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Guerilla marketing is a term tossed around enthusiastically today. It gets a strong reaction. As the name implies, it is powerful. You won’t find the definition in any old dictionary. You must go to business manuals to get the correct meaning. It means an unconventional promotion program reliant on time, energy and creativity to grow. This is very different than purchased ‘old hat’ advertising.

Often this approach is quite personal and interactive. The targets are “hit” in unexpected locations. The idea is to become the talk of the town (or, with the internet, the globe). The goal is to turn the volume up as fast as possible. The term was coined in Guerilla Marketing, by Jay Conrad Levinson. Some would say he is the man who redefined the art of promotion.

Levinson advises giving away free products , free ‘tastings’ of beneficial services and anything that will get positive attention. Levinson’s ideas are applied by many of the top online coaches today. For example, relational marketing is Levinson-derived. The focus is creating unique content and building a personal connection with the targeted consumer. This means conversing or chatting if engaged on the web.

This type of approach is very user friendly. Anyone can do it. In fact, large corporations are only recently taking note of how powerful it is and joining the game a bit late considering how their advertising programs are nothing new. The playing field is becoming level–the newcomer can now compete with big business.

A start up business has the opportunity to develop a more personal connection with their audience, more readily and possibly with greater sincerity than the corporate big wigs. This can translate into a real competitive advantage.

Delivering quality services or goods is the glue that will make the relationship “stick” or sustain. Poor follow through or subpar products will break the connection. That would be a shame given the efforts extended to build that connection in the first place.

As Levinson puts it: “In order to sell a product or service, a company must establish a relationship with the customer. It must build trust and support. It must understand the customer’s needs…and (sic) deliver the promised benefits.” While performance statistics must be studied by every enterprise, this approach emphasizes human sociability . Therefore, the most important statistic to measure is profitability, the measurable response to the human connections built.

Targeting or ‘niching’ your receptive audience is one of Levinson’s most stressed point. It is difficult to build lasting connections when your net is cast too far and too wide. Understand that your best referral sources are those with whom you are already connected. Make sure that your contact is interested in learning about what you offer before your proceed. Otherwise you will be wasting your time and possibly breaking an otherwise good connection that just may not have yet been “ripe” for your promotion. It is too easy to be clicked away. Keep motivation and interest high.

‘Viral marketing’ refers to the application of these basic premises on the web. These skills are part of the e-business owner’s daily routine. It can be free! For the creative e-business owner, guerilla marketing can be constantly reinvented and re-applied. That is half the fun.

Human ingenuity makes this can help you stay on board and surf the internet wave all the way to the shore!



Learn more about guerilla marketing. Stop by Lauren Botney’s site where you can find out all about how to go viral and how to be a internet wave surfing star!

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Marketing’s #1 Rule

You can choose to read about all the marketing tactics you’d like, but the first step in a healthy business is the planning part of marketing. It’s so easy to get caught up in the “marketing event of the week”. But this isn’t how effective marketing is carried out.

I used to work for an advertising company (imagine that!) who reacted to the latest marketing technique. One such technique at the time was email marketing. The results were spotty at best not necessary because of the technique but because of the this-is-going-to-get-us-all-the-business-we-want mentality.

You need a planned approach which involves goals, logical steps, a budget, and partners. Anything outside of this project management approach will be knee-jerk and over time, unsuccessful. The most effective companies manage each area of the business, and that includes marketing. For some reason, many owners feel as though marketing runs on itself. Perhaps this was true in days past where one could put a sign outside the office, take out a yellow page ad, and business would walk through the door.

But in today’s world the competitive landscape is fierce. You must be good in all areas…quality, customer service, operations, accounting, management, and of course (and perhaps the most important area of all), marketing.

I would suggest the first step is to take out your business plan and develop a marketing plan that complements the vision (if you don’t have either I would suggest that you start writing). Determine how you’re doing first. This includes the business in addition to where you are in the industry as compared to others. This would involve some industry research. Then there are marketing planning steps that are essential.

First is to narrow and define the market you want to go for…in essence your target market. Starting with your ideal customer can help you to determine that. You must understand in order to be successful that you have to narrow your view down to those who value what you offer most. It’s so easy to play into the helping-anybody syndrome, and it will pull your business down quickly. You’ve got to say ‘no’ and be disciplined about this. Next is to determine a core message that will appeal to that target market and to package your business in that way. You want everything boiled down to a simple and targeted message.

Finally, you need to determine the appropriate marketing tactics for you business (e.g. direct mail, seminars, signage, etc.). Once you have defined these, you’ll need to set a budget and get help (ie. graphic designers, fulfillment house partner, etc.)

