Auto Repair Shop Stays in Business by Educating Employees on Cost of Doing
Having this type of focus kept Ginther from investing in expensive software and tools without a guarantee that he could get enough business from this niche market to make it profitable. … “Most of the time, they guess the amount to be about $ 250 in …

An Early Test of Google's New Social Gaming Services
Larsen said so many people have Android devices and Google accounts that he wouldn't be surprised to see the new game service draw away installed base from the iOS game center and put pressure or push out smaller, more-niche, mobile social-gaming …
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New Online Pricing Event to Teach Photographers How to Price Photography
This event features one of the most profitable photography business owners in the United States, Sarah Petty, interviewing 9 professional photographers from across the US about how they price photography. From weddings to high school seniors, newborns …
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Finding a profitable niche market for is not as hard as you think. Watch me as I show you how to quickly find a profitable niche market in just a few minutes…
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Dental Marketing Firm Embraces Simplified Proven Techniques to Ensure
Dental practitioners and clinics, for one, need to implement proven certain strategies to boost online presence and secure the interest of the niche market. Because online dental marketing can be too technical for even the most competent dentist, it …
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Celebrity Product Brands … Now Showing!
Hotel Transylvania had Doritos, which is apparently for the young children's marketing niche. How does one get a brand product placed in a film? Are there people at a film company who only job is to seek out products that are appropriate for a …
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Can small stock production eradicate poverty?
A group of farmers can target this niche market and employ innovative farming methods to produce high quality, tender and tasty mutton by manipulating genetics and feeding for the tourist clients. The third is to explore overseas, markets such as the …
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5 Tips for Better Video Marketing
However, through Google AdWords for video, many companies are able to expand their reach by targeting specific demographics and individuals with niche interests. The cost per brand impression can be as low as pennies on the dollar given the volume of …
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Chicago Couture Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2013 Show Tickets
Event on 2013-05-04 13:00:00

Chicago Couture Fashion Week Spring/Summer show series Presents “A Tale of Two Cities: Urban Chic & Rural Flair a Spring and Summertime Affair” which will be taking place May 4- May 11 2013. This season''s showcases will feature the best that the City of Chicago and surrounding suburbs offers from design talent, entertainment, vendors to local businesses and our product sponsors. 

Chicago Couture Fashion Week, NFP (CCFW, NFP) is a local Entertainment, Fashion Consulting and Show Production Company that works with local students, talent and at risk youth and working in conjunction with American Heritage Youth Foundation, NFP. The central core of our show is to present, produce high octave shows, celebrate emerging young artists, designers and talent from the local and surrounding communities and give them a platform to present their collections in our couture tradeshows. Many of our exhibiting couturier designers target a higher caliber niche market which consists of high powered business executives, celebrities, retail buyers and many diverse affluent patrons.  Moreover, our aim is to provide inclusion opporunities to the underserved youth through our apprenctice programs in an effort to provide violence prevention solutions through our artistic and cultural programs.  

Our organization offers positive alternative activities for youth involvement through our many programs in the arts, health and education.  Through our arts showcase and youth apprentice program, it gives a chance for at-risk youth to work with professionals in the industry, to get hands on skills and to increase their awareness of the many facets education in the arts has to offer them.

This trade show is to support arts education and entertainment (Design, Acting, Dance, Fashion, Modeling, Music, Paintings, Photography, etc.) as a way of violence prevention. CCFW, NFP, is a not for profit organization that helps to raise funds for our parent company, American Heritage Youth Foundation programs which help keep kids off the streets and into positive constructive activities through show production,education, health and other positive activities.

at Allerton Hotel
701 North Michigan Avenue
Beulah, United States

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How to Find Your Niche Market In this video, I will show you how to find your niche market before getting into an online business. Starting your online business i…
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How to Find a Profitable Niche in Less Than a Week (Internet Marketing Series)

How to Find a Profitable Niche in Less Than a Week (Internet Marketing Series)

This book is 8,306 words long. Combined with images, that’s about 54 pages long.

If you can’t find the right niche market, you will never succeed with your online business no matter how much you know about autoresponders, HTML, copywriting, technology and marketing.

The key to proper market research is to look for markets that are:

1) Profitable

2) You know about, so people will perceive you as the expert.

3) You have resources available at


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Canton, Ohio (PRWEB) October 28, 2012

Retail data is released monthly to allow analysts to predict upcoming trends in consumer spending. The Creating Jobs for America website has reviewed the latest data and compared to years 2011 and 2010 retail sales are down. While brick and mortar business is down, online businesses have reported increases in sales.

The 4.5 percent current growth for brick and mortar stores compared with sales of online retailers like Apple at 17 percent is a sign of the market shift in this decade. The Creating Jobs for America website is offering business training to companies that want to expand online sales. The training is accessible online here at this link.

