Sarla Analytics LLC~~Description?Real time Business Dashboards on your mobile device. Smart decisions, Anytime, Anywhere.?SmartGlance™ provides access to real-time corporate reports and data instantly on your mobile devices. The powerful SmartGlance custom reporting and analytical tools help users see their own data in rich graphically format, allows them to interact with their data and take action – all from their mobile phone. Data can be accessed from virtually any enterprise database, including sales, marketing, finance, operations, manufacturing, inventory and distribution applications. ??Highlights:??1. Supports multiple mobile platforms. ?2. Analytical tools to compare two elements instantly?3. Advance tools with Album view to compare the entire range of data against target. ?4. All reports uploaded at once giving you a very smooth operation without Internet access in-between reports?5. Flip XY axis feature to see data and charts in both directions?6. Share reports, charts and snapshots via e-mail?7. “i” button for additional information with dynamic changes based on data. Hotlinks to phone numbers, urls and emails. Allows you to take instant action based on your data.?8. Ability to send reports real time or on demand?9. Send On –demand reports using an Excel utility?10. Use ready API to connect to various data sources for Real time instant data transmission?11. View data in landscape mode for greater detail and analysis?12. Connect with Excel, SAP, SQL, Oracle, CRM, ERP systems13. Localization in four languages – Spanish, German, Italian and French14. Push notification to announce new reports and Data updates15. Colors in Real time tag reports to show alarm conditions instantly.16. Help Icon on Login Page17. Large reports now 18. Added new messagesAdditional Information: ??Downloading the App is free. ?Registration is free. ?View Sample Reports with Free Registration?To view your own data, a SmartGlance Subscription is required. Visit to sign up???

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