the gestalt – is what I call Spirit: the beauty of the healthy whole; attitudes in perfect sync with hard reality. Daily life ticking like a faithful grandfather clock.

It’s the spirit of full employment!

[Faulty spirit, and cracks will quickly start to appear everywhere else.]

Further more, the side effect of this positive desire-time-joy loop is change: the enterprise is changed positively in the work process. And the family is changed positively in the enjoyment process.

Houses get erected. Factories get set-up and repaired. Resources get depleted. Workers get tired. People age. Relationships develop, start, and end. Specialised roles and particular social hierarchies develop. Technology is conceived and perfected. Community is shaped and matured.

Everything just evolves, necessarily and naturally, over time.

This evolution may be observed at any moment in time as its state of order. The enterprise order. And the community order. [complimentary views of the same thing]

And we know about this order thru the accessible information about it. By what we perceive and memorise. And by how we collectively feel and talk about our world. It’s stored in our language and in our ideas.

I’d like to emphasise the concept of Profit at this point. [There’s no concept yet of a modern business organisation and no accounting and no tax: there is no money, remember!] But there is Profit.

But I’ve rewired the whole idea of ‘profit’.

* Profit here is not what is left over after the workers have all been paid-off; it’s what the family has to start with, with which to afford it’s desirable living off.

So the produce from any uplifted profit is the worker’s profit, taken as wages. And the gain from this is the profit taken as family joy in the use of his wages. And any difference is the profit lost to the universe as waste.

And the profit only exists because it’s fed from an abundant external energy source of some kind [eg the sunlight which bears down on our little piece of heaven.]

In this model, Profit is the medium of enjoyable living. Without it: no life.

It is a critical commodity but I think it is really best seen as a ‘waste’, not as an ‘asset’.

Your stock of profit may either be in rate-limited re-supply or be finite. Either way, it must always be used economically, minimising any waste that might otherwise just go straight up the chimney.

By uplifting it, you are *wasting your desirable life opportunity span*.

[Profit here has it’s old Biblical meaning: Good. It’s what we should all seek a shared sufficiency of, through good, socially-positive manners and behaviour. Through Good Enterprise.]

By the way, ‘austerity’ in this model is a ridiculous concept: Mrs Jones refusing to buy enough food to feed the family properly [for some reason only known to herself!] so then Mr Jones finds he has less work to do so then Mrs Jones instinctively nags him even more to work harder, cos she’s [strangely] just not as happy as she was yesterday!

[Carry on, David!]

The absolutely critical thing about profit, though, is this:

* Profit must be distributed justly, for the good of every member of the family, with due regard for the merit they’ve earned and the utility they offer.

[I hope you’ve now seen my point here: that ‘profit’ has misleadingly become a just dirty accounting word for some, and the money-based be all and end all for many, many others, and it’s screwed us up badly! I say we’ve got it all arse-about-face: if there is any evil in profit, it’s not the existence of it – it’s essential in this model – no, it would be in the evil *distribution* of it, should that ever be allowed to happen.]

Another way of looking at this profit concept is to see yourself, not as ‘entitled’ to a gracious. long, and prosperous life. Nor as the jealous inheritor of daddy’s cash-cow. But to see yourself as a ‘lucky tramp’, an accidental settler; given by the grace of who knows what or whom the *opportunity* of authentically pursuing your own vision of the Good Life Dream right here and now.

I am very lucky should I find myself in this spot.

It would mean that I and my loved ones can now survive with confidence. I can now – authentically – be filled with hope. This plot on the planet; this squat of mine; this temporary territory… My *Home*. My *Job*. Is of *mortal value* to me. I mess it up at my peril. And I fight to keep it to the death.

So profit is really the life blood of *opportunity*.

And consequently, ‘territory’ or land is not intrinsically valuable at all!…

Mr Jones’ square footage on the ground is of *no value whatsoever* without his labour, and without Mrs Jones’ desires and helpful habits, and without a factory to house his work, one that fits the produce that fits the joy his missus seeks; and without the ability of it all to continue to churn out the right quantity of family pleasure, day in day out, for all time.

It’s the whole that’s of value, not any single factor on it’s own.

[If you were to sell or rent anything in this model, you could only validly price the Opportunity – the self-employment business plan, so to speak – on an all-or-nothing basis.]

So if we *were* to introduce the concept of territory and land ownership now, and then a money-value for time occupied on it: Rent. And then if we were to offer this rental business prospect as a going concern; and were to call it ‘property value’. Well then we would have completely lost the point!

The only thing *I own* is me. The only thing of value is *my life*.

[If I am wrong on this, then the house price crash of 2008 and the global collapse of Western banking, and the destruction of the Euro by greedy Spanish land speculators and construction tycoons by them brilliantly ‘investing’ in all the pleasure domes of kubla khan that they could possibly dream up – with not one person ready to go into any of them!… If all this land and property were intrinsically of value, then all this is just signs of the healthy vibrancy of modern economic success!?… Yer right, David!!]

So profit and opportunity, and a lifetime of joy and goodness to society, when properly integrated, and when rightly appreciated by us as *The Spirit of full employment*, are all really the just same thing. Morally equivalent. Economically essential.


Right! Well? All very sound-looking but still hopelessly hypothetical… Would I vote for one of these!?

[Where’s my crystal ball?…]

A simulation story:

If the sun stops shining, then the profit stock runs dry, and work time cannot be used, and wages dry-up, and joy ceases, and… The family life is not as intended. It’s meaner and shorter. Better not let the ‘sun’ stop shining then!

Or if Mr Jones gets lazy, the factory stands idle, no produce is brought home, food is not put on the table, then Alice Jones will start to cry and so Mrs Jones hits Mr Jones over the head with a rolling pin [the same rolling pin that Mr Jones had only yesterday lovingly crafted for her… And he was only able to do that because he’d invented the lathe just the week before], so Mr Jones goes urgently back to work [and Tommy Jones sees his dad’s behaviour brutally corrected, and so learns the value of holding down a job], and all returns to normal, and the family is happy once more. Wonderful!

And what if Mr Jones is a bit pants at his work, and wastes more than he should, or is rather slow? Well less product for the profit stock owned in the work time available. And so less joy. So a lower standard of living for the Joneses. Quite right!