Offline retail companies spend millions of dollars annually as a whole on security systems, employee health care and warehousing of products and services. This is combined with leasing fees, advertising and employee salaries. The Internet retail industry has helped many offline companies to fill in gaps in consumer spending.

While some sales data reports low growth for brick and mortar companies, some online companies are reporting record sales of products and services. Companies like Apple, Amazon, eBay, Target and other top retailers have reported growth in most quarters since 2002 according to data metrics.

E-commerce sales are helping some small businesses to find a niche market of consumers online. Many specialty stores sell exclusively online and usually provide incentives like discounts or free shipping to help keep up with competitors.

The website provides access to business training to companies that have trouble getting over sales slumps due to loss of customers or lack of online advertising spending. The training that is offered is designed to help companies boost e-commerce sales as well as web user traffic to websites, blogs or social media pages that are generally used as advertisements.

Promoting third party products is usually easier for businesses than for new marketers. Most companies earn a living by promoting products and receiving earnings higher than the wholesale price as profit. Affiliate marketing is a new way that some companies are using to expand online profits without carrying inventory or paying wholesale fees.

The Creating Jobs for America website now provides access to affiliate marketing training that is designed to help companies expand income generating opportunities apart from e-commerce sales.

Small businesses, website owners and retail chains that sell online could benefit from accessing the business training offered through the Creating Jobs for America website. The course creators guarantee all training and refunds are provided if training does not meet expectations or produce higher than average e-commerce results.

About Creating Jobs for America

The Creating Jobs for America website is a resource of business and entrepreneur training online. Website owners, individuals and business owners use this website to get access to training programs to grow online businesses. This business training is evaluated for quality as well as guarantees for those that complete the training. The Creating Jobs for America website was launched in 2012 as a resource to help those seeking online work to start an online company to get access to accurate information to make smarter income generating decisions online.

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Niche Online Markets Announced New Opportunity for Orlando-Based E
“Our job is to get the best price for each product so that our customers are happy and our business is profitable.” Niche markets allow online retailers to capture interest in products that are often found in conventional retail stores at higher prices …
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Can This Small Cap Keep Defying the Experts? (pt. 1 of 2)
Yes, low skilled industrial labor brings with it injuries, workers compensation cases, unemployment hearings and a bunch of other headaches that eat into the already narrow profits. Kelly has done a good job recently carving its own niche in the higher …
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Grand Bahama ideal for religious tourism
With religious tourism proving to be a largely profitable niche market, tourism industry stakeholders, the religious and business community converged at the Pelican Bay Hotel yesterday to discuss its potential at the island's first Religious Tourism …
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Desperate Niche Dominator

Desperate Niche Dominator
Software To Design Sales Page Images And Graphics For Any Niche Market
Desperate Niche Dominator

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Ontario, CA (PRWEB) October 08, 2012

CU Direct Corporation (, leading provider of lending solutions to credit unions through its CUDL, Lending Insights, Lending 360, CUDL Retail and Vero brands, today announced the purchase of key assets from Lifestyle Lending Solutions.

As a result of the transaction, CU Direct will be better positioned to service credit unions in the retail lending marketplace and advance its national retail lending network. Our goal is to provide credit unions with a dynamic, comprehensive, full service retail lending solution and national lending network, stated Joe Greenwald, senior vice president of credit union products at CU Direct. Leveraging Lifestyle Lendings industry expertise in retail lending with our growing CUDL Retail brand, well positioned in the lifestyle and merchant space, greatly enhances our ability to support credit unions in building successful retail programs.

Established in 2007, Salt Lake City, Utah-based Lifestyle Lending Solutions is recognized as a leading retail and medical lending solutions provider focused on the niche market of lifestyle lending, and catering specifically to the credit union industry. The company has a network of more than 750 merchants in 16 states throughout the U.S. CU Direct and its affiliated brands provide lending solutions to 1,020 credit unions nationwide.

By merging the retail lending strength of both organizations, we will be able to offer credit unions superior solutions and provide the level of support necessary for them to create relationships that will help optimize their profits, reduce costs, and increase business associations with retail providers, said Kirk Harris, founder of Lifestyle Lending. Kirk Harris has joined CU Direct as product director, retail lending and will take on leadership of both the Lifestyle Lending products and the CUDL Retail products.

# # #

About CU Direct Corporation

Established in 1994, CU Direct Corporation is the credit union industrys foremost provider of leading lending solutions. Through the companys CUDL, Lending Insights, Lending 360, CUDL Retail, and Vero brands, CU Direct Corp. offers a diverse, extensive library of products and services designed to help credit unions advance their lending programs and achieve overall portfolio success. For more information about CU Direct Corporations brands and full range of best-in-class lending products and services visit

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