Question by Rach: What do you think abourt wholesale dropshipping?
I am going to open an online business utilizing affiliate marketing. I want people’s opinions about wholesale dropshipping. Is it profitable? Do you really need to pay a monthly fee? How do you really make money if you have to pay fees? Is it worth it?

Best answer:

Answer by Ashton P.
Mate you haven’t done enough research into this obviously, as you are asking questions which show that. I have been in the industry before and can tell you’re not ready to begin.

1) Yes it’s profitable if done right, but no one is going to teach you that on Yahoo Answers, you need to go research. Be prepared to lose money and make mistakes at the start.
2) No you dont need to pay a monthly fee. Go research. There are many places which will charge, and many free. Go straight to manufacturers or wholesalers if you must.
3) You make money by pricing your products right. Target specific niches if you can. Drive traffic to the sites. And convert! Thats the formula.
4) Not worth it unless you have a passion and really want to do it. Otherwise you’d be like the 98% of other people who get on, fail, and quit, and make it profitable for people like me who get in and dont stop til I succeed.

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In what niche would it profitable to make a website?

Question by : In what niche would it profitable to make a website?
I want to make a website but I also want the website to be in a niche that would be profitable. What niches are the most profitable?

Best answer:

Answer by Nicholas R 25
Niche Marketing is “aimed at satisfying specific market needs” so find an under served market. Do research, make a list of your hobbies & interests, choose an area you have a real interest or passion,
Find a market that spends money, & give them what they want.When you decide on your niche, Dig down deeper, eg Golf is a broad niche, Golf clubs is a sub niche, golf clubs for women is a micro niche, Teenage clubs is a micro, micro niche. and so on. Do your keyword research, without good keywords your site will not be a success,your keyword research is vital to your success.
Hope this helps, Good luck with your site.

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Sometimes it can be very frustrating when it comes to finding online niche market examples. Even when it comes to defining what makes a niche worth pursuing, it seems there are several different answers.

Having a clear and well thought out plan is crucial to niche marketing success but even more important, you must first know what defines a market and whether or not it is worth pursuing a certain niche.

When it comes to finding a niche you possibly might want to pursue, there are a few vital factors you should always take into consideration. Before choosing your niche, ask yourself these simple questions to determine whether or not a niche will be profitable.

Here are a few questions you should always ask yourself:

1. Are you passionate about the niche? If you can see yourself promoting a product effectively, go for it. Often times, people will find a profitable niche but have no idea as to how to market the product. Find a product that you can see yourself marketing and have a general passion for and your success will be much greater. When the hard work comes into play, it will be much more enjoyable.

2. Is there an opportunity for future sales? Always take into consideration that just because someone buys from you once, it does not mean that they will necessarily buy again in the future. Try to pursue niche markets that are active all year and have the potential for people who would be interested in buying at any time.

Considerable niche market examples that fit this description:

Animal Training
Outdoor Sports
Internet Marketing
Self Help

These niche markets all have one thing in common. Activity buyers at any time, any day of the year. This is due to the fact that these are all daily necessities, activities and thoughts that interest people.

There will always be people searching for something if they can incorporate into their daily lives or think about it on a daily basis. Always remind yourself of this to decide right from the start if a niche market is worth going after.

If you would like to see further in depth niche market examples and extremely useful information on effective online niche marketing, feel free to visit

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Jewish Garden

Check out these concentrated marketing images:

Jewish Garden
concentrated marketing
Image by Concentrated Passion
Jewish Museum Berlin – Chanukkah Market

Big Wheel
concentrated marketing
Image by Concentrated Passion
Christmas Market Berlin – Alexanderplatz

Nes godol haja scham…
concentrated marketing
Image by Concentrated Passion
Jewish Museum Berlin – Chanukkah Market

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Tea Niche

Tea Niche

Tea Niche Giclee Print by Pam Ingalls. Product size approximately 18 x 24 inches. Available at Embrace your Space – your source for high quality fine art posters and prints.
List Price: 49.99

Propel: Five Ways to Amp-Up Your Marketing and Accelerate Business
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Effort-Less Marketing for Financial Advisors
Use a 5-Step Process to Transform Your Business–and Your Life! If you’ve ever yearned for a business that would energize rather t…

Secrets to Monetizing Your Niche: Advanced Mindset, Business Development, and Sales & Marketing Strategies for Pursuing Your Passion for Profit
Imagine that you need to mix a secret elixir to stay alive. You need three key ingredients — not just any three — but three spec…

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Find the Profitable Niche in YOU!

