Nice Micro Marketing photos

A few nice micro marketing images I found:

El Rastro view
micro marketing
Image by Bob Hetherington
El Rastro Market Madrid along the Plaza de Cascorro and Ribera de Curtidores.

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Nice Market Share photos

Check out these market share images:

Brixton Market Shared Color-70
market share
Image by cysewski

Fortune Brainstorm Tech 2018
market share
Image by Fortune Conferences
Tuesday, July 17th, 2018
Fortune Brainstorm Tech

9:15 AM
Call it a surge: Ride-hailing contender Lyft aggressively seized market share over the past year as archrival Uber stumbled. Now, the question facing the company is whether it can curtail its heavy spending to beat its longtime rival to profitability—and maybe even a public offering?
John Zimmer, President, Lyft
Interviewer: Andrew Nusca, Fortune

Photograph by Michael Faas/Fortune

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Nice Niche Markets photos

A few nice niche markets images I found:

niche markets
Image by infomatique
The Liberties is an area in central Dublin, Ireland. The name derives from manorial jurisdictions dating from the arrival of the Anglo-Normans in the 12th century. They were town lands united to the city, but still preserving their own jurisdiction (hence "liberties"). The most important of these liberties were the Liberty of St. Sepulchre, under the Archbishop of Dublin, and the Liberty of Thomas Court and Donore belonging to the Abbey of St. Thomas (later called the Earl of Meath’s Liberty).The modern Liberties area lies within the former boundaries of these two jurisdictions, between the river Liffey to the north, St. Patrick’s Cathedral to the east, Warrenmount to the south and St. James’s Hospital to the west.

The Liberties is home to many Dublin institutions, including Digital Hub Fm, a community radio station run by The Digital Hub Development Agency (and home to radio show The Buzz), the National College of Art and Design, Digital Skills Academy, Iveagh Market (currently awaiting redevelopment), Vicar Street music venue, St. Catherine’s Church, St. James’s Gate Brewery, Dublin Food Co-op, St. James’s Hospital, St Patrick’s Cathedral and Francis Street with a range of antique dealers. John’s Lane Augustinian Church was designed by Augustus Pugin and opened in 1874; the twelve statues in the tower niches are the work of sculptor James Pearse, the father of Irish patriots Patrick and William Pearse.

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Nice Direct Marketing photos

Some cool direct marketing images:

Perfect Pitch – Direct Marketing
direct marketing
Image by HowardLake
Delegates at UK Fundraising’s Perfect Pitch – Direct Marketing industry showcase in London on 22 April 2008.

Perfect Pitch – Direct Marketing
direct marketing
Image by HowardLake
Delegates at UK Fundraising’s Perfect Pitch – Direct Marketing industry showcase in London on 22 April 2008.

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Some cool how to advertise your business images:

Wile E. Coyote Business Card .. Genius .. Have Brain Will Travel .. Reverend Bill Proctor “stuck in Atlanta” (July 02, 2011) …item 4.. Comments are posted from viewers – We are not his preferred constituents (Feb 9, 2012 at 01:54 PM) …
how to advertise your business
Image by marsmet523
He was AWOL during Monday’s marathon budget workshop — a meeting in which commissioners made key decisions on how they’ll spend your tax dollars next year — and he also missed Tuesday night’s commission meeting.

……..*****All images are copyrighted by their respective authors ……..


It is inaccurate to say that I hate everything. I am strongly in favor of common sense, common honesty, and common decency. This makes me forever ineligible for public office.
— Henry Louis Mencken

…..item 1)…. FLORIDA TODAY NEWSPAPER … Proctor misses key budget meetings

Jul 2, 2011

Written by
Jeff Burlew…|head

Leon County Commissioner Bill Proctor has some explaining to do, his colleagues say.

He was AWOL during Monday’s marathon budget workshop — a meeting in which commissioners made key decisions on how they’ll spend your tax dollars next year — and he also missed Tuesday night’s commission meeting.