As you can see, an effective approach is a planned one…one that involves commitment and focus.

Scott Campbell owns Impact Marketing, Inc out of Atlanta, GA. He installs a marketing system, called the “Ultimate Marketing System”, into small businesses and practices in the Atlanta, GA area.

Learn more about Impact Marketing and its solutions here at

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Earn Cash Daily By Selling Affiliate Products

If you are new to internet marketing or even if you know your way around a website, you may have considered selling affiliate products. Affiliate programs are a popular method of earning an online income. Some individuals make a living doing nothing other than selling affiliate products from their websites.

Lets begin with a definition of affiliate marketing. Not the textbook definition but an actual definition that breaks down the difference between affiliates and publishers. Publishers create products and affiliates sell them. Its that simple.

Affiliate marketing is such a great way to earn a living online. Why? The reason is simple. With the help of affiliate marketing, you don’t need to start your own business or develop your own products. Doing so requires a good deal of capital and a firm understanding of business practices. With affiliate marketing, you can simply focus on selling a product that already exists.

How does affiliate marketing work? To sell and affiliate product, all you need is a place to put an affiliate link. Once a link is in placed, users click on the link and move to the vendors website. If a purchase is made, you earn a commission for the sale.

When starting out in affiliate marketing, I recommend that you look for affiliate products available on Clickbank. This site brings together publishers and potential affiliates in an online marketplace that allows you to easily search for affiliate offers. Sites like Clickbank make the process of finding the right products incredibly simple.

There are a variety of methods for choosing products that may sell effectively on your website or blog. One of the best methods is to think about what your website audience needs. Are they searching for products or services? Do they have a particular problem that a product can solve? Research affiliate products on Clickbank and find the right offer. Place your affiliate link and start promoting.

What if you don’t own a website? At this point, you have a couple of different options. The first is to launch a site or blog. There are a number of resources available to help you do this. One suggestion is to visit template monster or WordPress and build your own online web page. You can then begin to promote this page and include affiliate offers.

The other option you have is to begin publishing articles on a topic that you already know a lot about. I have seen a number of affiliate marketers earn a significant income by writing articles and reviews about products in their niche and then submitting those articles to article directories.

Review your online assets and determine if you have a good starting resource. This could be a website, blog, or jump page. It could also be your profile on social media sites or articles you’ve written. All you need to do to begin is choose a product that meets a need for your market and post a link. You will earn commissions as soon as individuals click through your link and buy the product you’re promoting.

Michael Fleischner is the author of SEO Made Simple: Strategies For Dominating the World’s Largest Search Engine and provides FREE SEO Lessons at his website. For a sample affiliate program, go now to Clickbank Bonus Domination and download today’s top selling affiliate product.

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Marketing segmentation is a vital part of any marketing campaign as it helps you to gain a greater understanding of your customers needs. This is conducted by internet marketing agencies as part of an overall strategy in which the aim is to maximise leads and of course, sales.

What is market segmentation?

This is a process in which customers are divided or ‘segmented’ into separate groups based on shared likes, dislikes and needs. Your business can then target its products or services to each particular group of customers in order to maximise sales.

It is important to learn as much as you can about your customers in order to achieve the best match between their needs and your products or services. Use the 4 P’s – price, product, place and promotion to help with this match.

Purpose of marketing segmentation

The aim is to avoid a ‘scattergun approach’ to marketing by targeting your messages at specific groups of customers. This means different messages for different groups. This can then be used across all your marketing material, campaigns and website.

Customers like to receive information that is relevant to them and their needs which is the reason for carrying out market segmentation. But it is also helps you to determine whether they are high, medium or low value customers.

High value customers buy expensive items on a regular basis whereas low value customers make the odd purchase now and again. Medium value customers are in between these two.

Understand how customers make a purchase

Customers will use a variety of criteria before choosing which company to buy from. They will base their decisions on benefits, price, convenience and lifestyle. In other words, do your products or services give value for money?

Don’t assume that customers base their decisions on price only. Yes, price is important but the cheapest option is not always the best. Quality of products (or services), reliability, reputation, trust and customer service are equally as important.

If a customer is presented with two similar products or services then they will choose the one which fits in with their values and needs. And this isn’t necessarily the cheapest.

Criteria for segmentation

How are customers placed into different groups? This is done using a set of criteria which are based on personal characteristics:

– Age

– Gender

– Occupation

– Location

– Interests/hobbies

– Income

Also consider size of household, spending habits and online behaviour.