And what if Mr Jones’ stock of profit runs dry; or a hurricane flattens the factory, or invading Vikings plunder the lot and leave him with just his life and family? Well Mr Jones better move camp and prospect for another living opportunity somewhere else, pronto! Well that’s life, isn’t it. [In fact, in this particular scenario, you might say: Mr Jones is short of One Job, and so is rapidly striving to develop a new personal enterprise to create One Job more for himself and his family. Ie: he’s ‘jobseeking’!]

And zooming back out now [from David’s viewpoint again], this post-apocalyptic job recovery ‘policy’ of Mr Jones is geared just so, so his family’s standard of living might speedily return to its normal, healthy, flourishing green-and-flowering rose bush of a 100% effective and efficient Jones National Economic Statistic of – wait for it………..

Precisely "One Job."

I vote: yes please!

[What d’you think?]


Purpose: To clarify the meaning of the economic unit ‘Job’ and the meaning of ‘Full Employment’ when used to evaluate the performance of modern government.

Impact goal in use: Every person is fully employed.


HAPPINESS: A person’s perception of the goodness of his life. Happiness is the same as employment: if you say you are happy then you are also employed; if you are fully employed, you are also fully happy. #whatishappiness

JOB: A forecast of a particular quality of life. A division of activity in a human setting. An economic unit of measure. A person’s living situation. A person’s identity. The idea of dignity one expects in return for his own expected duty. #whatisajob

J0 or J-NOUGHT or J-ZERO: A precise definition of ‘A Job’ in the J0 scheme. Measurement: A person is said to have one J0-Job when he/she states that he/she feels fully employed. Valid range: 0..1 [a person cannot have more than one J0] #j0 #whatisj0

PERSON: A living, sentient being or organisation of such. Usually human. The owner of a life opportunity. A human known by name. #whatisaperson

FAMILY: A self-formed organisation of people regarded as a unit for the purpose of communal living. A type of person for the purposes of job counting. May consist of relationship structures of any kind. Eg, single people, a number of cohabiting friends, siblings without parents, lone parents with one or more children of any age, 2 adults, 2 adult parents with one or more children of any age, multi-parent multi-child communes… #whatisafamily

FULLY-EMPLOYED: Found to agree with the J0 TEST. #whatisfullyemployed

*** A key concept point to note here: a J0 ‘Job’ is a time-based concept. It is measured by forecasting ahead. ie it is not a ‘how many people were employed yesterday’ measure. In this way, a J0-Job integrates with a business plan; with a ROI projection; and with a govt budget or BoE growth forecast.


Speaking responsibly as a family in the first person and thinking forwards from now to the foreseeable future,

I am fully employed if the following statement is true:

I feel that:

SPIRIT: my way of living shall always be true to my own values which are consistent with those of my chosen peers, and I expect to be able to remain free to maintain this integrity. Survival inspires me.


BEAUTY: I have a place in my world and I am in my place. Everything touching me seems to fit together well. My whole life just looks right. Survival looks good to me.


JUSTICE: I am afforded frequent and sufficient joys that fit my needs and merits. Any imbalances between me and my chosen peers are quickly resolved between us. I am allowed to survive.


JOY: I have a regular experience of uplifting moments of joy. I see myself having purpose and I am free to cooperate and compete fully within my chosen community. I do not feel deprived of valid dignity. My relationships seem right and secure. I value myself. I feel at home. I want to survive.


POWER: my community just works. I expect the life I want to last without compromise. I trust in my own resources to cope with any likely disturbances and new challenges. I am not anxious for exceptional good fortune. I do not feel something disastrous is about to happen. I am free to pursue whatever lifestyle I choose. I feel self-reliant. I am confident that I will survive.


Personal footnote:

My J0 score has changed wildly over the recent years. I currently do a weekly personal J0 scorecard as part of my job-winning system [along with the usual pipelined oppo stats and the govts v useful ‘positive steps’ count.] I also tally-up my paid hours, and my capacity hours, and my weekly profit to track my own rapid enterprise/full-employment development process.

Before I finally quit my aerospace job, I’d now estimate [I hadn’t discovered J0 then!] my J0 was around 4/20.

After discovering the #mission4jobs oppo and launching myself full-on into it, I was really fired up – ppl found me an inspiration! I’d estimate my J0 was about 10/20 then [I was a bit deluded, and I was rudely awakened as I was blocked from every avenue to engage with the establishment (poss something to do with being a proto-tramp living in a garishly painted car!?)]… [Another point to note: your class doesn’t affect your J0: I was living in a car and at that time I loved it! So a nation *can* get ‘poorer’ and still be happy!]

When I finally admitted failure and tried to rejoin the ‘normal’ UK working economy, I was more than rudely awaken: I was hosed with freezing water and beaten up. That and other devastating family issues caused me to almost give up. My J0 was fluctuating on an upset by upset basis in the range of 0-3/20. Don’t go there, guys!

… Things are much, much better for me now; I have hope; I’m well-housed tho precariously, I only get disrespected once every 2 weeks… Last week’s J0 tally was 4/20. I can cope with that for now.

My Work Programme goal [my own plan that is – my coach would not understand any of this; his goal is just to get his fat, Julian-off-benefits-bonus off David, no matter how he achieves it…] is to exceed 10/20 this year. But my strategy is to sail on past there, on to a full, Julian-style J0 of 20/20. By job creation thru starting-up my own paying business again; thru practising what I’m banging on about here…

As Monarch and PM combined, of the Whole Nation of Julian, I can’t see any point in aiming any lower!

Can you, David!?


Help to evolve valid thinking and drive positive action on jobs:

1. What is the statistical validity of this model?

2. Write a simulation story for these scenarios:
– gluttony
– poverty
– coping with an episode of sickness
– a stranger appears and joins the family
– two families share this one space, and cooperate so both have One Job each
– Mr Jones invents the iPad
– recovery after a devastating storm

3. The Joneses decide they want to write down a description of how to keep their Good Life model working perfectly. It will be a ‘Jones Manifesto’, a document written down for the record so that Alice and Tommy might easily get ahead of the game when they eventually graduate into independent family-hood. What should this document say?

[This next one is especially for David…]

4. How many new J0-jobs have you created today?

5. What is the current job gap for:
– yourself
– your family
– your network / gang / crowd / street / community
– your local authority
– your MP’s constituency
– the UK?