Commission Chairman John Dailey said he was told Tuesday by Proctor’s aide that the District 1 commissioner was traveling at the time. Commissioner Bryan Desloge said Proctor, who was back in his office Thursday, told him he missed the meetings because he was "stuck in Atlanta."

Proctor didn’t return phone calls or an email from the Democrat.

Desloge said he’s upset Proctor missed the meetings.

"His job is to represent his district, and if he doesn’t attend the meetings, it negates any ability for him to function effectively as a commissioner," Desloge said.

Desloge said Proctor is bright and capable, but "he’s never taken this very seriously. To him, it’s a bit of a game. He could do so much if he’d take this a little more seriously."

Dailey said the commission sans Proctor "worked very well together." He said he’s been too busy with the budget to worry much about Proctor’s whereabouts.

"We are all adults," Dailey said. "I’m taking care of my business for the citizens of District 3 in Leon County. Commissioner Proctor needs to explain his absenteeism to his constituents."

Commissioner Nick Maddox said he can’t speak to Proctor’s philosophy when it comes to meeting attendance.

"I take any meeting, and especially budget workshops, very seriously," Maddox said. "And I think it’s one of the most important things — if not the most important thing — that we do as commissioners. So I make it a priority to be at each and every one of them."

Commissioner Kristin Dozier said the final budget workshop is arguably the most important commission meeting of the year.

"It is crucial for us to be there and be engaged in the process," Dozier said.

Commissioners say they’ve received emails recently from voters calling for Proctor to be removed from office or sanctioned somehow by his colleagues.

The IRS is taking money out of Proctor’s county paycheck each month until it collects nearly ,000 in unpaid income taxes. Proctor also owes more than ,000 to the Florida Elections Commission in fines from his 1998 campaign.

— Follow @JeffBurlew on Twitter. Send news tips to
…..item 2)…. Brainy Quotes …. Friedrich Nietzsche Quotes

Friedrich Nietzsche…paraphrasing…All things are subject to interpretation and that who ever has the power determines the truth.….
…..item 3)…. The Saint Detective Magazine … July 1955 … Reverend Bill Proctor …

referred to himself as an "indentured slave to the state." (June 20, 2011) …..
…..item 4)…. WCTV NEWS …

Posted: 10:35 PM Feb 9, 2012

Animal Control Returns to Wide Road Property

Animal control officers say owner making progress, will return for another inspection next week
Reporter: Mike Springer. Julie Montanaro
Email Address:
[UPDATE] Neighbors Tire of Barking Dogs
Neighbors Tire of Barking Dogs

…..Read Comments…..****** eight (8) comments listed below ******

Comments are posted from viewers like you and do not always reflect the views of this station.

—by Wide Rd. on Feb 9, 2012 at 01:54 PM
Where is our Southside Commissioner?? Mr. Proctor, care to come do your job? His answer would be NO!! We are not his preferred constituents.

—by MissionStatement Location: county on Feb 8, 2012 at 05:12 PM
Animal Control Division Richard Ziegler, Director Animal Control Protecting Leon County’s Animals & Citizens Mission Statement: Improve animal and human well-being through education, prevention, and enforcement programs and humane animal care and control services for the citizens and animals of Leon County. DOES IT LOOK LIKE HE IS LIVING UP TO THE MISSION STATEMENT….NO.

—by Nice mugshot on Feb 7, 2012 at 09:53 AM
h t t p://

—by TOLD YA SO Location: WIDE RD on Feb 7, 2012 at 01:42 AM

—by BURR Location: wide road on Feb 6, 2012 at 11:34 PM
In response to "dont hate the dogs" Yes we have spoken with her and she is very unapproachable and will cuss at you and has flipped us off driving down the road. Shes not a nice lady thats rescuing dogs. Shes a bitter lonely woman with no regards for others or her many dogs as the pictures clearly showed tonite.

