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Organizations Behind PAM

A few nice market analysis images I found:

Organizations Behind PAM
market analysis
Image by danxoneil

PAM Concept Overview
market analysis
Image by danxoneil

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Building a business website is not just for big businesses. There are many competitively priced resources that are easy to access. All types of businesses can benefit greatly by being seen on the internet and it is an important local marketing tool.

While some still find the internet a foreign entity, it is one of today’s most widely used business tools, integral to any local marketing campaign. Setting up a website is more affordable than you may think, with competitively priced resources ready to take your business to the next level.

The following are some suggestions to help your website become a top local marketing asset:

1. It is not enough that you have a fancy-looking website although of course, that is an important part in promoting your business online. Make sure you call attention to your website so that crawlers of the major search engines will be able to index your site, and give it a higher ranking. This will make your website a top option whenever your key words are used in various searches.

2. Does your website look good? How your website displays to potential customers can be as important to your success as driving traffic to it. Once the search engines are able to get your site ranked and getting people your way, make sure they see the best display of your business. A well-laid out, appealing website can be another great local marketing tool.

3. Your website should be a reflection of the atmosphere of your business and the products or services you offer. Knowing what your target market expects and by exceeding their expectations, you can make your site a place they stay and want to come back to. Good presentation and good functionality are key.

4. If you have a site that contains beautiful graphics, layout and design, but your content is lacking and full of errors, you will be sure to turn off readers and potential clients. Focus of quality work that provides value to the reader. Avoid large words that would distract the reader, and use graphics that support and contain your information.

5. To avoid having your site ignored all together, be sure not to use to many keywords. Search engines are particularly picky with how many keywords are mentioned in an article. Use the right amount of keywords for your site will greatly benefit your local marketing strategies.

To avoid being penalized by Google and other search engines, be sure to always use white hat (ethical) SEO strategies. There are several different search engine optimization techniques that are being used by local marketing experts, and the more ethical ones will always yield higher and more lasting results for building your online marketing presence.

Increase your websites results using local marketing and understand exactly how the search engines see your website by visiting Macro Marketing Solutions today for a free personalized website evaluation.

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P & G’s success marketing high quality products based on its accurate market positioning and effective advertising strategies are inseparable.

World-class products to beautify your life “- this is P & G’s commitment to promote its brand around the world. The Procter & Gamble Company was founded in 1837, is one of the world’s largest consumer products company. 2004 –

Fiscal year 2005 sales of $ 56.7 billion. Selected in Fortune magazine’s latest Global 500 largest industrial / service enterprises, # 86. The company employees worldwide, nearly 11 million people in more than 80 countries

Has plants and branch offices, operates more than 300 brand products are sold in over 160 countries and regions, including fabric and home care, hair and beauty, baby and family care, health care, food and beverage.

P & G since 1988 to enter the Chinese market, the the Jinding talent of its wide range of products, such as Rejoice, Head & Shoulders, Pantene, Safeguard, Olay, Tide and Crest, etc., have become a household name

. Procter & Gamble from 2003 to 2006, and reelected four times in the CCTV advertising tender standard king. The industry believes that P & G’s advertising is very professional, known as the “West Point” in the field of communication. SK-? its subsidiary has seen a “metal

Door event “hit hard, but soon the part of the department stores in mainland China in early December 2006 to resume sales of its line of products, the company to develop a relatively long-term marketing strategy for the brand of SK-?. Analysis of the typical

Success stories, as well as the deployment of the response to the crisis, we can learn a lot of experience in the formulation and implementation of marketing and advertising strategies, we need to learn.

Procter & Gamble’s advertising strategy, each brand are given a concept: Head & Shoulders dandruff maintenance of Pantene, Rejoice supple, continue to strengthen and spread through advertising. For example, Head & Shoulders “dandruff go without a trace

Cleaner hair “slogan express individuality; Pantene personalized nutritional protection that hair, so there is” rich in vitamin B5, can penetrate to the tips of the hair from the hair root, replenishment of nutrients … “;” wash hair conditioner once completed

Make hair supple and elegant. “Ads, the emphasis on the the Rejoice personality.

Moreover, P & G is also the concept of the Raiders extends applications with competitors’ ads. For example, before the the Safeguard soap into China Lux soap has leading brands on the market, its product positioning is “beauty care

Skin. “Procter & Gamble is a clear need to re-create a concept, market analysis and extraction, to confer Safeguard Soap” Beauty and sterilization “concept, and also to increase people’s acceptance by the authority of the Chinese Medical Association.

Later, in a powerful advertising campaign the Safeguard sales have been rising. Safeguard has become the first brand of soap market.

In fact, the manufacture of P & G to enter the Chinese cosmetic market, a killer concept. Head & Shoulders from Procter & Gamble in China launched a product, the award success, so we should recognize that manufacturing concept is not out of thin air

Fabrications, but should accurately identify product and market positioning and its expression, and as one of the marketing and advertising strategy.