6. What should the next level definition of a job, J1, look like?

For my family.

About Julian and contacts

Rev 3.4


tribune Chávez & monarch of Spain indict each other of default . . . . . . . . . ? ? ? media coverage ? ? ?
multi level marketing companies
Image by quapan
Six subtitled captures: Cumbre Iberoamericana XVII: Santiago de Chile: Nov.10, 2007
1-2 The Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez replies to the Spanish President Zapatero : "Podra ser español, el presidente Aznar, pero es un fascista, y eso es una falta de respeto." ("Maybe he is spanish, the president Aznar, but he is a fascist, and that’s a default(er) of respect.")
3 Spanish subtitle: "Dígale a el que respete la dignidad de nuestro pueblo." – Chávez had just interrupted the lecture which Zapatero was giving him by the subtitled english words: "Tell him {Aznar} that he shall respect the dignity of our people." – Having heard this tribulation the monarch abruptly bows forward to put his arm out shaking his fist showing his index-finger pointing a(gains)t Chávez while exclaiming the brusque admonition: “¡Tú!” – ("And you ! " … as well are in default on respecting the dignity of the spanish people …—> confer: Caesar’s last words: "Et tu, Brute!" (William Shakespeare, Julius Caesar) / "??? ?? ??????"}
4 In excess of ten seconds later the monarch is flaring up again phrasing his famed exclamation: “¡¡por qué no te callas!!”. (Dubbed by the spanish TV with: "Why don’t you shut up ?" Conjectured by me: To that five-word-sentence was given an incorrect punctuation by our European Media Outlets: It is not meant interrogative, – not even rhetorically. Therefore it must not have any question marks. It sounds like a last admonition. Indeed it is an exclamatory imperative: "Shut up eventually !!")
5 With an irate face the monarch turns to arise. English subtitle: "It was at that point when King Juan Carlos rose from his seat and left the meeting."
6 English subtitle: "Even after the incident the criticism against the spanish government continued."
I have captured and collated each of the six images with their multicoloured, bilingual subtitles from a footage provided by TVCi "Televisió de Catalunya".
??? V O C A B U L A R Y ???
|_ … ???? ???_|_?????? ???????? ???’ ????????? ??????_|
|_… viendo que_|_áspero monarca como si a ningún responsable tiene poder_|
{Prometeo encadenado de Esquilo, 325|6}.
For publically declaring the monarch to be a tyrant {|_??? ??? ???????? ??? ???? ????????_| (942)} Prometheus gets imprisoned in the Hades for 30.000 years.
During the Great times of Greek Tragedy (temporarily halted in -432.) and French Revolution (temporarily halted in +1815.) some words that possess nowadays different meanings, were apparently applied absolutely synonymously. For instance: monarch and tyrant had just a stylistic difference, – but the connotations released by the twin-words were equally horrendous at those times. More specimens of this history-induced linguistic phenomenon:
monarch a sovereign head of state, especially a king, queen or emperor ORIGIN late Middle English; from Greek ???????? ‘sole ruler’, gr:????????=dictator:lt,confer: Plutarchus in Camillus v18.
monarchism: support for the principle of having monarchs. ORIGIN: mid 19th cent.: from french monarchisme
tribune: noun (also tribune of the people) an official in ancient Rome chosen by the plebeians to protect their interests. also military tribune: a Roman legionary colonel. figurative: a popular leader; a champion of the people. DERIVATES: tribunate, tribuneship. ORIGIN: Latin tribûnus, literally ‘head of tribe’. In ancient Rome there were 4 city-tribes (‘urbanae tribûs’), and 26 rural tribes (‘rusticae tribûs’). These numbers (4, 26: 4×26 = 8×13 = 104) remind of mexican arithmology: Tenochtitlan was divided into four districts. The number 13 divided the age groups (13,26,52,104).
default: failure to fulfil an obligation, especially to repay a loan or appear in a law court.
borborygmus: noun: a rumbling or gurgling noise by the movement of fluid and gas in the intestines. DERIVATES: borborygmic ORIGIN: Early 18th cent. modern Latin, from Greek borborygmós: intestinal rumbling (Hippocrates Prognostikón II); belching (Suidas Lexicographus).
frame-up informal, a conspiracy to falsely incriminate someone
??? M E D I A – C O V E R A G E ???
Chávez gives olé to Mr.King and gets «brusquement» lectured & heckled on Ibero-American Summit XVII.
?Nov 9,10,11, …?
"… el Rey será Rey, pero no me puede hacer callar"
Chavez acusa Espanya de "genocidio" a Llatinomèrica
"El Rey es tan jefe de Estado como yo, con la diferencia de que yo soy electo. He sido electo tres veces, con el 63%; son tan jefes de Estado el índio Evo Morales como el rey Juan Carlos de Borbón", ha deixat clar Chávez. El president veneçolà ha deixat clar que "la verdad la diré delante de reyes, de imperialistas, de Bush. Allá los que se molesten".

"creo que se debe revisar la participación del rey" Alejandro Navarro (PS)
SANTIAGO, noviembre 13.- Navarro desestimó que haya sido Hugo Chávez el que incomodó a la Presidenta Bachelet, como moderadora de la sesión plenaria de mandatarios en Espacio Riesco, donde una acalorada discusión con el jefe del gobierno español, José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero, terminó sacando de quicio al rey, quien le espetó al presidente venezolano un airado “¡por qué no te callas!”.
Al respecto, el senador PS estimó que “el exabrupto lo ha cometido el rey de España, es él el que ha increpado a un jefe de Estado y lo ha hecho callar. Quien conducía la reunión era la Presidenta Bachelet y lo que hace el rey Juan Carlos es pasar por encima de la Presidenta”.