—by another viewer Location: tlh on Feb 6, 2012 at 11:23 PM
Yes, she works for the Fire Dept., no she is NOT at all what is normal for them. She is in the process of suing them yet again. Trust me, they would love to be rid of her! As for the dogs, I love dogs, all dogs, but hers have been neglected for years. She has 2 homes, one of hers and one that was left to her by her mother. The dogs have taken over so badly that they are digging under the foundation and it is on the verge of collapse. Her poor child is neglected and yet she still gets away with keeping him by staying just on the right side of the line. Someone PLEASE rescue these animals and the kid! She is in serious need of mental help!!!!

—by enough is enough on Feb 4, 2012 at 07:42 PM
for over a decade Winkelmann has been breeding dogs, she would place ads in the paper selling the husky/hound mix pups. i havent seen her advertise any of the pups for sale in a few years. she did not adopt a dog from the shelter EVER! she doesn’t rescue, she let them breed. this is a case of a few dogs allowed to breed for 10 yrs and producing offspring. and dont blame the evil shelter for her irresponsibility. she’s been offered several vouchers to get her dogs fixed for years. which she refused to do. and now here we are. a decade and nearly a hundred dogs later…

—-by Anonymous on Feb 3, 2012 at 06:35 AM
there is a nuisance law in leon county that can be enforced if the LCSO wants to,i lived in Tallahasee and had a neighbor that had 7 dogs and they would keep us up all night from the barking so we called LCSO and they came out numereous times and the person ended up getting some tickets.
……………………………………………………………. ……………………………………………………………. ……………………………………………

how to advertise your business
Image by afagen
Jon Stewart / Stephen Colbert Rally to Restore Sanity and/or Fear (Rally to Restore Sanity / March to Keep Fear Alive) on the National Mall, Washington, DC

– – – – –

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Image from page 976 of “Hardware merchandising September-December 1922” (1922)
how to advertise your business
Image by Internet Archive Book Images
Identifier: hardmerchsepdec1922toro
Title: Hardware merchandising September-December 1922
Year: 1922 (1920s)
Subjects: Hardware industry Hardware Implements, utensils, etc Building
Publisher: Toronto :
Contributing Library: Fisher – University of Toronto
Digitizing Sponsor: Algoma University, Trent University, Lakehead University, Laurentian University, Nipissing University, Ryerson University and University of Toronto Libraries

View Book Page: Book Viewer
About This Book: Catalog Entry
View All Images: All Images From Book

Click here to view book online to see this illustration in context in a browseable online version of this book.

Text Appearing Before Image:
as just started yy Just one year of Viko nationalmagazine advertising! 1922started it. Yet Viko was an old brand—popular, accepted, respected—long before 1922. Successful,too. We were well satisfied withit, and so was the trade. Then we started advertising itto women; in magazines whichmillions of women read; in astriking, impressive style thatmade women want Viko and askfor it. Hundreds of dealers havetold our jobbers how powerful ly this advertising aided them. Now we^re dating a new Vikoera from 1922. Viko has juststarted. With strong advertising support—you^ll hear morefrom time to time about ourbig program for next year—and with the enthusiastic back-ing of the trade, we are goingto make 1923 a record year ofprofitable sales for Viko dealers. Whether or not you have beenselling Viko, you will be inter*ested in the future of The PopUlar Aluminum. Ask yourjohher* Aluminum Goods Manufacturing Company General Offices: Manito^voc, Wis., U. S. A.Makers of Everything in Aluminum

Text Appearing After Image:
The Popular Aluminum // interested, tear out this page and place icith letters to he answered December 2, 1922 Hardware and Metal 17 The Only Weekly Hardware Paper in Canada Member Audit Bureau of Circulations Member Associated Business Papers

Note About Images
Please note that these images are extracted from scanned page images that may have been digitally enhanced for readability – coloration and appearance of these illustrations may not perfectly resemble the original work.