Visit: Profitable Niche discussion. How your Passion can equal Profits online… If you’re looking to create an authority blog, you have to start in a profitable niche. The ideal course of action is to channel your passion or interest or knowledge in something into your online business. If there is an audience for it, it CAN be monetized… Find profitable niche markets inside of YOU!

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Why Your Business Needs a Marketing Plan

Almost every company that has a product to sell should engage in marketing activities. Marketing is used to communicate and negotiate with potential exchange business clients. Some types of marketing can be aggressive whereas other types are more effective in a subtle approach. When thinking about marketing, it is important to consider if you will need extensive marketing strategies to grow your business.

This is mainly done through a marketing plan. The components of a plan that will involve extensive marketing can include ways to stimulate and communicate to customers what you have for sale, or ways to increase the use of your services. Even non-profit organizations such as a hospital or museum can be found carrying out a marketing strategy and it would all start with a marketing plan. Often the plan of a company is not often will organized or well laid out. By reading it, it is obvious that they have not considered how to extensively market.

Quite a lot of multinational companies have also started to include more information on the demographics that will be targeted within the plan. This helps to concentrate marketing efforts on the right people that the product or service is geared towards. It will also decrease the amount of time spent marketing to the wrong demographics of people.

Ultimately the plan can help you see your target audience might be. This target audience is the customer in the consumer industry or the client in the business industry. The plan is needed to focus the attention on the customers who have previously purchased goods and services in the past, either for their own use or to give away as gifts.

These are the best customers as they might be counted on to make purchases in the future. There are other customers that a marketing plan can be used to target. For example, those a plan can be established for those customers that only purchased once in the past. It is also a very beneficial to think about sending marketing information to those who wanted more details about a product or service but have not purchased since receiving the last information.

Another reason in which a company will need a plan is to highlight the products and services it has available. When it is fully laid out on paper, the company might be able to see areas in which more marketing needs to be unleashed against a particular product. Without having this plan in place, a company can spend a less of its time concentrating marketing efforts on a product that might need more advertising and marketing directed at it. Therefore, anyone who is serious about operating a business should construct a marketing plan.

If you’d like to create a marketing plan quickly and easily, consider using a marketing plan template. Watch this free video presentation to learn more:

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How To Find A Profitable Niche

The one main stumbling block for internet marketers revolves around the question “How to find a profitable niche” and in this article I wish to share with you a few basic methods you can implement to help you in your quest to finding that all elusive profitable niche market.

First of all, I must absolutely recommend one thing for your first niche. Choose something that interests you. It could be a hobby, passion, work related or something you know a lot about and can hold an interest in. This way, you will not get bored working in a market that you care little about! I can guarantee
you there will be a profitable niche within that subject.

So, let’s say you are an avid scrapbooking enthusiast, for example. How would you go about finding a profitable niche with that broad market? A profitable niche that you can exploit and build a business around? I will list a few of my strategies below;

1. Head over to forums filled with people who scrapbook. Note the “sub categories” of the forum. You may notice sections such as “Scrapbook Supplies”, “Scrapbook Ideas” or “The Business Of Scrapbooking.” What to do is browse the forums and search for hot topics within each category… topics that appear time and time again and evoke discussions. These “Sub Categories” can give you instant niche ideas within a broad market. Are people talking about buying? BOOM! Profitable Niche! Are people in a state of panic and need a solution? BOOM! Profitable Niche! See where we are headed?

2. Go to and type in “scrabooking.” Browse the search results on Amazon and read the product descriptions. Are books written about “General Scrapbooking” or are there also popular books written about niche topics such as “Scrapbooking for single moms?” If there are, and they are selling, you have a profitable niche idea!