"… es un verdadero fascista" EFE. 09.11.2007 – 19:33h
El mandatario venezolano citó a Aznar al denunciar el ALCA, el aérea de Libre Comercio impulsada por Estados Unidos. Le tildó de "fascista, es un verdadero fascista".
Chávez, tras calificar de "proyecto imperialista" esta iniciativa, señaló que fue en una "cumbre de esas, la primera" a la que asistió, hace casi 10 años, en que se presentaron las tesis en reuniones iberoamericanas de entonces que llamó de "canto general al neoliberalismo". Atlas 2007-11-10
El presidente venezolano, Hugo Chávez, calificó tres veces de "fascista" al ex presidente del Gobierno español, José María Aznar, en el discurso que pronunció en la Cumbre Iberoamericana en Santiago de Chile. Chávez dijo: "El entonces presidente de España, que es un fascista a toda carta," era quien "venía a vendernos aquí aquellas tesis".El presidente venezolano, Hugo Chávez, calificó tres veces de "fascista" al ex presidente del Gobierno español, José María Aznar, en el discurso que pronunció en la Cumbre Iberoamericana en Santiago de Chile. Chávez dijo: "El entonces presidente de España, que es un fascista a toda carta," era quien "venía a vendernos aquí aquellas tesis". (menos)

SRIPPS-News has a translation (2002): "A snake is more human than a fascist or a racist; a tiger is more human than a fascist or a racist."
el país – 10/11/2007 Desvelando algunas conversaciones que tuvo con él en la visita de Aznar a Venezuela en 2002, Chávez ha rematado su discurso diciendo que "una serpiente es más humana que un fascista o un racista; un tigre es más humano que un fascista o un racista".

ESCAMBRAY Digital, Periódico de la provincia de Sancti Spíritus.
Reflexiones del Comandante en Jefe
El silencio de Aznar
Le pido al señor Aznar que diga si es o no cierto que aconsejó al presidente Clinton el 13 de abril de 1999 bombardear la radio y la televisión serbias. 29 de septiembre del 2007
La respuesta de Milosevic
Hubo en realidad dos guerras, una de las cuales no ha concluido, y dos fatídicos encuentros de Aznar, uno con Clinton y otro con Bush. Dos recorridos idénticos del primero vía Ciudad México-Washington y vía Ciudad México-Texas con el mismo objetivo e igual falta de principios éticos, en los que Aznar se autoasigna el papel de coordinador bélico de los mutables presidentes de Estados Unidos. 2 de octubre del 2007

REUTERS-Madrid: Spanish king visits troops in Afghanistan Dec 31, 2007.
Spain’s King Juan Carlos paid a surprise New Year’s Eve visit to Spanish troops based in Afghanistan on Monday. The monarch, who will turn 70 on Saturday, posed with soldiers in his military uniform and was set to stay for lunch at the base in Herat in western Afghanistan, which he visited along with Defence Minister Jose Antonio Alonso, a spokeswoman for the royal household said.
The king, …. , spoke by radio from the base to troops who were elsewhere in the country: "I only want to wish you all the best for the New Year and I’m sorry I can’t greet you," said Juan Carlos, who was due to return to Spain after his meal.
The king, …. , also paid a similar visit to Spanish troops in Bosnia around the date of his 60th birthday. Spain has around 700 troops based in Afghanistan, where at least 23 have been killed.

BBC: Chavez says: Spain’s king is arrogant, impotent and imprudent
" disrespected me, and he was laid bare before the world in his arrogance and also his impotence," Mr Chavez told a news conference on Tuesday … 14 Nov 2007
BBC: Chavez refuses to be silenced By Martin Murphy BBC Americas analyst
For a president whose role model is the Latin American independence hero Simon Bolivar it was particularly ignominious that a Spanish king treated him like a schoolboy.
Not only has Mr Chavez now told the king to shut up in return, he
suggested that perhaps he knew about the 2002 coup that briefly toppled him – the same accusation he threw at Mr Aznar.
In 2006, more than 50% of the foreign investment in Venezuela came from Spanish firms.

Summit on Track to Protect Migrants’ Social Rights
The Multilateral Convention on Social Security, to be signed at the 17th Ibero-American Summit in Chile, is an important step toward improving the quality of life of poor people in this community of nations, according to its governments.
Chávez was singing a "ranchera" song as he arrived, with lyrics saying that, unlike a gold coin, he would not be liked by everyone.

Chávez “leveled devastating criticisms at Europe” Fidel Castro broke two weeks of silence to applaud his close friend Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez for having “leveled devastating criticisms at Europe” during a summit of leaders from Latin America, Spain and Portugal. In a brief essay published yesterday on the front pages of state newspapers, he also praised speeches by the leftist presidents of Nicaragua of Bolivia during the Ibero-American summit. Castro blasted conservative leaders at the meeting, singling out El Salvador’s President Tony Saca, a U.S. ally.

"If President Hugo Chavez says Aznar is a fascist, I’m with him all the way!" by Oscar Heck, Nov 13, 2007
Chavez had called Aznar a fascist, which Chavez says is true.
I don’t know much about Aznar … but I know that he did openly support the USA in its criminal invasion of Iraq … and later, the Spanish people suffered attacks on their transport system which left lots of people dead and injured … and, then Aznar had to basically step down from power.
However, having listened to Chavez speak many times, if he says that Aznar is a fascist, I’m with him all the way!
Now Chavez is saying, paraphrased, "Wait a minute. What I said about Aznar is true … and they tell me to shut up? Why? What … are we now going to stop talking against Hitler, because the German people might want us to shut up?" Chavez continues, reiterating that he has great respect for Zapatero and that he hopes this incident will not cause some kind of diplomatic or political dilemma.
Paraphrased: "There was a debate between Heads of State … and the King stepped in to tell me to shut up … but I did not hear him. We have to remind the King that we are free to speak, we are free, we are no longer under domination by Spain. Him telling me to shut up was certainly a show of frustration and desperation … because we are free."
I just looked up Aznar and found the following: "Aznar’s government posthumously granted a medal of Civil Merit to Meliton Manzanas, the head of the secret police in San Sebastian and the first high-profile member of the Franco-ist government killed by ETA in 1968. He was widely considered a torturer, and Amnesty International condemned the awarding … After the 2004 elections it was revealed that Aznar and his government secretly channeled public funds to a US legal firm to lobby for the bestowment of the Congressional Gold Medal on Aznar … Aznar also announced the sale early in 1997 of the nation’s remaining minority stake (golden shares) in the Telefonica telecommunications company and the petroleum group Repsol. These golden shares in Telefonica and Repsol YPF, as well as in Endesa, Argentaria and Tabacalera, all presided over by people close to Aznar, have since been declared illegal by the European Union. This marked the beginning of a period of privatizations after the previous PSOE government had nationalized parts of the economy."
Chavez says that, even in college and university debates, when people are debating, someone doesn’t just butt in to tell someone else to shut up … but that is what the King did.