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Nice How To Market A Product photos

A few nice how to market a product images I found:

how to market a product
Image by John Kratz
Forte was a manufacturer of photographic film and paper products, based in Hungary. In 1949, they introduced the Optifort camera, available only to the Hungarian market, and only until 1950. It’s made of cast aluminum and finished in glossy black lacquer.
This example arrived at my doorstep directly from Budapest. I wonder – aside from this one, how many (if any) of these cameras are there in the USA?

floating market
how to market a product
Image by j3ssl33
Thailand’s floating markets are among the most-photographed destinations in the country. The river and ‘klong’ markets give a realistic glance of how daily life must have been in earlier times. The floating markets are where the sellers, their boats laden with a wide variety of tropical fruits, flowers, vegetables and fresh produce, come to meet and barter their products with other traders. These days, modern supermarkets and department stores have largely replaced the traditional floating markets, but a few still survive. –

[Photo Archive] July 2007
Location: Bangkok, Thailand
Camera: Nikon D80 + 18-135mm lens kit
© Kalandrakas |

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Nice Niche Markets photos

A few nice niche markets images I found:

All Saints Church – Bakewell – North Church Street
niche markets
Image by ell brown
The Church of All Saints in Bakewell, Derbyshire.

Seen when we went to the Old House Museum.

North Church Street view and church yard.

Grade I listed.

Church of All Saints, Bakewell


831-1/4/166 (North side)
13/03/51 Church of All Saints


Church, originally of collegiate status. C12 and C13 possibly
incorporating some Saxon masonry; C14 and C15 additions; tower
and transepts rebuilt 1841-52 by William Flockton of Sheffield
who replicated the medieval design; nave arcades replaced 1852
by Weightman and Hadfield of Sheffield; chancel restored
1879-82 by Gilbert Scott the younger. North vestry 1897; most
roofs C20.
MATERIALS: ashlar sandstone; lead roofs.
PLAN: cruciform plan having south porch to 4-bay aisled nave,
3-bay south transept with chapel in east aisle, 3-bay chancel
and one-bay north transept adjoined by low north vestry.
Embattled throughout.
EXTERIOR: nave: offset buttresses flank C12 west door with 2
orders of colonnettes, beakhead ornament and saltire crosses;
fragmentary blind arcading above has chevrons. C15 3-light
west window having C19 Geometrical tracery and hoodmould. C15
south porch with diagonal buttresses, double-chamfered arch
and hoodmould beneath niche; C18 oval sundial to right.
Unrestored C13 inner door with dogtooth ornament. Restored C13
north door.
Perpendicular clerestory lit by square-headed 2- and 3-light
windows; arms of Vernon and Pype on south parapet; insignia of
Thomas Haywood to north.
South transept: moulded plinth, angle buttresses with offsets
and gablets with fleur-de-lys. 2 south doors with clustered
colonnettes beneath cusped roundel and embellished pointed
arch. 4-light window over has Geometrical tracery; outer
shafts rise from carved heads; hoodmould returns as a string
course; octagonal corner pinnacles.
West side with pilaster buttresses and lancets with
hoodmoulds; carved string course beneath 3 trefoils. Lean-to
east chapel with more elaborate buttresses and Decorated
tracery to 3-light windows with hoodmoulds.
North transept: Perpendicular 3-light window to east; 3-light
window to north with Geometrical tracery; gable cross. Vestry:
diagonal buttresses and central north buttress; square-headed
windows of 2 and 3 lights having cusped ogee heads.
Tower: octagonal belfry has string course beneath louvred
2-light openings; moulded oversailing course with gargoyles
beneath embattled parapet behind which rises the octagonal