3. Use a keyword research tool such as and type in the broad market term “scrapbooking.” Simply browse the results and what niche markets could be worth pursuing. You want to focus on anything with “Buy” or “Order” such as “Buy scrapbooking scissors online” since then you know the searcher is in the mood to buy! It’s your job to get them to buy from you! You will also get many other ideas which you can determine are profitable niche ideas of not by using methods 1 and 2 above!

Those three ideas should give you enough to go ahead and answer the question you keep asking – “How to find a profitable niche.” Implement these in your niche finding activities and you will soon see profitable results!

J.M. Wilson has been niche marketing since 2003 and is the owner of [] where you can join thousands of others and take his free niche marketing course online today!

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Passion to Profit – 2 Day Change Your Life Training!!
Event on 2012-01-28 09:00:00

Hilton Woodland Hills
Saturday, Jan. 28 (9am-6pm)
Sunday, Jan. 29 (9am-7pm)

If you have ever had a doubt in your mind about the direction your life and career should be heading, then you must read on. Do you know what your true passion is? If you're not clear about your true passion, this transformational weekend event will get your head out of the clouds and clarify what your true passion is and how you can turn your new found passion into a profitable business.

Maybe you already know what your true passion is, but have never really found a way to monetize your dreams. At Passion to Profit Transformational weekend, Joel will show you step by step how to systematize and monetize your passion.

Are you already monetizing your passion? Joel's Passion to Profit can help you monetize your passion even more! Joel shows you exactly what you need to do to increase your profits. From simple techniques to positioning yourself as an expert, even to the marketing of yourself, and your product, you will learn additional ways to profit even more doing what it is you love to do.

You might already be extremely passionate about something, but your passion may be consuming your whole life. Joel will teach you how to simplify and structure your passion so that you have more freedom and time to do other important things in your life, like spending quality time with your loved ones.

No matter the current state of your business, or where you are in life, Joel Bauer's Passion to Profit transformational weekend will teach you how to transform your business. Even if you follow just a few of the techniques that Joel teaches, you can dramatically increase the quality of your life, and business. You can be a complete fresh start, not knowing what to do, or you can already be successful, Joel's Passion to Profit can help ANYONE.

Joel is a man of many hats. First and foremost, Joel is a family man. He is married and has three wonderful children and just like you Joel does his best for his family. He has made it his life's work to develop his Passion to Profit system. Through trial and error, Joel has put together a system that anyone can follow no matter what their passion or interest. Over 40 years have gone into developing this system which Joel would love to pass on to you saving over 40 years of process of elimination, and loads of cash, so that you can monetize what it is you
love to do, so that you can enjoy your life and have the freedom to do what
you want and spend more time with the people in your life that matter most,
your friends and family.

Joel Bauer is living out his passion as a platform speaker and mentor helping others. He is booked at mega events with tens of thousands of attendees, he even toured and opened for President Bill Clinton. Joel has worked with some of the top producers in the industry including T. Harv Eker, Bill Glazer and Dan Kennedy, Larry Benet, and Brad Fallon. Joel Bauer is living his passion, and he wants to help you live yours.

At this point, you may be wondering will Joel Bauer's training really work?

Joel Bauer has trained hundreds of people just like you to either become successful, or become even more successful. Some people you may have heard of who have benefited from Joel Bauer's training include:

Mark Victor Hanson • Robert G. Allen

Mike Koenigs • Terri Levine

Eben Pagan • Debbie Allen

Dave Lakhani • Bill Walsh

James Malinchak • Harry Dent

Travis Miller & Jimmy Vee

Armand Morin • Alex Mandossian

Lynn Rose

Joel was born with spinal meningitis. His mother was told he was going to die. They told her to go home so she wouldn't have to endure the pain of watching her baby suffer in a hospital incubator. They left Joel in an incubator for two weeks. They gave him an experimental drug that killed 98.2% of all children who took it but…Joel survived.

From then until Joel was seven years old he sat in the corner and played with a piece of paper. He failed first, second and third grade. His mother thought he was the most well behaved child on earth but all her friends and family said Joel was retarded, a moron…hopeless.