"Zapatero is wrong trying to denigrate Chavez for speaking the truth" Commentary by Oscar Heck, Nov 13, 2007
If Aznar did back the coup against Chavez … or if he did openly back any attempt at ousting Chavez from power, Chavez should also be allowed to speak his mind against someone who so openly promoted his ousting … without the opinion of the Spanish King … and especially without the King telling Chavez to "shut up." What business is it of the King to tell someone to shut up because another (Chavez) says something that he (the King) doesn’t like to hear? Like the truth! Who is this King anyway? What gives him the right to be superior to others? Is it because he is a King? A descendant of the same kingdom that invaded Latin America, killed, plundered, raped and enslaved millions of innocent people? Does that make him superior and more important that Chavez … more important than the hundreds of millions of Latin Americans who have suffered mass abuses and exploitation at the hands of the Kings and Queens of Spain … genocide? Sorry … the King is wrong. Zapatero is wrong in trying to denigrate Chavez for speaking the truth. Chavez should not shut up because these Spaniards want him to … Chavez speaks the truth … something the Spaniards do not want the world to know. Genocide. Do we want to know the truth … or lies and disinformation? Chavez speaks the truth. Aznar did support all efforts to oust Chavez from power. The Spaniards did in fact invade Latin America (like the USA is invading Iraq) and they did in fact plunder and rape and kill and enslave millions of innocent people. These are facts that can no longer be hidden behind false history books, diplomacy or royalty. The time has come to set things straight … and only few world leaders, like Chavez, have the courage to speak up. I wonder if the King of Spain smells like cotton candy or fine wine when he sits at the toilet to do number two?

?Nov 15?
The Monarchy’s clash with Socialism by Pablo Ouziel
This scene from the Ibero-American Summit has now travelled the globe through every mainstream news media channel, however it has been used once again as an opportunity to attack Hugo Chavez for his rudeness and out of line commentary, when in fact not only is it a fairly accurate statement, but it also should be used as an opportunity by political analysts worldwide to bring out the extent to which fascist factions are still very much alive in Spain’s political reality.
Already earlier this year, Chavez called Aznar "a fascist who supported the coup (of April 2002) and who is of the same kind as Adolf Hitler, a disgusting and despicable person who you feel sorry for, a true servant of George W. Bush". This statement was made shortly after Aznar made a call "on the United States, Europe and the Latin American democracies, to close ranks and defeat Hugo Chavez’s 21st century socialism."
In order for the whole incident to be put into perspective, it is also important to understand, first, Aznar’s background as a supporter of fascism and second, the fact that the King only has his crown thanks to the father of fascism in Spain, Francisco Franco.

The winner in this controversy is NOT the King of Spain! Commentarist Kenneth T. Tellis writes:
If criticism of former Spanish Prime Minister Aznar by Hugo Chavez Frias, President of Venezuela, evoked such anger from Spanish king Juan Carlos at the Ibero-American Summit on November 9, 2007, what would have happened if the criticism had been of some other Spaniard?
One can only imagine what would have happened if someone had condemned Spain’s Inquisitor General Tomas de Torquemada, Hernan Cortez, King Ferdinand or Queen Isabella of Spain?
If the King was so foolish to let the world in on his weaknesses, then we must treat him like a court jester. If King Juan Carlos apologizes, then he may make up for his indiscretion at the XVII Ibero-American Summit in Santiago, Chile.
On the other hand if the King did this to ingratiate him to US president George W. Bush, by attempting to publicly humiliate President Hugo Chavez Frias of Venezuela, then no attempt of coaxing him will make a bit of difference now.
We must fully understand the power behind these attempts to humiliate President Hugo Chavez Frias, is not in Spain but in North America.
The King of Spain has made himself a patsy in carrying out this assignment, to make himself popular with the US and its allies, but given the North American press something to gloat about, which is not worth a damn.
Yes! It may be something that the US press wanted to make a big story out of, but it has now fizzled and there is egg spattered all over their own faces.
The winner in this controversy is NOT the King of Spain … or the US-controlled world press.

Hugo Chavez lets off steam by Jose de la Isla, author of "The Rise of Hispanic Political Power," Writer of a weekly commentary for Hispanic Link News Service.
In 2003, Chavez had deemed Aznar imperious for saying Chavez ought to not duplicate Cuba’s experience in Venezuela.
Then in May 2005, Aznar, who was out of office and visiting Brazil, criticized Venezuela’s relationship with Cuba. Chavez compared Aznar to Hitler and called him a fascist and an "imbecile."
Two years ago, because of the Venezuelan’s close association with Castro, Aznar called Chavez a threat to democracy in Latin America. He also attributed Chavez’s brashness to domestic failures softened by -a-barrel oil revenues padding Venezuela’s coffers.
In October 2006, Aznar again called Chavez-brand populism and radicalism a threat to Latin America. In April of this year, Chavez remarked that it’s better to have nothing to do with people like Aznar, telling a group of students that Aznar had supported the attempted coup against him in 2002 and supported the U.S. invasion of Iraq.
Throughout the 1990s and to the present, Spanish corporations have been the leading European investors in Latin America. So much so their commercial interests are sometimes referred to as the re-conquest.
While he was at it, Chavez included Mexico’s Vicente Fox and Peru’s Alejandro Toledo as "lackeys and puppy dogs of the empire."
While Chavez was making his final remarks at the closing ceremony at the National Stadium in Santiago, Lage handed him his cell phone. Castro was calling.
Castro, Chavez told the audience, was remembering the Chilean combat volunteers who died fighting Nicaraguan dictator Anastasio Somoza. Chavez called on the crowd to send out a cheer to Castro. "Fidel, Fidel! What is it he has the imperialists can’t handle."
Maybe it was their last hoorah.
But the multitudes — the nerve endings of economic statistics and commercial strategies, the consumers and workers talked about at forums — they are the ones just now finding a voice and who won’t shut up.