spire with weather-vane.
Chancel: buttresses between bays, to the angles and to centre
of east end. South-west window obscured by east chapel of
south transept. Priest’s door with 2-centred arch, colonnettes
and hoodmould. String course with gargoyles; cross to east
parapet. Restored C13 Y-tracery windows to the chancel and
nave aisles.
INTERIOR: C12 round arches to short west bay of nave, also
similar blind arches in the west walls of the aisles; some
walling above the arches may be Saxon. Remaining aisle arcades
of 1852 with round piers, octagonal capitals and
cavetto-moulded arches.
Crossing: restored 1841-43 with tall arches having filleted
shafts and colonnettes; ribbed vault. South transept (known as
the Newark) c1220-1240 rebuilt 1841-52: arcade to Vernon
Chapel with quatrefoiled piers having shafts in the diagonals;
deeply-moulded arches.
Chancel: late C13 sedilia and double piscina under linked
hoodmoulds. Windows have nook shafts and rere arches. Mosaic
floor of c1880. C14 octagonal font with cusped arches over
whole figures.
Near the font are parts of 3 medieval misericords; Royal Arms
of Charles II dated 1678 and an early C19 board listing church
FITTINGS: stone pulpit. Brass eagle lectern. Altar and reredos
in north transept by Sir Ninian Comper. Chancel woodwork of
1879-82 incorporates some medieval fragments. Canopied choir
stalls; misericords and carved panels in niches adjoining the
screen. Altarpiece with Crucifixion, woodcarving by Kuchemann
of Battersea, 1882. Screen to Vernon Chapel C14 modified C17.
Organ by Brindley and Foster of Sheffield 1883; resited and
enlarged 1954, rebuilt 1989. Newark screen of 1983. In the
north aisle a C15 oak parish chest and a Church Warden’s Safe
of 1814.
MONUMENTS: of particular note the small alabaster wall
monument to Sir Godfrey Foljambe and wife c1377 (east end of
south aisle). Vernon Chapel: to Sir Thomas Wendesley d.1403
lying in armour on a later base.
Small alabaster tomb-chest to John Vernon, d.1477.
Polychromatic tomb chest to Sir George Vernon, d.1567, with 2
Standing wall monument to John Manners, d.1584 and wife
Dorothy Vernon; they kneel facing across a prayer desk, the
children below.
Large and more impressive standing monument to Sir George
Manners, d.1623 and wife Grace Pierrepoint d.1650 with their
children in prayer and a baby in swaddling clothes.
Various plaques on west wall of south transept include several

C17 brasses; the most elaborate to William Savile, d.1658,
‘Steward to the Earle of Rutland’.
Various wall monuments in the chancel.
STAINED GLASS: north aisle window of 1893 by Henry Holiday;
another by Kempe. Chancel east window of 1892. North transept
window of 1881 by Hardman. Resurrection window in Vernon
Chapel, 1859 also by Hardman. South porch contains a
remarkable and very important collection of Anglo-Saxon,
Norman and early medieval fragments discovered during the
major works of the mid C19; other fragments against west wall
of north aisle.
(The Buildings of England: Pevsner N: Derbyshire:
Harmondsworth: 1986-: 71-74; Knighton L: Bakewell Church
(Guide): 1985-).

Listing NGR: SK2155668483

This text is a legacy record and has not been updated since the building was originally listed. Details of the building may have changed in the intervening time. You should not rely on this listing as an accurate description of the building.

Source: English Heritage

Listed building text is © Crown Copyright. Reproduced under licence.

Niche market
niche markets
Image by Brett Jordan
For the exegete who has everything!…

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Nice Marketing En Internet photos

Check out these marketing en internet images:

Digitage Web 2.0
marketing en internet
Image by ocean.flynn
Logos from Web 2.0 are caught in the web somewhere between NASA photos of deep space, science fiction landscapes of our inner space, the synapses of the brain, the virtual space that is not abstract, imagined or really real.