Adaptive Consultancy is a London-based digital agency company specialising in website design, eCommerce, and internet marketing, including SEO, PPC and SMO. For more on internet consultancy visit

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How to Advertise on Facebook Effectively: Understanding Facebook Advertising Objectives & Campaign Optimization Techniques

How to Advertise on Facebook Effectively: Understanding Facebook Advertising Objectives & Campaign Optimization Techniques

In this guide, I’ll help you master all necessary knowledge and skills to be able to advertise effectively on Facebook.

•Identifying 5 common mistakes Facebook advertisers make
•Key concepts of Facebook advertising
•Facebook ads targeting do’s and don’ts
•Facebook ads design do’s and don’ts
•Facebook ads Copywriting do’s and don’ts and many more


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Cool Marketing Consultants images

Check out these marketing consultants images:

Air Force Memorial Statues, Overlooking Washington Monument [EXPLORE]
marketing consultants
Image by WilliamMarlow
Will Marlow is a digital advertising and marketing consultant who holds multiple certifications from Google, Inc.

Visit Will Marlow, LLC’s website or follow him on Twitter here

Or email him.

This is the view from the Air Force Memorial near the Pentagon. There are four soldiers in a row, and the one closest to the camera is a female soldier, but you can only tell that by the bun in her.

If you want to see it in person, the address of the Air Force Memorial is: 1 Air Force Memorial Drive
Arlington, VA 22204.

Explore Position: 316.

I took this photo with my Nikon D7000 — which is my favorite camera. Here is a link to a good deal on one through my Amazon store.

Martin Luther King Memorial at Night [EXPLORE]
marketing consultants
Image by WilliamMarlow
Will Marlow is a digital advertising and marketing consultant who holds multiple certifications from Google, Inc.

Visit the website for Will Marlow, LLC or follow Will on Twitter here

Or email him.

Nikon D7000
Shutter:2.5 seconds
Aperture: f/14.0
Focal Length: 55 mm

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AMAZON’S ASSOCIATE PROGRAM: Make money selling amazon affiliate products online

AMAZON'S ASSOCIATE PROGRAM: Make money selling amazon affiliate products online

Start selling amazon products online as an affiliate

Inside you’ll learn:
– How to choose a niche
– How to choose a product to promote
– How to create a website
– How to write a review
– How to get traffic online

Download this book and start your online business today!


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If rumors are to be true, digital marketing ads are no more going to be a threat for other advertisement agencies. The uniqueness and creativity of experiential marketing have shown the digital world that it won’t be a victim of technology and lose its reputation. There are various examples of this kind of marketing that has helped in garnering a wider response than achieved with a TV commercial or online ad ever. The fact of bringing products and services in close contact with the customers actually seems to work.

Various companies are looking forward to this marketing approach whenever it comes to launching a new product or resurrecting services that has lost their popularity due to the ever-increasing competition. If a brand wants to generate some positive emotions with the target market they can more likely associate, it is important to give them a clear-cut, real-time display of it instead of a glimpse as a 5 second commercial.

A few examples

Names of few big brands that have turned to experiential agency when it came to promoting their products are, Red Bull, Adidas, Samsung, Mountain Dew, etc. Red Bull is one of the only companies whose major advertisements are based on experiential marketing. The Red Bull Stratos was one-of-its-kind advertising strategy that clearly turned heads around the world. The record-breaking jump from the stratosphere by Felix Baumgartner and crossing the speed of sound is the best marketing stunt to date.

Mountain Dew on the other hand left no stone unturned. A team of 15 brand ambassadors drove around the UK in a theme-truck, hosting various kinds of competitions and giving giveaways to the winners. What’s more is they also dished out free samples to people who were participating.

Game of Thrones, The highly acclaimed HBO series did something that would seem impossible to many. To introduce the viewers to their concept, they dumped a dragon’s skull on a beach while they were going to release the first season. More of a PR stunt, but it’s still a head-turner.

Sensodyne provided an altogether different brand experience by launching “The Great Sensitivity Test”, set up near the London Bridge. A makeshift zone allowed people to get a free sensitivity check of their teeth conditions by qualified dentists, win free samples, prizes, and also a demo of the product.

These were a few examples of some of the remarkable ideas ever created with the aid of experiential marketing. By following these kinds of advertisements, even digital ad agencies are taking inspirations. The level of creativity and uniqueness in this kind of marketing has seen a magnificent shift.

Your brand can have a similar groundbreaking marketing if you find the best brand experience agency. It all comes to the right provider who has what it takes to develop such effective advertising methods. You can search online to find some of the most reliable and reputed agencies that have given their customers the required promotion they deserve. With the best promotion, your brand can take-off within no time and with the least investment too. is the name you can trust when it comes to best Brand Ambassador. Our groundbreaking experiential marketing techniques will surely give your brand an upperhand against your competitors.

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