Can Venezuela’s elite and the CIA contain their fury over Chavez, asks ALEXANDER COCKBURN
Castro saw the Spanish king’s intervention as an instant when the ‘hearts of all Latin America quivered’.
Chavez is trying to level the playing field in Venezuela, long dominated by a small, corrupt elite. So long as the Central Bank enjoyed independence, Venezuela’s sovereignty was leased out to the international money markets.
Now ex-Minister of Defence Raul Baduel has launched a violent attack on the referendum, on Chavez and the Congress. Back in 2002, Baduel, an army general, refused the invitation to launch a Pinochet-type bloodbath. But he is a right-winger and at a press conference on November 5 he appeared to favour a military coup.
The Venezuelan elites and the US government see the next few weeks as the last opportunity they may have to reverse the tide. We may see a ‘strategy of tension’ script unwind, as it has done in the past with coups in which the CIA has had a role: bombs in public places, assassinations, dramatic marches. On the other hand, Chavez is popular, canny and a survivor. The stakes are very high.

Chavez seeks apology from Spanish king Copyright EL PAÍS, SL. 2007
"The king blew his top and the least he should do is to offer an apology and tell the world the truth," Chavez said Wednesday in an interview with a radio station in the southwestern city of Barquisimeto.
Exasperated by Chavez’s attacks on a former Spanish premier during Saturday’s final session of the meeting, King Juan Carlos at one point told Chavez to "shut up," though the latter said he did not hear the king shout.
The Venezuelan president accused the international press for "motivated" reporting on the incident and denounced "the existence of a campaign on the world level … to make it appear that I was the aggressor, when I didn’t say anything to him (the king)."

Chávez to take "hard look" at ties with Spain
Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez announced Wednesday that he plans to "take a hard look at" relations with Spain and will also watch more closely the activities of Spanish businesses in his country.
"They’re going to be called to account and I’m going to watch them to find out what they’re doing here," Chávez warned.

Spain hopes spat with Venezuela will blow over Reuters Thursday Nov 15 2007, By Jason Webb.
"I think we have already made our point with great force, thanks to the head of state, which is what irritated the president of Venezuela," Moratinos said.
"Unless something else happens which forces us to revise our position, our attitude at the moment is to keep diplomatic channels open," he said.
The incident comes as Chavez campaigns for a referendum on Dec. 2, which he hopes will expand his powers and end presidential term limits.
Under Zapatero, a socialist, ties between Madrid and Caracas have been friendly. In 2006, Washington forced Madrid to call off a multi-million sale of military aircraft to Venezuela after banning a Spanish aerospace firm from using U.S. components.

US Ambassador hails Spain attitude before Chávez
US Ambassador to Spain Eduardo Aguirre Thursday hailed Spanish King Juan Carlos I’s and the head of the Spanish government José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero’s attitude during a verbal clash with Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez in the Ibero-American Summit in Chile, DPA reported.
The diplomat -whose country is a usual target of Chávez’s criticisms- said "Spain has covered itself with glory in this issue," given its firm reply to the Venezuelan ruler’s attacks.
"Spain has a de luxe king and a president who, in this case, was speaking up for Spanish institutions, including José María Aznar, who is also magnificent former president and had the courtesy of thanking Rodríguez Zapatero for his comments," said Aguirre following a meeting the Spanish Minister of Foreign Affairs Miguel Ángel Moratinos held Thursday with some 60 diplomats in Madrid.

Negotiating over Betancourt
Ingrid Betancourt, the Colombian-French citizen and former Colombian presidential candidate held hostage by the Colombian rebel group FARC for more than five years, will dominate a meeting between Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez and French President Nicolas Sarkozy on Tuesday.
The irrepressible Chavez, who wants play a major international role at a moment when his country is facing tensions due to constitutional reform, meets with Sarkozy as part of a "rapid but productive" tour, including the OPEC heads of state summit in Saudi Arabia at the weekend, Iran and Portugal.
On November 8, it was reported that Chavez had held the first of what may be a series of meetings with representatives of the FARC, after offering to mediate in order to gain the release of hostages. The FARC delegation involved in the talks may also meet a representative of Sarkozy. Chavez has said that, before arriving in Paris next week, he hopes to have evidence that Betancourt is alive — something that has been promised by FARC ‘foreign minister’ Rodrigo Granda.

?Nov 16?
Reuters | Friday, 16 November 2007
‘Hurricane Hugo’ Chavez won’t shut up on tour Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez will not keep quiet on a tour this week of the Middle East and Europe despite being deep into a diplomatic dispute with Spain after his diatribes against the ex-colonial power. "Nobody can expect us not to say who we are, not to say what we feel and not to say what we want," Chavez said. Chavez’s hero is Simon Bolivar, the Venezuelan who ejected Spain from South America in the 19th century. A socialist who calls Cuban leader Fidel Castro his mentor, Chavez sees himself as a modern-day liberator ridding the region and beyond of "imperialism" and capitalism. Political analysts say his bark is worse than his bite.
"Mixing bilateral political issues with the local operations of private companies. . . establishes a very negative precedent," Alberto Ramos of Goldman Sachs said. "This contributes to deteriorate even further the already-challenging business environment," he added.

?Nov 19?
‘Shut up’ ringtone a hit in Spain Associate Press
About half a million people have downloaded a cellphone ringtone featuring the phrase "Por que no te callas?" or "Why don’t you shut up?" leading Madrid daily El Pais reported on its Web site Monday.
T-shirts and mugs featuring the words are also becoming a profitable business, and videos of the confrontation have been a hit on YouTube.
Chavez’s opponents in Venezuela are no less obsessed. Pirated copies of the quote have been popping up in the South American country. In Venezuela, T-shirts with the slogan in Spanish have the "NO" in uppercase — a call for voting against constitutional reforms that would significantly expand Chavez’s power. The Venezuelan leader says the changes would empower neighborhood-based assemblies and advance the country’s transition to socialism.
"The king said what Venezuelans have wanted to say to Chavez’s face for a long time," said Jenny Romero, 21, a student sporting one of the T-shirts in Caracas. "I’m wearing this T-shirt to protest everything bad that has happened in the country."