Web 2.0, is a term coined by Tim O’Reilly in 2004 for a series of conferences on a revivified Internet. O’Reilly (2005) in what is now considered to be his seminal article claimed that, “If Netscape was the standard bearer for Web 1.0, Google is most certainly the standard bearer for Web 2.0 (O’Reilly 2005). He contrasted Web 1.0 with Web 2.0 by citing examples: DoubleClick vs Google AdSense, Ofoto vs Flickr, Britannica Online vs Wikipedia, personal websites vs blogging, domain name speculation vs search engine optimization, page views vs cost per click, publishing vs participation, content management systems vs wikis directories (taxonomy) vs tagging (”folksonomy”) and stickiness vs syndication. The conceptual map his team devised provides a sketch of Web 2.0 showing social networking sites, wikis, communication tools, and folksonomies.

Although some argue that it does not exist as anything more than geek jargon, for this new user, it is a promising and surprising paradigm shift in the Internet and in software development. I began blogging using Web 2.0 freeware in September 2006. Numerous users like myself have access to sophisticated, ever-improving software technologies since the cost of development is shared among enthusiastic nerds and geeks (in a good way). Freeware on Web 2.0 is not proprietary by nature but is capable of generating huge profits because of the viral way in which users share in the development, marketing and growth of the product while improving connectivity and in content in the process.

NB Digitage updated 2010

Selected webliography

Tim O’Reilly, 2005. "What Is Web 2.0: Design Patterns and Business Models for the Next Generation of Software". Uploaded 09/30/2005. Accessed January 6, 2007.

“Painting by Richard Patterson: Half Minotaur, 2000 (Oil on canvas)” / Timothy Taylor Gallery / Art Basel Hong Kong 2013 / SML.20130523.6D.14113.SQ
marketing en internet
Image by See-ming Lee (SML)
Richard Patterson (born 1963 in Leatherhead, Surrey) is an English artist and one of the Young British Artists (YBAs).

YBA is essentially a collective born out of a group show which successfully got its relevant media attention because of various marketing strategy of getting “important people” to notice them. Before the age of Internet / social media, getting “taste makers” to give a positive review appears to jump start your career quite nicely.

So what is the significance to his green butt of a toy minotaur figure? If you somehow fell in love with the YBAs many years ago then you would love it regardless what is on the paint. For the recently initiated, I do not see much in this judging purely from a singular art work point of view.

It is cute. That’s about it. If you are looking to art as a financial investment though, it is worth a look.

Richard Patterson
‘Half Minotaur’, 2000
Oil on canvas
38 1/8 x 38 1/8 in
97 x 97 cm

# Richard Patterson

# Timothy Taylor Gallery
15 Carlos Place
London W1K 2EX
United Kingdom

# SML Data
+ Date: 2013-05-23T17:40:56+0800
+ Dimensions: 3085 x 3085
+ Exposure: 1/40 sec at f/8.0
+ Focal Length: 36 mm
+ ISO: 640
+ Camera: Canon EOS 6D
+ Lens: Canon EF 17-40 f/4L USM
+ GPS: 22°16’59" N 114°10’22" E
+ Location: ???????? Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre (HKCEC)
+ Workflow: Lightroom 4
+ Serial: SML.20130523.6D.14113.SQ
+ Series: ???? Photojournalism, SML Fine Art, Art Basel Hong Kong 2013

# Media Licensing
Creative Commons (CCBY) See-ming Lee ??? / SML Photography / SML Universe Limited

“Painting by Richard Patterson: Half Minotaur, 2000 (Oil on canvas)” / Timothy Taylor Gallery / Art Basel Hong Kong 2013 / SML.20130523.6D.14113.SQ
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Belfast’s big wheel!
what is marketing
Image by ~ l i t t l e F I R E ~
Christmas Market, Belfast City Hall…I never get my Christmas cards out on time – so here’s to all you flickrites out there…MERRY CHRISTMAS and a happy and peaceful New Year – thanks for visiting my flickr pics and please come back again next year (who knows what that holds?)!