P & G established a marketing concept, and last for a long advertising campaign will be taken accordingly. Even a high market share of Head & Shoulders, Rejoice and other brands, but also continue to invest a lot of advertising costs. This makes some fees

The solution is generally believed that advertising spending should be adjusted with the changes in the product life cycle. However, if there is no sustained advertising campaign, Procter & Gamble, the marketing concept is difficult to form. If you’re just selling products, perhaps by the

Stage sensational advertising crash; If you want a marketing concept, it requires repeated temper the public’s awareness of the concept, and the concept gradually into the general consumer attitudes, is the real marketing success.

Of course, P & G’s advertising strategy without interruption related to its product characteristics, the concept of people continuing ad rendering, and gradually cultivate brand loyalty, which is also a solid market share.

3 type from fashion type to the spirit of the brand, P & G advertising product positioning strategy

P & G products are in the high-end level, its brand positioning is fashion type and brand of the spirit of the type of organic unity. According to Procter & Gamble (China) Deputy Director of Public Affairs Pei Yiqun say, the brand has three days: from basic cleaning

Functional to the middle of fashionable type, the highest level is the spirit of the brand marketing. From Procter & Gamble Manufacturing concept had been clearly its product positioning! By Avantgarde cut, continue to shape, Procter & Gamble has been extended to the spirit of the brand marketing:

Such as Rejoice confident spirit of the brand positioning, Sassoon dominant fashion, New Yun Yan main Oriental female beauty. This is P & G’s product positioning strategy, it makes the Procter & Gamble brand into a higher realm.

Procter & Gamble’s advertising shaping the image of the product, fresh, simple, focusing on the rational appeal, marketing encyclopedia even with some modeling. So someone summarize: P & G ads = questions + to solve the problem. Usually that you face

Pro to attract your attention, followed by’ll tell you a suitable solution, which is P & G’s strategy and its unique efficacy.

And lack of strategy to focus on creative phenomenon prevalent in the advertising industry, the results are often not achieve the desired objectives. P & G’s ads are almost always directly stated in the consumer product’s features, each product firmly grasp

The support of the strategy and then spread, and thus achieved a great success in the world. At the same time, also verify that the strategy is more important than creative.

P & G’s marketing and advertising strategy has many remarkable results, which use more comparative law, data law and the testimony of law, sometimes used in combination.

1 Comparative Law

Generally refers to in the ad will own products compared to other similar competing products, to highlight the self certain characteristics or advantage. Therefore, it is more likely to attract the attention of consumers to quickly improve their knowledge


In the classic strategy of Procter & Gamble, the comparison method used more often, and more properly. Shampoo or soap, from horizontal to vertical ratio display their products than other similar products than in the past more effectively

Cheaper, very effective.

1) Safeguard: effective against bacteria

The chief selling point of advertising Safeguard soap both decontamination, but also sterilization, aired a new skin cleansing concept. Use ordinary soap skin the Safeguard than use in television advertising by the obvious contrast microscope

The bacteria remaining on the much less, it shows strong bactericidal capacity. Although this mediocre the Safeguard advertising creative practices, but the impact was very strong, so the Safeguard soap market share soon reach 41%.

2) Crest: No Cavities

The Crest ad with another form of “comparison”. To compare the two halves as eggs, egg why half becomes soft “;” because half by acid corrosion, just like our teeth, a long time the

Pay attention to protect the eggs will be like “;” Crest toothpaste, a unique formula which can effectively prevent tooth decay. ‘

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The Complete K-12 Report: Market Facts & Segment Analyses 1999

The Complete K-12 Report: Market Facts & Segment Analyses 1999

  • 268 pages

Robert M. Resnick, Ph.D. and Glenn Sanislo analyze the domestic K-12 school market in all its facets.


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Marketing Plans

Most business owners do not have any marketing plans. Marketing plans are very important to have for a business. Marketing is the key to sales. No marketing, no sales, it’s that simple. Having a variety of marketing plans going at one time gives you more leverage and more exposure. It also helps you see what is working and what is not working in your marketing campaigns. Having only one marketing plan in action can actually hurt your business. Let’s say your marketing plan proves to be ineffective, you must then build a whole new marketing plan and start from scratch. Now let’s say you have multiple marketing plans working at once, you now have a variety of results to look at. Then you can pick and choose what works and what doesn’t work. Marketing is all about testing/trial and error.

Many business owners make some key mistakes when creating their marketing plans. First they expect their first marketing campaign to be a huge success. Now this may or may not happen but marketing is all about trial and error. You must learn from your marketing plans. You must look and see what worked and what did not work. Then adjust your marketing plans and start a new campaign.This is how you market effectively. It’s all about trial and error. Let say you see a certain ad pulling in all kinds of new business. Before you jump the gun and throw your entire bankroll behind the ad, run a couple additional tests to see how well the ad pulls in different markets. You want to do as much testing as possible before you come out with a major marketing campaign. Once you have everything as it should be, take full advantage of your marketing efforts.