Kenya: There And About – Chavez’s Insults Know No Bounds The Nation (Nairobi), Chege Mbitiru Nairobi, Posted to the web 19 November 2007
Mr Chavez’s insults of leaders are legendary. Some examples: In Mr Chavez’s language, Mr Bush mutates – the Devil, terrorist, unholy, drunk, Hitler, ignoramus, coward, liar, immoral, Mr Danger, a donkey – ironically a very useful animal – et cetera.
Really, other words to describe Mr Bush and his policies accurately, convincingly and persuasively, exist. Similarly, Mexican President Vicente Fox deserves a more apt description than a US "puppy." Calling US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, a "little girl," even contemptuously, is silly; so is labelling the Organisation of American States Secretary General Jose Miguel Insulza "a true idiot."
Mr Chavez reserves best attributes to himself and friends. He has compared himself with Christ, referring to the latter’s speech in the Book of Luke. If he stops talking, he has said, "All stones in South America would cry." He considers himself a latter day Simon Bolivar, a liberator of South Americans and beyond. He bestowed the honour to his friend, Zimbabwe President Robert Mugabe, presumably for Africa. Luckily, Mr Mugabe’s language benefits from occasional linguistic laundry.
The Venezuelan has some good ideas. He validly stands up to the United States and wealthy nations. At the summit, he hated its theme. He also suggested South American nations stop investing heavily in US Treasury bonds and put that cash in a proposed Bank of the South.
Mid-week, he said he planned to ask members of the Organization of Oil Exporting Countries, OPEC, to sell oil at reduced prices to poverty-stricken countries, which would help.

?Nov 20?
Latin America Does Not Shut Up Madrid, Nov 20 (Prensa Latina)
About 2,500 intellectuals from Latin America and Europe added their support to the campaign Latin America Does Not Shut Up, in defense of the sovereignty of the region, a support that grows at a constant rhythm.
Among new adhesion of intellectuals are the Brazilian poet, Thiago de Mello, the writer and journalist, Stella Calloni, the singer, Piero and lawyer, Beinusz Szmukler from Argentina as well as the Paraguayan Martin Almada and Spanish academic Carlos Fernandez Liria.
Released on November 15, the text criticizes the position of King Juan Carlos of Spain against Venezuelan president, Hugo Chavez during the recent Ibero American Summit in Santiago de Chile.
What happened there, the text points out, is proof that times have changed in Latin America. The Indians, the oppressed and forgotten have definitively entered the political scenario of Ibero America and neither monarchs or neo liberals cloaked as left wingers will shut them up.
The organizers of the campaign noted how the Summit intended to claim that poverty, exclusion and marginalization of the majority in Latin America are not the responsibility of the old colonial metropolises, nor of the continuity of that domination through European and US transnationals.
Personalities such as the Brazilians Fernando Morais and Emir Sadir, the Chilean Manuel Cabieses, the Venezuelan Andres Bizarra, Colombians Hernando Calvo Ospina and Fernando Rendon, the Ecuadorian Pablo Guayasamin and Puerto Rican Danny Rivera came out in support of the document.
The document critiques representatives of petty interests of bankers and stock holders and not the honor of the Spaniards.
It deplores that the leader of a party called "socialist and worker" and a non-elected monarch shared "in the defense of the war criminal, Jose Maria Aznar."

?Nov 22?
FACTBOX:Venezuela Chavez’s loose lips spark diplomatic spats
* In 2005, Venezuela and Mexico withdrew their ambassadors after Chavez called Mexico’s then president, Vicente Fox, a "lap dog of the empire," in reference to the conservative president’s close ties to the Bush administration. The two countries only sent ambassadors back to each other’s capitals earlier this year.
* Colombia’s government on Wednesday ended Chavez’s role as a mediator with leftist rebels aimed at freeing hostages after Colombian President Alvaro Uribe complained the Venezuelan overstepped his mandate. Colombia said Chavez had talked by telephone with a military chief about the hostages despite an agreement with Uribe not to do so. The Uribe government also said Chavez had publicly disclosed information he had learned in private conversations.

Comment by niko1605, Nov 22, 2007 2:56 PM
Colombia’s president Uribe accusations against Chavez are probably under George Bush’s request to undercut Chavez’s political influence in Latin America. Uribe is Bush’s close ally, and Colombia gets about 10 billion a year from the U.S., so Uribe is in a bind to oblige.
Chavez’s calling the former Spanish prime minister Jose Maria Aznar, a "fascist" was justified. He used the Spanish navy to stop and inspect a foreign ship in the Arabian Sea on behalf of the U.S., and the Spanish ambassador in Venezuela was with the military officers who overthrew Chavez. And the commander of the Armored Division who refused to join the coup, send helicopters with commandos to free Chavez and restore him to power, told CBS "60 minutes" that he was offered a huge bribe to join the plotters – but he refused. There should be no doubt that the bribe was U.S. money, and the Spanish ambassador and the Spanish banks in Venezuela were probably the disbursing agents.
The current Spanish prime minister’s, Louis Zapatero, argument that Jose Maria Aznar was an elected leader and deserved "respect" [not a "fascist" slur], was hypocritical. Mr. Chavez was elected by 63% of Venezuelans, and he deserved "respect" to serve his people. Hitler and Mussolini were proud fascists, and all they did was overthrowing governments and establishing puppet regimes.
As for King Juan Carlos, he was a hapless aristocratic youth until the Spanish fascist dictator, Francisco Franco, decided at his death-bed to make him a King of Spain and thus assure that Spain stays with a right wing government – no chance for Socialism, and no more "international brigades" supporting socialist causes around the globe.
There is no precedent in history in which any king told another head of state publicly to "shut up." It was certainly a bonanza for the comedians, and it will probably hurt more Juan Carlos than Chavez… – Nikos Retsos

?Nov 23?
France urges Colombia to reconsider on Chávez Hilversum, Friday 23 Nov 2007 11:34 UTC
Paris – France has urged Colombia to reconsider its decision to end Venezuelan president Hugo Chávez’s efforts to negotiate with the FARC rebel movement. French president Nicolas Sarkozy said he believes President Chávez is the best man to secure the release of hostages being held by FARC. They include French-Colombian politician Ingrid Bétancourt, who was kidnapped over five years ago.
Colombia’s President Alvaro Uribe withdrew his support for the Venezuelan president after he contacted a Colombian general in spite of agreements not to. President Chávez also revealed details about the progress of negotiations with the FARC, which focused on the exchange of rebel prisoners for FARC hostages.
The family of Ingrid Bétancourt is upset by the news. They say President Chávez had made a lot of progress. The Venezuelan president says he accepts Colombia’s decision and has called on FARC to show that the hostages are still alive.