Stand Out from The Crowd Unique Golf Tee Game September 19, 20119
what is marketing
Image by stevendepolo………………………………………………

Zaandam Windmolen
what is marketing
Image by Shaojin+AT
Picture: Almost rain at Windmill Farm
Location: Zaandam, Netherlands

The Netherlands is synonymous for its windmills, clogs, tulips, canals, cheese markets… practically everything that you would expect to find in a charming and utterly picturesque country. But, whatever image you associate with the lowlands, the first thing likely to come to mind is the windmill (molen). Such is the importance of these living monuments that there is even a National Windmill Day (11 May), and on festive occasions or national holidays molens are decked out in flowers, garlands, figures of angels or the Dutch flag. For centuries, windmills have helped the Dutch fight water shortages so it is little wonder that they were the first to develop ‘windmill technology.’ In the glory days, the Netherlands boasted more than 10,000 mills but the molen population today stands at a mere 1,000. Many of the remaining mills are open to the public and a couple have even been transformed into homes, but a word of warning, these are not museums!

Contrary to popular belief, you don’t even have to leave Amsterdam to see a little piece of Dutch heritage up close. Like most things in a multidimensional city, everything is literally at your doorstep or just a short bike ride away. There are in fact 8 windmills at the heart of Amsterdam – this may even come as surprise to the locals – but you can only visit two. For 17th century molens, head for De 1200 Roe on Haarlemmerweg 465, De 1100 Roe on Herman Bonpad 6 or the Riekermolen located along the Amstel River. For a later example of molen artistry, try D’Admiraal on Noordhollandschkanaaldijk 21 or De Bloem on Haarlemmerweg 701, which in fact has been moved form its original location.

By now you may be wondering what happened to the other three mills but fret not, the best have been saved for last. If you are into architectural makeovers, visit de Gooyer or Fuenmolen located on Fuenenkade 7. East of Amsterdam, this windmill houses Bierbrouwerij ‘t Ij, a brewery that still sells the traditional Dutch Y-lake (Ijmeer) beer. Of all of the 8 mills, this is probably the easiest to get as it is within walking distance of the Maritime museum. If you happen to be in the city on the first Saturday of the month, you might just catch the windmill in action. The two remaining windmills are Molen van Sloten, highly popular with tourists, and de Otter, which is quite possibly Amsterdam’s best-kept secret. Fortunately, you can still visit these molens today.

Located on the outskirts of the city, the Molen van Sloten mill is situated on Akersluis 10. It is a 19th century polder draining mill accessible to the public daily between 10am and 4pm, with the exception of public holidays. Disabled and eldery people as well as children and pregnant mothers are also able to enjoy a guided tour through the mill and visit the gallery thanks to an in-built lift. You can trace the history of the mill or the life of Rembrandt and why not make a day of it – visit the neighbouring village of Sloten. What makes this mill truly extra special is that it has been officially declared a ‘house of the municipality’, which means that you can actually get married here.

Last but not least is De Otter mill. Built circa 1630, De Otter stands proud as the "heritage of Amsterdam, the instrument with which the Netherlands ruled the waves." The mill is approximately 20 minutes away from Dam Square by foot on Gillis van Ledenberchstraat 78, west of the Jordaan district. De Otter is a post-mill (paltrok) and not only is it the only wood-sawing mill of its kind still in operation but it is also the oldest. Unfortunately it is being threatened by developers who plan on knocking down history to build a block of luxury apartments or offices. Already, De Otter is having trouble operating as a proper mill because neighbouring houses are obstructing the passage of wind and although the owner is fighting tooth and nail to keep the mill, the future looks bleak. So if you really want to see a traditional molen, make sure you visit De Otter before it’s too late. Just one look at this beautiful mill and you will be blown away!

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Nice Webmarketing photos

A few nice webmarketing images I found:

Rimini Web Marketing Event
Image by extrategy

Rimini Web Marketing Event
Image by extrategy

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