Another key mistake I see with many business owners is they have either no way of tracking their marketing campaigns or they do not track their marketing campaigns. Not tracking your marketing efforts is bad for business. You must be able to see what is working and what is not working. Then you can stop spending in certain areas and increase spending in areas which are working.You must track your marketing campaigns in order to produce the most amount of sales for your business. Yes you can still have an effective business without tracking your marketing but it is kind of like cutting a steak with a butter knife.Yes it is possible to cut a steak with a butter knife but you make cutting the steak so much more difficult. Just like not tracking your marketing campaigns.

Building effective marketing plans is vital to building a business. Marketing is a key component to business. You should always have a budget setup just for your marketing efforts. I cannot stress how important marketing is to any business planning to become successful. I would even go as far as hiring a marketing company, if you have no experience in creating effective marketing plans.

This article was written by Aaron Aldama, a marketing expert. To learn more about marketing your business visit Craigslist .

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Finding Niche Markets Online

Finding niche markets to sell affiliate products to is a necessary step in becoming an affiliate marketer. When trying to find the right market we need to do research. This article suggests some places where you can find ideas for audiences to target.


Finding niche markets off-line is an under used strategy. However, take a look around and you will see many products being used and advertised on media other than the internet. Here are some examples:

1. Bookstores or Libraries provide a steady supply of magazines. Browse through them for audience and product ideas. Use the content to provide you with up-to-date information.

2. Television or radio often has programs related to business, modern gadgets and consumer demands. Check-out the guides to see what shows interest you.

3. Friends, family and colleagues usually have favorite brands which are unique and proven. Brainstorm ideas and you may be surprised.

4. Shopping centers are packed with items that you may not even be aware of. Take a stroll around some of the shops. If there is a product you are interested in talk to the salesperson and find out who’s buying it.


Finding niche markets on-line is a marketers dream. The possibilities are endless and the lucky ones find sources that have yet to become part of the main-stream. Here are a few examples:

1. Groups and forums consist of members discussing various issues. You can explore any group or forum to learn what problems people have. Sell that audience a relevant product.

2. Social Networks are huge and attract thousands of members. What’s the scoop? What are people talking about? Who are advertisers targeting and for what merchandise?

3. Affiliate program searches will tell you what other marketers are selling. Be careful to do your due diligence on the program. Not all products are worth selling or target the right market.

4. Lists are worthwhile if you get on the right one. For example, one marketer was generous enough to send out new keyword lists everyday to his subscribers.

5. Training facilities are the best all round choice. They provide ideas for research, tools for building the business and support; usually for a minimal monthly fee.


Finding niche markets is important. However, it is just one step in a series of important steps. The next being to match a relevant product with the audience. Keywords you choose will depend upon promotional methods as well as a few other factors. Making sales will depend upon having factual content that delivers on its promise.

The great thing about being an affiliate marketer is the vast reach of the internet. The world is a huge place filled with thousands of little nooks and crannies to be discovered. The number of English speakers alone is in the staggering hundreds of millions. Finding niche markets is easier when you think outside the box. Learning how to dominate them will come with experience.

Finding niche markets online does not have to be a difficult experience. With the proper training and support anyone can do it! Mark has been an instructor for the past 15 years and uses his teaching skills to help others achieve their goals on-line. Feel free to visit Wealthy Affiliate Training Center for more information about finding niche markets.

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Sales and Marketing Pro Reviews

Sales and Marketing Pro

Sales and Marketing Pro

  • Find and close new leads
  • Develop and implement your sales strategy
  • Organize your clients and never miss a follow-up
  • Forecast sales like an expert
  • Includes ,000 in Tools!

Palo Alto is pleased to announce Sales and Marketing Pro. Sales and Marketing Pro will help you elevate your sales career to the next level with professional sales tools that are proven successes. You will also learn how to develop a bulletproof marketing strategy and make it real. Sales and Marketing Pro Simple, Practical Sales and Marketing Close more sales or get your marketing messages in front of the right people. From seasoned sales teams looking for an edge to small business owners wh

List Price: $ 49.99


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Tested Advertising Methods (5th Edition) (Prentice Hall Business Classics)

Tested Advertising Methods (5th Edition) (Prentice Hall Business Classics)

The fifth edition of this work on how to create successful advertising features new coverage on small businesses with limited revenues, non-profit advertising, as well as techniques of headlines, illustrations and layouts. There is also new information useful to smaller businesses.

List Price: $ 15.95


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Email Marketing: Email Marketing Beginners Guide, Email Marketing Strategies, Email Marketing Tips & Tricks

Email Marketing:  Email Marketing Beginners Guide, Email Marketing Strategies, Email Marketing Tips & Tricks

Does this sound like you?What do I say to my subscribers?How do I get more sign ups?I’ve tried it before but it didn’t work!

You have to remember email marketing is an art.   It takes time to find your style and get your personal technique down.  The basics are all the same but the way you present yourself is always going to be different based on your audience.In my box set you will get all the goodies from my three books, not only saving money but giving yourself all the tools to


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