16May @22h: 226,786
17May @20h: 227,177
24Jan@16h: 394,078
25Jan@13h: 394,426
28Jan@16h: 396,854
3June@23h: 523,665

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Nice Strategic Marketing photos

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Orta (Novara) – Panoramica di piazza Motta
strategic marketing
Image by giovanni_novara
La piazza affacciata alla sponda del lago, ai piedi del declivio su cui si sorge l’abitato di Orta, rappresentò per secoli il centro politico e amministrativo della Comunità della Riviera di S. Giulio.
Oggi dedicata a Mario Motta, partigiano del Cusio, costituisce il “salotto” turistico e il cuore della vita cittadina.
Fin dal 1228, al mercoledì, qui si svolge il mercato e in epoca moderna si organizzano concerti e manifestazioni culturali. E’ il punto strategico e il palcoscenico da cui ammirare il piccolo specchio d’acqua del lago d’Orta e per raggiungere l’isola di San Giulio, ricca di testimonianze medioevali.
La piazza è delimitata da edifici di varie epoche, soprattutto barocche, che sfoggiano eleganti logge e balconcini, spesso dal disegno elaborato.
Foto panoramica di circa 180° realizzata con l’unione di 8 immagini

Orta (Novara) – Overview of Piazza Motta
The square overlooking the lake shore, at the foot of the slope on which stands the village of Orta, was for centuries the political and administrative center of the Riviera of the Community of St. Giulio.
Today dedicated to Mario Motta, a freedom partisan of Cusio, is the "living room" and the tourist heart of the city life.
Since 1228 the market is always held here on wednesday and in the modern era it is the location of concerts and cultural events. The square is the strategic and stages point to admire the water of Orta lake and to reach the island of San Giulio, rich in medieval buildings.
The square is surrounded by houses of various ages, but especially baroque, which features elegant loggias and balconies, often by elaborate design.
Around 180° panoramic photo made with the combination of 8 images

Use without permission is illegal.
Please don’t use this image on websites, blogs or other media without my explicit permission.

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Christmas Mini Market

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Christmas Mini Market
event marketing
Image by charming meiler
open! christmas mini markeT!
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we want to make more perfect!
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Detail of Among the Sierra Nevada
event marketing
Image by ellenm1
by Albert Bierstadt

Bierstadt’s beautifully crafted paintings played to a market eager, in the 1860s for spectacular views of the nation’s frontiers. Bierstadt was an immigrant and a hardworking entrepreneur who had grown rich pairing his artistic skill with a talent for self-promotion. The unveiling of one of his canvases was a theatrical event. He sold tickets and planted news stories, strategies that one critic described as the "vast machinery of advertisement and puffery." A "great picture" was elaborately framed and installed in a room with carefully controlled lighting. At the appointed time, the work was revealed to thunderous applause.

Bierstadt painted "Among the Sierra Nevada, California" in his Rome studio, then showed the canvas in Berlin and London before shipping it to the United States. Works such as this fueled the image of America as a promised land just when Europeans were immigrating to this country in great numbers. When the painting was shown in Boston, one critic recognized that the landscape was a fiction invented from Bierstadt’s sketches of the West. Nevertheless the writer felt that it represented "what our scenery ought to be, if it is not so in reality."

Chichicastenango Market, Guatemala
event marketing
Image by szeke
From our trip to Guatemala in 2005: The market in Chichicastenango, Guatemala is quite an event. Lots of crafts, lots of people, lots of tourists, and you’ll get pushed around if you obstruct the flow.

ISO 100, 28mm, f9, 1/200. Tonemapped in Photomatix details enhancer. Imagenomic noise reduciton. Nik Pro Contrast, Nik Tonal Contrast, Freaky Details and ending with slight Nik Glamour Glow and Nik Darken/Lighten Center.

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Ma Market Planning 06

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Ma Market Planning 06
marketing plan
Image by nancydowd

Ma Market Planning 06
marketing plan
Image by nancydowd

Ma Market Planning 06
marketing plan
Image by nancydowd

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Anything you do when it comes to business involves getting information to others that you want to elicit to come to your place of business. This information is called marketing and it is one of the most important things that you will do for your success. These marketing objectives can occur in many different ways and planning needs to be performed in a strategic way in order for you to reach your goals.

Determining the best course of action with your marketing objectives will be the key to your success. This will give you your plan of what you intend to do and how you intend to spend your marketing budget. It can be a difficult road if your budget is small, but it does not mean it cannot be done with careful strategic planning and a great marketing concept.

After this decision has been made the plan can turn into action. Your road map will be laid out for plan of attack. This helps you foresee issues that you might not have thought of in your simple plan. It also helps if you have more than one person on a team that is working towards your marketing objectives. When the plan is laid out you can oversee the entire process and then assign certain tasks to the other members of the team when they know where the ship is headed and what the end result is supposed to look like.

What: What is your product? What makes it great? What makes it unique? These are the questions you need to ask. Ask yourself why anyone would want to buy it. If you come up with these answers, then you know how to let others know this fact as well and it can be the starting point of your marketing objectives.

Who: The next question is who will be buying your product. If you are going to sell a children’s toy, for example, then you may not want to target the elderly. If the children’s toy is something a child wants but only a parent can afford, then you will be targeting the parent’s need to buy it for them. Look at the campaigns in the past that have been successful and why they were to see this model done well.

Where: You will then need to determine where you are going to sell your product. Is it exclusive to the internet or are others going to want to carry it in their stores. Is it a real product or a digital download? These are plans that need to be strategically thought out for your success.

Once you have determined all of these factors then you can brand your item to cover these three facts easily and effectively. You will need to determine your budget for branding and marketing and know if you can accomplish your tasks within your budget. There are ways you can adjust your marketing objectives when it comes to your budget based on what you want to do.

Marketing objectives are important and well calculated in the game of branding. When you see a yellow letter m, for example, you know what fast food chain is there. This is an excellent example of branding. It will be in the mind of the consumer without even stating the name. Map out your efforts and ideas and brainstorm. Then you can begin your marketing plan and end in success when you have a course of action.

Internet marketing is the number one choice for many individuals starting a home-based business. An online business offers you the best opportunity to reach customers and sell products to a global market.

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