Fortunately for you, Joel's mother moved him from Philadelphia to upstate New York to keep him removed from all the negativity. She didn't want to believe Joel was retarded. Then at age seven Joel was introduced to magic and He came out of his shell.

By the time Joel was 13 he was making ,000 a year doing birthday parties and Bar Mitzvahs. By age 15 he was a stage performer on Carnival Cruise Lines and one year later he became the youngest featured entertainer in the cruising industry.

Later in life Joel used his skills to help huge companies attract the attention of potential customers at some of the largest trade shows in the world. Joel gets paid tens of thousands of dollars to persuade people to the mammoth company's way of thinking, to move potential customers to action and to help those companies preserve those new relationships with their customers for life.

Joel will take you through a proven process to unlock what it is you're
truly passionate about in life. If it has been a struggle to find your life's purpose, Joel allows you to ask yourself some pretty tough questions to unveil some very profound answers and help you to get some long awaited clarity. Just knowing your true passion is going to move you forward leaps & bounds in life, you will now have a new direction and can live life with clarity and purpose.

Joel always uses systems because systems allow you to make choices that work over and over again. Joel's methods are based on systems. A system that works every single time. Based upon absolute fact. Joel does not teach anything that is chancy or based on guess-work.

Learn to monetize your passion through the creation of your very own system.
Joel will teach the importance of why you need your own system as well as every
component of your system. If you are passionate about something or have specialized knowledge in some area then you have everything you need to create your own unique system and Joel will teach you how.

Learn how to market your system online and offline & how to create your own stream of passive income.

You don't know the answer and it's costing you millions!

Learn how to set yourself and your business apart from the competition, framing what you do in a way to attract more business, making you and your product the only logical solution.

Joel teaches his proven techniques of wrapping your package, and how to establish instant rapport, credibility and trust in just 4 seconds.

Grab your prospect by the throat with your words. Have your prospect engaged and wanting to buy all that you offer.

Joel teaches you how to qualify a prospect in just four seconds, no matter your niche or area of expertise.

You've never heard this and it alone is easily worth price of the entire event.

Joel teaches how you can write and publish your own book in less than 72 hours. Having your own book will establish you as an expert and give you instant credibility.

Learn the principle of social proof, and why you absolutely need testimonials. This technique alone has the potential to dramatically increase your income.

Joel teaches the basics on graphics and recommends programs that you can use immediately to create emotionally engaging visuals and graphics.

Learn some of the resources that Joel uses to package your system, including where to publish and print your book.

These are easy to implement principles and some of them you you'll be able to implement during this event!

Any single strategy you will learn at this two day event could change your life and your financial future forever. You need the tools to set yourself up for life. You need the skill sets necessary to be able to provide a superior lifestyle for yourself and for your family.

The techniques you will be learning at Joel Bauer's Passion to Profit transformational weekend will allow you to fulfill all of your needs, retire at an early age, send your child to the finest private schools and live life on your own terms without compromise…

at Hilton Woodland Hills
6360 Canoga Avenue
Woodland Hills, United States

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(PRWEB) April 1, 2005

One site that seeks to connect all of these “Alternative” singles online is the Alternative Dating Sites Directory located at What do we mean by Alternative? Alternative means anyone who is looking for a specific niche site targeted to singles with a similar passion.

Some examples include men who are interested in BBW women. BBW stands for Big Beautiful Women, and it is a very popular niche that is served online. It is amazing the number of men who are seeking out larger women, and this niche is served perfectly online through sites such as and others.

Another niche that has exploded online is Military Dating. There are a multitude of dating sites that target men and women who are either in the military or are seeking those who are. One such site,, allows users to upload up to five pictures of themselves as part of their free membership and has thousands of members worldwide. This niche has really exploded during the last couple of years because of the new sense of patriotism that has been sweeping across America and other countries of late.

Other examples of niche dating categories that are exploding online are:



Speed Dating




African American


Senior Dating and many more. is constantly adding new niche dating sites that pop up online and continues to lead the way for singles who are seeking an alternative to some of the generic one-size-fits-all sites that are heavily marketed today.

In the world of online dating, plain Jane ain’t so plain anymore.


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